Reconnecting To Your Higher Self
& Discover Your Soul Destiny

The birth chart is like your thumbprint where everyone is unique.
It reveals your pathway to success and leaves clues for you to discover it, and along the way, find yourself.

Astrological Forecast For 2023


Video forecast will be out by 31 December 2022.

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BOOK A READINGBasic Natal Chart Analysis

This will help if you want to:

  • address your blindspots in situation you’re dealing with
  • break self-sabotaging habits by knowing your weaknesses
  • gaining insights to your wealth, luck and career potential

CUSTOMIZE YOUR EXPERIENCEGrowing Deeper In Love With Your Partner

We don’t just fall in love; we also grow in love.
This will help if you want to:

  • find alignment of values between you and your partner
  • learn to grow intimately with your partner
  • work out your perennial challenges in your relationship

SEEK OUT YOUR FATE & FORTUNEYour Life Destiny Through The Birth Chart

Your career defines you. Yet, a wrong career can spell disaster for your life!

This will help if you want to:

  • find the most suitable industry or profession you are meant to be in
  • discover your special abilities and how you can use them to your advantage at work
  • gain insights on the value you bring to others at work or in your business

TESTIMONIALSWhat Our Clients Say


“What a great discovery! To be honest, I was completely novice about astrology… Yet, Frederick has been very pedagogue and patient in explaining me the main principles behind it and it was a great pleasure for me to discover a whole new world! I understand now better what I want to keep pursuing in my life. I was hesitant and that session comforted me in my approach. It also highlighted some biases I tend to have and it felt good to understand them better. Thanks again for that great sharing and I can only recommend Frederick to anyone of you who would like to discover astrology.”

Julien Machet, Hypnotherapist


I consulted Frederick for a Basic Natal Chart analysis and it was eye-opening for me, especially when I am not very well-versed in astrology. Frederick was able to make it simple enough for a layman like me to understand my chart and he was very engaging in his approach. This experience gave me added confidence and assurance in myself, and I have gained clarity on the areas that I need to work on and the hidden talents that I have been doubting for years! This session made it very crystal clear to me and Frederick is a no-nonsense astrologer who goes straight-to-the-point yet very warm and considerate to my feelings. You don’t want to miss this experience! He is the real deal.

Elynn Soh, Finance Student


“I had a great experience with Frederick as my astrologer. Before my session, I had little idea about myself and unsure about what my life has for me. Frederick’s consultation gave me a better perspective and I learned new things about myself and how to calm myself down in the process. One thing I like about the consultation is that Frederick gets down to the details and leaves no stone unturned, and that helps me understand myself better.”

Christina Nathan, Administrator


I was already clear about what I wanted to do in life. But during the session, I realised that these were not by chance. There are just certain things that will only makes sense once they’re seen through a different lens. 

During the session, I was able to see a map of what my life’s outlook is like through the astrological chart. Frederick’s explanations were very clear and he went through my chart in a laymen way that I could understand. It was very relatable, especially when Frederick shared about my past experiences, and it was tailored to help me understand how I can live life according to my strengths. More importantly, I got to know my potential pitfalls that I might face in life and things to look out for. Being able to have a GPS to life is what everyone absolutely need! I also gained clearer insights of what I am meant to do in this lifetime. 

Frederick is very straightforward and doesn’t sugar coat anything! This is very helpful for me because it doesn’t steer me away from the truth. Nonetheless, everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Knowing how to enhance your strengths and prevent pitfalls is what Frederick is good at.”

Malvin Tok, Scholar


“Thank you for generating my natal chart. I had a wonderful talk with Frederick and spent a lot of time understanding how natal chart works. Before knowing about my Signs, Houses, and Planets, I used to wonder why certain people view me in a certain way although I don’t feel like I was giving those vibes. But after the session, I understood how a Sign in different Houses affects how we think and communicate with people. Frederick has always been a wonderful person. I have had several tarot readings from him and I was astonished on how accurate the readings were. Without a doubt, Frederick is still very spot on in the readings as an astrologer. I managed to understand how different Signs, Planets and Houses work, their pros and cons, how understanding my birth chart helps me with my future communication with others, and how I can better myself by knowing who I truly am through my birth chart. It’s always a pleasure getting a reading from Frederick. I’m happy with the readings and I wish Frederick the very best in all he does!”

Dev, Business Owner


“I’ve used astrology apps such as Co-Star, so I was familiar with the signs and planets in my different houses. However, Frederick did a really good job in going through my chart in much detail and explaining everything in a way that was really easy to understand!

He was very knowledgeable and was very spot on. I was surprised at the points that he brought up – it was as though he knew me better than I knew myself. Frederick was also very open and honest about sharing both the good and bad points about my chart.

For those who are looking to have more clarity on why you are the way you are, I’d definitely recommend a Natal Chart Analysis with Frederick! The session has helped me to understand myself better, to recognize the areas that I need to work on, and also identify potential careers that would be best suited for me.”

Melody N., Customer Support