The Three Worst Aspects In Synastry Astrology

21 July 2022by Frederick0

Some of you asked me, “Now that I have discovered my natal chart, I know my strengths and weaknesses through my zodiac signs, elements, planets, houses and aspects, what’s next?”

Well, if you are curious to know who you can get along with or whether your current date you are seeing is someone suitable for you as a life partner, then you may want to explore a synastry chart reading.


What is a Synastry Chart?

A synastry chart is one that astrologers use to do readings typically of a couple’s relationship that is centred on a few topics such as “Will I meet ‘the one’?”, “Does he love me as much as I love him?”, “Can we ever stay married?”, “Do I have issues with commitment?”, “What kind of a life partner will I tend to select to be with?”, and the list goes on.

A synastry chart combines two natal charts into a single chart that examines the interactions of the planets, the signs they’re in and the planetary aspects between two people, generally romantic partners.

A synastry chart can determine if two persons will stay together or go their separate ways. Similarly, if there is interaction between the two persons, then there is hope of at least a basic form of friendship. However, if the two persons never meet or talk to each other, then nothing will happen.

A synastry chart is a map that provides information about the outlook of a relationship. Without interaction, there is no friendship, attraction, and relationship.

You need to understand that when doing a synastry chart with an astrologer, no matter how amazing or favourable a synastry chart looks between you and your crush, or you and a co-worker you are infatuated with, without chemistry or attraction, there is nothing.

A synastry chart does not work for one-sided crushes or unrequited love. For a synastry chart to work effectively, the couple has to have some form of interaction or friendship going on, and they can also be married yet trying to work things out within their marriage.

To put it simply, a synastry chart is like a compass that tells you where this relationship will be heading and what you need to take with you on the journey to prevent certain issues from happening within the relationship. That is, only if you are already in a relationship with the target person.

A synastry chart cannot make a person like you because everyone has preferences. And until you get pass his/her preferences and he/she becomes attracted to you, that’s when a synastry chart works best.


Couples in Love


How is Compatibility in a Synastry Charts Analysed?

Astrologers rely on a couple of indications on a synastry chart between two persons.


House Placements

By examining how each planet is placed in a particular house of each partner’s chart can help astrologers understand what makes either partner feel in a certain way.

For example, if a person’s Sun is in his partner’s third house (3H), there is a lot of focus on the exchange of new ideas and mental stimulation going on in the relationship. Both parties aim to work communicate well and they tend to have many ideas on where to go for dates.

Sometimes, these original ideas may become reality or they may simply be put aside because the couple decided to procrastinate and do nothing.

Planets and Zodiac Signs

In the single natal chart, we know that planets are the actors and zodiac signs are simply the style of acting. In a synastry chart, planetary interaction within the same sign can tell a lot about how a couple will behave towards each other in the relationship.

For example, when your partner’s Venus and your Moon are in the same zodiac sign on the synastry chart, there is a natural feeling of tenderness, affection, love, and support.

Both of you as a couple may find a lot in common with each other and strive to do your utmost best to sustain the bond of the relationship even during tough times.


Aspects refer to the type of interaction two planets (yours and your partner’s) will have that determines the quality of some specific areas of the relationship. This is important because certain aspects can have the potential to either make or break a relationship.

For example, if your partner’s Mars trines with your Mars, the both of you are synchronised in how you express your desires. The both of you are able to work towards a common goal while challenging each other to do your best. That’s only if you and your partner are supportive, and not simply competing against each other.

If there is competition on both sides, the fight will be endless and counterproductive. Therefore, knowing your synastry aspects, in my view, is extremely important.


The Three Worst Aspects in Synastry

Now, back to the main part of this article… what is my take on three worst aspects in a synastry chart? I have listed the three of them below:


Sun-Sun Conjunction

While some astrologers may say that this synastry aspect often leads to physical attraction, dating possibility or even marriage, I would say that all of the above may not be long lasting.

Furthermore, it may be easy for you to confuse between similarities and compatibility. This aspect could also make you feel as though you have met your twin flame or soulmate. Do not be deceived.

The Sun represents our self, identity and ego. Having your Sun in a conjunction with another person’s Sun simply means that the both of you are similar in so many ways, almost like a mirror to each of you.

While the Sun governs the external self and of self-expression, it does not govern deep emotions. Thus, the Sun-Sun conjunction operates superficially such that there will not be any feelings of emotional depth between the two of you as you get to know each other more over time.

Therefore, the two of you would be better off as good friends rather than a romantic pair.


Sun-Sun Conjunction


Venus Squares the Ascendant

This aspect screams the word “Friendzone” in your face. It is also what we called the ‘Unrequited Love’ aspect. When your Venus is in square aspect (about 90 degrees) to your partner’s Ascendant, there is totally no attraction from one to the other person.

The Ascendant person would constantly try to win the heart of the Venus person but each time, he or she will realise that there is no reciprocal interest from the Venus person.

There seems to be something about the Ascendant person that the Venus person does not like. It could just be the way he or she looks or how he or she carries him or herself.

In fact, the Venus person can take advantage of the situation by charming the Ascendant person to do him or her favours, but the line stops there. There is no romance.


Venus Square Ascendant


Moon-Moon Opposition

When a couple has this troubling aspect, both do not comprehend each other and each of them don’t even know why. In the end, the couple finds that their own emotional needs are not sufficiently met in the union. This creates disharmony, friction, arguments and distance over time.

The Moon represents the depth of our emotions and emotional needs. When both moons are opposite each other in a synastry chart, the couple’s individual love language is neither shown nor heard by the other, which is why one or both of them may feel dissatisfied with the relationship and may feel that their partner is like a source of their stress.

This aspect is probably one of the many bad aspects that a couple does not continue their romantic relationship. I would say it’s one of the worst.


Moon-Moon Opposition


To conclude, these three synastry aspects may be troubling red flags to note, but you also need to pay attention to other aspects and planetary placements on your synastry chart to get a bigger and clearer picture of how your relationship is progressing. In my future article, I will be discussing more on the positive aspects to look out for in your synastry chart.

Meanwhile, if you want to have a clearer and more in-depth look into your birth chart or how your relationship is progressing with your partner, drop me an email or a WhatsApp message for a face-to-face conversation so that you get the best out of your time with me.

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