Saturn Turns Retrograde! Something To Be Feared?

1 June 2022by Frederick0

Saturn turns retrograde on 5 June 2022 at 5:47am (GMT+08), and it will end on 23 October 2022 at 12:08am (GMT+8). Saturn is the lord of karma and therefore, during this period, many of us will be expecting to repay our karmic debts which we owe before the occurrence of this retrograde. This could be good news for some if you have done good to others, bad news if you have been nasty.

It would be useful to note that Saturn (at 25 degrees 15 minute) will form a separating square aspect to Mercury (at 26 degrees 18 minute), which could have challenging influence over communication, mental output,  and concentration. There could be certain delays in the way messages are disseminated which could lead to misunderstanding. Delays can also be in the form of assigned tasks, and so it would be wise to give someone a benefit of doubt when there are some hiccups at work. We don’t desire to screw things up but unforeseen circumstances can sometimes happen!

This square aspect (Saturn in Aquarius squares Mercury in Taurus) is in the fixed signs and so we would expect this retrograde to have greater or more significant impact on fixed signs. So, if your Sun, Moon or Rising sign (Ascendent) is in Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus, and Leo, you might want to pay more attention to this Saturn Retrograde this year.

The good news is that Mercury will be in a separating sextile to Neptune at 0 degree Orb and 53 minutes. So this transit could be an opportunity for you to show compassion and understanding to those around you regardless of any hiccups or screw ups during this period.

When you show that side of you to others, the good news is that Mercury will also be in harmonious aspect to Pluto during this time. Mercury is in applied trine to Pluto at 2 degrees Orb and 7 minutes. There is no suitable time to make decisions and execute a plan as this because what is communicated will bring about powerful transformation or impact to people in your team or in your circle of associates.

Saturn retrograde is not as fearful as what many people imagine. If you are willing to adopt a give-and-take attitude, practice compassion, and seek to understand others more, then this period will be a time when you will find that many things can go smoothly for you. Who knows? You might survive this retrograde with ease!



This is what Saturn Retrograde has installed for you during this time of the year. Of course, it applies to everybody in general. However, if you want to have a clearer and more in-depth look into your birth chart on how this retrograde directly affects your love life and career,  drop me an email or a WhatsApp message for a face-to-face conversation so that you get the best out of your time with me.

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