The Different Branches of Astrology

30 June 2022by Frederick0

Astrology is an extremely powerful tool for self-discovery and all sorts of predictions. Such tool has evolved into different forms throughout history to meet the needs of humankind. It offers assurance and validation to the lost, brings comfort to the anxious souls, adds courage to kings and strategists in times of war, provides clarity to those who are looking for love, and presents sliver of hope for those who are truly in need.


Branches of Astrology


Branches of Astrology

Astrology can be roughly divided into two types — Judicial and Natural.

Judicial type of Astrology requires the Astrologer to make a judgement based on what is seen on an Astrological Chart.

Natural type of Astrology is more concerned with the general influences of planet placements or movements on an Astrological Chart.

For the Judicial types, they consists of:

  1. Natal Astrology
  2. Electional Astrology
  3. Horary Astrology
  4. Relationship Astrology
  5. Psychological Astrology

For the Natural types, they consists of:

  1. Natural Astrology
  2. Mundane Astrology
  3. Financial Astrology
  4. Medical Astrology
  5. Energy Astrology

Of course, there are other types of Astrology that do not fall into either one of the above two categories. Sometimes, they can be both Judicial and Natural depending on how the Astrologer make use of the Astrological tool during a consultation. Approaches like Predictive Astrology, Evolutionary Astrology or even Karmic Astrology are very different from Natal Astrology, which is the most commonly sought after form of Astrological tool in modern times.


Why People Use Astrology


Why People Use Astrology?

To be honest and practical, there are three important reasons why people use Astrology up till this day:

  1. To learn more about ourselves. Sounds narcissistic, but who isn’t? We all want to understand ourselves better in order to improve ourselves and to be empowered to change the lifestyle we are living right now.
  2. To predict the future. What this means is by understanding our past and present in order to come into self-acceptance before making plans to forge a better future ahead.
  3. To gain insights about others, especially the ones we like or are romantically involved with.

There are many other reasons that would make people seek out astrologers but the three above reasons are the most commonly stated so far based on my experience. And because there are so many personal reasons why people use astrology, the branches of Astrology gradually expanded over time to address the different needs of various individuals.

Let’s take a look at the different branches of astrology.


Natal Astrology

Natal Astrology

Natal Astrology is a form of astrology that assesses your personal attributes and motivational tendencies based on your birth date, birth time, and birth location. It is the most popular form of astrology that helps an individual understand him or herself by analysing the fundamental components of planets, signs, houses and aspects on a birth chart.


Electional Astrology

Electional Astrology is the process of choosing the most auspicious time to perform an activity such as getting married, starting an enterprise, or travelling to a foreign country. Such electional approach requires the astrologer to follow a set of rules based on the type of event and planetary placements on the astrological chart. Electional Astrology can help someone overcome their challenging birth aspects (such as a bad fortune) by making a crucial decision at a specific point of time so that he or she can turn the tide of the situation to their advantage.


Horary Astrology

Horary Astrology provides answers to a client’s questions based on the moment an Astrologer receives and understands it. For this approach, it is not necessary to use a birth chart at all as the Astrologer solely relies on synchronicity and the belief in the causality of time. This method is best suited for concise and clear-cut questions that can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no” regarding the outcome of whatever that the client asked. Typical questions are “Does she like me?”, or “Should I make this investment?”


Relationship Astrology

Relationship AstrologyRelationship Astrology helps a couple or two separate individuals sort out their compatibility and challenges within the relationship (or potential relationship) based on the date, time, and location of their respective birth. When using this approach, Astrologers usually help the two individuals to draw out their Synastry charts to compare the planetary position in one person’s birth chart with the planetary position in the other person’s birth chart. Alternatively, Composite charts are also used during the session when the Astrologer simply combine both birth charts into one. The purpose of this approach is to mainly help couples to better understand each other and find a common theme or a middle ground between them so that they can be aligned in the values they hold, realise the important role they play in the relationship, and to see the value that their partner contributes to the union. This approach does not necessarily have to involve romantic couples, but analysing business partnerships and friendship is also possible.


Psychological Astrology

Psychological Astrology is a form of astrology that helps client find meaningful connection between their birth chart and the state of mind. Usually, this approach takes the perspective that our psychological state and depth of mind is influenced by our natal astrology, which triggers many forms of manifestation in our lives. Therefore, to help an individual overcome his or her issues, whether physical or psychological, the Astrologer would sit with the client and help the client get down to the root of the problem through the analysis of the client’s birth chart and resolve the issue there and then. Sometimes, certain issues are not solvable overnight, which is why some of these sessions can be challenging and prolonged.


Natural Astrology

Natural Astrology is a branch of astrology that is more concerned with nature than with humans. The approach looks at the interconnectedness between our natural phenomenon such as tides, weather, climate, natural disasters, plagues, agriculture, animal behaviours, and the cosmos.


Mundane Astrology

Mundane Astrology is a form of astrology that is concerned with everything related to groups of nations, corporations, as well as geo-political and world events. It is an interesting form of astrology whereby the planets have special significance as they represent certain classes of community in every country.

Mundane Astrology

For example, the Sun represents the government or the ruler of the state, Cabinet ministers, national heroes, and anyone in the position of authority. The Moon represents the people or the citizens of the country, generally women, and public sentiments. Mercury governs national trade, transport and communication. Venus governs national birth rate, women’s issues, arts and entertainment, and foreign diplomacy. Mars represents the military. Jupiter represents justice and religion. Saturn governs the national death rate, senior citizens, epidemics, public sorrows, earth- and metal-based industries. Uranus represents tension, rebellion, and technological breakthroughs. Neptune governs socialism, scams and other illicit undertakings. Pluto denotes the principle of regeneration or activities that are dark and hidden from public view such as espionage, rape, organised crimes and other underground activities.


Financial Astrology

Financial Astrology relies on planetary cycles and placements to examines the flow of the stock market and overall economy conditions. A Financial Astrologer is able to advise you about how high or low you should buy or sell a stock, diversifying your portfolio, and many other ways that can help you profit from the stock market or whatever investments that are involved. A Financial Astrologer can also advise on money making and the economy of an individual, their business or the financial situation in a particular country.


Medical Astrology

Medical AstrologyMedical Astrology examines the correlation between planetary cycles and the health of individuals. It looks at the connection of different body parts and the way the entire body works as a whole based on the symbolism of the planets and signs on the birth chart. It takes on the perspective that our physiology is a not a consequence of our conscious mind, but rather, an unconscious energy that results in the action taken leading towards one’s health or illness. Part of its theory is that some of our ailments are genetically inherited while some of it are due to karma. Therefore, it points to our sense of responsibility and how much of it we are willing to take in order to become a healthier person in the process. This approach is often used in conjunction with herbalism and holistic healing. In fact, it works very well with Energy Astrology.

Energy Astrology

Energy Astrology takes on the perspective that each planet and luminary on our astrological birth chart corresponds to one of the chakras, while the signs and houses provide additional colour to the story of the planets. This form of astrology was developed in the 21st century, which is very recent. It draws upon the wisdom held within a person’s anatomy and birth chart, which enables him or her to easily identify the major issues that he or she is working with in this lifetime.



There you have it! These are the fine examples of the different branches of astrology in modern times, and the list is non-exhaustive! If you’d like to find out more about what astrology is and what it can do for you, or if you’re wondering what’s in your birth chart and how you can better improve your life, feel free to drop me an email or a WhatsApp message and we can start the conversation going!

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