The Triple Conjunctions, Exposing the Unexpressed

27 June 2022by Frederick0

The Moon will be in the sign of Cancer, initiating a triple conjunction (three-way conjunction) between the Sun, the Moon, and Black Moon Lilith on 28 June 2022 at 7:54pm (+8 GMT). The Sun will conjoin the Moon, the Black Moon Lilith will conjoin the Sun and the Moon.

The Sun-Moon conjunction will end on 30 June 2022 at 4:31am (+8 GMT). The conjunction between Lilith and the Moon will end on the same day at 11:47am (+8 GMT), while the conjunction between Lilith and the Sun will end on 2 July 2022 at 7:02pm (+8 GMT).

During this period when the moon transits into the sign of Cancer, you are likely to feel the need for some peace and quiet, and there may be times when you long for some sense of security and safety among the people you are spending time with. The position of the moon in your birth chart, whichever house it transits into, has much healing potential and that helps you to get in touch with your sensitivity and intrinsic motivation towards the area of your life as reflected on your birth chart.

As the moon enters the sign of Cancer, you are likely to discover that your suppressed feelings, conscious or unconscious, may be exposed which can trigger some form of emotional sensitivity, intensity or trauma. You may suddenly be reminded of past memories or become nostalgic.

Whatever you do, remain focused on the here-and-now, because this period is certainly the best time to start things afresh. We are also examining the Sun-Moon conjunction during this period. The last time we had this Sun-Moon conjunction was back on 30 May 2022. This Sun-Moon conjunction is an important time for you to seize opportunities that are most likely to be coming your way, hence the need for a more positive outlook and mindset.

Sun Conjunct Moon
Sun Conjunct Moon

Surround yourself with positivity and let the Cancerian energy of the motherly Moon fill you with a caring and nurturing spirit so that you can be a blessing to others and maintain harmony with those around you. At the same time, take special notice of the Black Moon Lilith aspects to the Sun and Moon as well.

Black Moon Lilith Conjunct Sun
Black Moon Lilith Conjunct Sun

Concurrent with the Moon in Cancer transit, the transiting Lilith’s conjunction with the Sun indicates a time of unresolved angst and suppressed pride or anger. There will be a darker turn in the areas of your creativity and individuality. In a way, you might express your emotions carelessly which can result in misunderstandings. You might also give others the impression that you are power-hungry or looking for ulterior motives during this time. It seems harder to keep your emotions to yourself especially when the Moon transits into an emotional sign like Cancer.

Black Moon Lilith Conjunct Moon
Black Moon Lilith Conjunct Moon

Meanwhile, the transiting Lilith’s conjunction with the Moon may indicate a period when you realised that your raw emotions that have been suppressed for a long time are being triggered and exposed to the surface. You’ll be truly expressive in such a way that you simply “let loose” your feelings.

Old family wounds, deep seated hurts, and resentments can also be brought up to the surface, rocking the boat significantly. You may also feel more sensitive during this period, while some of you may have a time of heightened psychic sensitivity. Either way, this could lead you to be more assertive or firm in the way you communicate with people.

In summary, it would be wise for you to use your emotions wisely during these couple of days until the triple conjunction is over.

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