Strawberry Supermoon in Sagittarius

14 June 2022by Frederick0

The full moon in Sagittarius will peak on 14 June 2022, at 7:51pm (GMT +8). It is also known as the Full Strawberry Moon, one of the four Summer Supermoons this season.

The moon will be in the sign of Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, and is affiliated with the 9th House on the astrological chart, representing religion, philosophy, long travels, morals ethics, belief systems. Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign symbolising fun, adventure, optimism, and abundance. The Sun will be in the sign of Gemini, which is directly opposite Sagittarius on the astrological chart. 

Supermoon's Transit

Expect this full moon to reveal to you important information on certain truths in your life or with events revolving around you. This is a time when life will teach you important lessons you need to learn. 

At the same time, the Sun will be in a Square (90-degree angle) with Neptune on the chart, widening your awareness of that deeper side of yourself igniting interest in your pursuit of a new creative project or goal. 

Sun Square Neptune

You may find that during this period, you may struggle with discerning what is fact and fantasy, true reality or delusional reality. It may also be a time when you have moments of disappointment in your personal life, which will eventually require a realignment of your beliefs with a more authentic truth you are likely to discover later on.

In addition, you may find that you are undergoing a period of heightened creativity and powerful sense of self expression in your profession or personal pursuits. 

When it comes to mundane activity, it may be a little bit boring for you, and you may be tempted to lose focus on your responsibilities, and be swayed by distractions coming your way. To overcome this, you may have to set some rules for yourself and be firm with your schedule.

Concurrently, the moon will be in a Square (90-degree angle) with Neptune on the chart, igniting your imagination and expanding your creative energy in self-expression to whatever you may be embarking on.  

Moon Square Neptune

At the same time, you may feel tempted to escape from reality through alternative means such as books, dramas and video games, or other forms of entertainment to avoid dealing with certain issues that you may have to face head on.

This may be a difficult transit when you realize that something is clouding your judgment or perception, and it would take you a while before you regain clarity with what you are looking for.

With such a transit and phenomenon taking place tonight, it would be wise to remain grounded so that you will not miss out on the red flags in your day-to-day engagement with people and situations. 

In conjunction to this, the moon will be in Sextile (harmonious) aspect to the planet Saturn. You may experience a period of emotional peace and domestic harmony at home. There will even be times when you feel that you do have some form of work-life balance during this point in your life. When it comes to domestic affairs, you may have the opportunity to benefit from certain changes in your home environment or at work.

Moon Sextile Saturn

The sun is also in harmonious aspect (Trine) to the planet Saturn, indicating a good opportunity for you to make smooth sailing progress in your career if you decide to work hard or pursue your ambition or goals during this time. You will have patience and fortitude to embark on your ambitious goals and your effort will not go unnoticed.

Sun Trine Saturn

As much as this period is a time for adventure, Mars and Chiron are in conjunction with each other on the same night of this Full Moon. This means that you may have to reassess your pursuits and contemplate the next step forward in your life.

Chiron Conjunct Mars

Although it can be an anti-climax to whatever excitement you may be feeling, it is a wise move to pause and take calculated risk in whatever contracts or physical bonds you are entering into. Make sure you feel safe before taking the plunge into the unknown.



This is what the Supermoon in Sagittarius has installed for you during this time of the year. Of course, it applies to everybody in general. However, if you want to have a clearer and more in-depth look into your birth chart on how this celestial phenomenon directly affects your love life and career,  drop me an email or a WhatsApp message for a face-to-face conversation so that you get the best out of your time with me.

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