How To Know Your Personality Through Patterns On Your Birth Chart

7 August 2022by Frederick0

Are you intimidated by the numerous planets, asteroids and symbols depicted on your birth chart?

You are not alone because dozens (or more) of astrology enthusiasts started off feeling this way as they embark on their tumultuous astrological adventure.

To find out what a birth chart is, simply go to to get your birth chart.


While the birth chart may appear to be somewhat challenging to analyze for astrology beginners, there are two simple ways to get a good gauge of what your personality is through the birth chart.

The first method is the Hemispheric Analysis. The second method is the Chart Pattern Analysis.


Hemispheric Analysis

I have mentioned this method briefly in my previous article. To conduct a hemispheric analysis to determine your personality, divide the chart into two, the northern and southern hemisphere.

The southern hemisphere is the upper hemisphere, also known as the Medium Coeli (MC), and the northern hemisphere is the lower hemisphere, also known as the Imum Coeli (IC).

Northern Hemisphere

When you have more than eight planets in the northern hemisphere, you tend to be more reserved, inhibited, instinctual and having difficulty relating to the outside world.

However, if you have around six to seven planets in the northern hemisphere, you tend to have a subjective view of life and prefer working independently. You enjoy spending time alone to reflect about life and a lot of times, your accomplishments may often lack recognition.

Southern Hemisphere

Likewise, when you have more than eight planets in the southern hemisphere, you tend to be more ambitious, over-confident, highly persistent and may lack personal insights.

However, if you have around six or seven planets in the southern hemisphere, you tend to have a more rational approach towards life, more goal-driven, purposeful and enjoy working with others. You tend to be very active in the outside world, and you are constantly engaged in building networks or being part of a like-minded community with shared values.

Next, divide the chart further in two and this time, the eastern and western hemisphere. The eastern hemisphere is the left wing and the western hemisphere is the right wing.

Eastern Hemisphere

When you have more planets clustered in the eastern hemisphere, you are likely to be more independent, persistent, self-motivated and individualistic. You may possess some leadership qualities and ability to take charge when situation allows, and you tend to make your own choices in life. Often, you are also known for your risk-taking tendencies.

Western Hemisphere

When you have more planets clustered in the western hemisphere, you are likely to be flexible, passive, highly adaptable and communal-minded. You work best in a group or community setting and you have no problem letting someone else take the lead. You are also somewhat dependent on others in many ways and external environment or people tend to influence you greatly. However, you are also good at spotting opportunities presented to you and you take advantage of them.

Now that you’ve divided the chart into four, we examine the quadrants and what each quadrant means when you have more planets situated in one of the quadrants as shown.

The Four Quadrants on the Birth Chart

First Quadrant

When more planets are found in the first quadrant, you have more faith in your own abilities and may tend to be more private and less trusting of others. You are secretly critical of others and may tend to avoid seeking help even when you are truly in need of it.

Second Quadrant

When more planets are found in the second quadrant, you are adaptable, reactive and down-to-earth. You seek fulfilment through the development of your skills, talents and abilities in order to enhance certain aspects of your life which are important to you. You may lack some initiative and passively allow others to make things happen so that you may act upon what is given to you.

Third Quadrant

When more planets are found in the third quadrant, you tend to find yourself in the spotlight and may find that you lack complete control over certain areas of your life. Self-sacrifice is necessary for you to achieve any degree of self-realization and your actions are very much exposed to public scrutiny. You may find that sometimes unwanted attention drains your energy yet it’s something beyond your control.

Fourth Quadrant

When more planets are found in the fourth quadrant, you tend to be more externally focused as an individual. You are highly self-contained, driven and totally in control of your destiny. Furthermore, you seek fulfilment through maintaining a reputable status among your network or those in your community. Success to you is not measured so much by your standards but rather what others think of you.


Chart Pattern Analysis

In his “Guide to Horoscope Interpretation”, Marc Edmund Jones analyzes the way the planets are distributed around the wheel of the horoscope. He identified seven planetary patterns and their meanings are still being explored by contemporary astrologers and astrology enthusiasts till this day.


Bowl/Hemispheric — The Advocate

Bowl Pattern

The Bowl (AKA Hemispheric) is formed when your planets occupy half of the chart, somewhere between 120° but no more than 180°. When you have this pattern on your chart, you are likely to be a remarkable person who is self-contained and purpose-driven. You guys are known as the Advocate.

Advocates tend to get things done pretty fast and are efficient in their own way. They are self-aware and know what they want. They don’t just know what they are good at, they excel in them, and so they don’t need external validation. However, Advocates tend to feel this nagging feeling that something is missing in their life. As such, they do all they can to fill that void no matter what it takes.

Examples: Abraham Lincoln, Vincent van Gogh, Amelia Earhart and Donald J. Trump.


