Venus Enters Taurus Ushering In A Period Of Self Love

28 May 2022by Frederick0

Venus, the planet of love, affection and money, enters the sign of Taurus on 28 May 2022, 2246hrs (GMT +08). This ushers in the beginning of a summer of self-love, psychological care and wellness, and probably romance. Venus rules over Taurus and so, it is in domicile, which means that Taurus is the sign that Venus loves to be in. In short, we can expect several, if not more, good things to happen in our life this summer!

Venus spends at least a month in each zodiac sign a year. Therefore, ensure that you make the full use of the month of June to soak up these opulent vibes until 23 June 2022, 0835hrs (GTM +08), when Venus transits into Gemini at 00 Degrees and 00 minute.


What Does Venus in Taurus Have Installed For You?

This is a period that makes it easier for you to relax and calm your nerves from all the hustles and bustles of work during the first half of this year. There will be greater focus on love, money, relationships and what you are about to do with your personal values. You can expect love and new relationships or partnerships to be one of the central themes during this period. It could also be a time of soul-searching and healing for those who want to let go of the past that no longer serves him or her well.

If you ever fall in love during this period, it will be filled with intense fireworks and this new hot romance is going to blossom pretty well, if you play your cards well enough. However, do take note that on 11 June, Venus will conjoin Uranus in Taurus, which will make your relationship or your dating game unpredictable. There might be a time when you have to break free from a relationship or partnership. This break is likely to liberate you from the burdens you have been carrying for quite a while now, so this break could be what is necessary in some ways. Alternatively, this break could also be temporal because you might just be needing time alone to think and ponder about your future with the person or partner you are with.

The Venus-Uranus conjunction in Taurus is a reminder to us that things can change, and will change, not entirely for the worst, but it can also be for our good and also for the sake of our mental health. For many, it could also be a time of fun and excitement when it comes to getting to know potential partners during this Venus-Uranus conjunction because you’ll never know what you’re going to expect. It could be a pleasant surprise. Also, good things come to those who wait while putting in the effort to make things work.


What Can You Do When Venus Is In Taurus?

Your first priority is to put your pleasure first above all things, and to take good care of yourself and your mental wellbeing. You may want to spend some time and money on yourself, such as going to a spa or some healing therapy sessions to just enjoy and be in the moment. Use the start of this period to relax and be in tune with all your senses.

Take a day off or two from work and simply indulge yourself in leisure activities that you’ve always wanted to do. The main purpose is to enjoy your ‘me-time’ and reward yourself for the hard work you have put in during the first half of this year. Even if you do not have access to luxurious activities, you may want to indulge in the simplest things just to make yourself happy. For example, having a cup of coffee while watching a short episode on Netflix in an air-conditioned room as it rains outside your window. Simple pleasures every once in a while keeps you sane.

For singles, do look out for potential partners during this transit because you will be attracting some love prospects this month. However, if your intention is to look for a fling or a one-night-stand, this period may not be favourable for you because Venus is a planet of affection and Taurus is a slow-moving sign and one that speaks about long-term commitment and loyalty. So, for those who are looking for a serious relationship, this period would be an ideal time to look out for such opportunities.



This is what the Venus in Taurus transit has installed for you during this period of the year. Of course, it applies to everybody in general. However, if you want to have a clearer and more in-depth look into your birth chart on how this transit directly affects your love life and career,  drop me an email or a WhatsApp message for a face-to-face conversation so that you get the best out of your time with me.

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