Bucket/Funnel — The Custodian

Bucket Pattern

A Bucket (AKA Funnel) is shaped like a bowl except that one, or two planets in conjunction (within 8°) to each other, is separated from the majority of the planets. This is a fairly common chart pattern. When you have this pattern on your chart, you are a dynamic personality with a sole calling. You guys are known as the Custodians.

Custodians have a singleton planet, which is the handle of the bucket, on their chart. This placement can be the focus of the chart or a pain in the neck for some because it commands attention, and its needs are always of great importance. This becomes the Custodian’s calling. Custodians have excellent potential for leadership.

Examples: Taylor Swift; Harry, Duke of Sussex; Harry’s sister-in-law, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge; and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.


Bundle/Wedge — The Specialist

Bundle Pattern

The Bundle (AKA Wedge) is formed when all the planets are concentrated within one-third of the chart. That is approximately four to five consecutive signs/houses or 120° (a trine) of the chart. When you have this pattern on your chart, you are likely to be a person with clear focus and personal strengths. It is considered one of the rarest patterns and you guys are known as the Specialist.

Specialists tend to have limited but firm interests. Although you are a master at your craft, you tend to be unconsciously (or nonchalantly) aware of areas that you’re weak at. You may have a career, interest or hobby that requires a specialised set of skills and knowledge. Specialists tend to do well in social settings when they are with like-minded individuals, but tend to find it a challenge speaking to people who do not share their specialised interests or have anything in common with them.

Examples: Sylvester Stallone, Paul McCartney, and Scarlett Johansson.


Locomotive — The Achiever

Locomotive Pattern

A Locomotive shape is the opposite of the Bundle/Wedge. It is produced when all planets in your chart are distributed neatly over two-thirds of the zodiac. This is a rather common chart pattern. When you have this pattern on your chart, you a self-motivated person with huge stamina and practicality. You guys are known as the Achiever.

Achievers are energetic and resolute in attaining their goals. They are so relentless in their pursuit that they would go through any means, often in their tried and true way, to achieve the desired outcome.

Examples: Isaac Newton, George Washington, Jennifer Lawrence, and Oprah Winfrey.


See-Saw/Hourglass — The Mediator

See-Saw Pattern

The See-Saw (AKA Hourglass) shape is produced when planets are grouped on opposite sides of the chart. Ideally, both sides of the opposition contains a stellium (a conjunction of three or more planets). When you have this pattern on your chart, you tend to spend a lot of your time finding consensus and stability in life. You guys are known as the Mediator.

Mediators are constantly trying to maintain harmony among their social circle because they dislike conflicts. They tend to always act with consideration of opposing perspectives and because they are able to see things from different points of view, it gets challenging for them to make a decision or to take sides. Sometimes, it pains them to unknowingly stir up conflicts while in the process of trying to satisfy everyone.

Notwithstanding that, Mediators make excellent judges, administrators and diplomats. This is because they can see things objectively when they are in a functional state of mind, knowing that conflicts are sometimes unavoidable.

Examples: Whitney Houston, Ted Kennedy, Frank Sinatra, Malcolm Gladwell, Alexander McQueen, and Barack Obama.


Splash/Star — The Enthusiast

Splash Pattern

The Splash (AKA Star) is shaped as if the planets are sprinkled more or less evenly around the zodiac. Each planet has less than 60° of empty space from another next to it. This chart pattern is also relatively rare.

When you have this pattern on your chart, your energy is spread out and you tend to enjoy pretty much tons of experiences in life. You guys are the Enthusiasts.

To Enthusiasts, the world is like their oyster and they are living it their way. The best of it all is that they are able to strike a good balance without becoming too extreme.

However, as much as they enjoy living their life to the fullest, their energy can be diffused across many areas. This makes them appear scattered and lacking in focus.

Examples: Isaac Asimov; and the French politician and physician Bernard Kouchner, co-founder of Doctors without Borders.


Splay/Tripod — The Maverick

Splay Pattern

The Splay (AKA Tripod) is formed when planets are distributed unevenly across the chart, forming a three-point trine-like shape of planet clusters. This occurs when there are three areas of open space in the chart with at least two consecutive signs/houses that are empty.

When you have this pattern on your chart, you are multi-talented and often live your life constantly in search of your true identity or talents. You guys are known as the Maverick.

Mavericks are highly independent, innovative, intense and head-strong. They have a multitude of talents and may bounce from one activity to the next just so that they can finally settle on something they feel comfortable with and yet excel in. And when they do, they become strongly dedicated or obsessed with it.

Example: W. B. Yeats.



This is how your birth chart’s pattern reveal your personality, giving you an overall picture of your character. Of course, there are more to the birth charts than what they are as written above. Those are fine examples of the chart patterns in astrology that you can look out for if you want to discover your personality. Nonetheless, if you want to have a clearer and more in-depth look into your birth chart on how these aspects directly affects your love life and career,  drop me an email or a WhatsApp message for a face-to-face conversation so that you get the best out of your time with me.

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