Mundane Astrology: Analysing Singapore’s Natal Chart

9 August 2022by Frederick0

On this day, we celebrate Singapore’s 57th year of its independence. With astrology, we can determine a nation’s character, and the nature of the country and its citizens just by analysing the natal chart of the said country.

Let’s jump right in!

In the following (Fig.1), we have Singapore’s birth chart and I am going to do a generic analysis of what Singapore is like since the day of its independence.

On 9th August 1965, Singapore was proclaimed as an independent nation state on Radio Singapore at 10am. Simultaneously, the Tunku in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, announced the separation to the federal parliament. Henceforth, Singapore is born.

Singapore's Natal Chart
Fig 1. Singapore’s Natal Chart

In Mundane Astrology, the planets including the Sun and the Moon, have significant meanings for every country and nation. Different planets represent specific classes of community and state matters.


Significations of the Planets

The Sun
  • Prime Minister
  • Monarch
  • Aristocracy
  • Magistrates
  • Cabinet ministers
  • Judges and all persons in authority and the like
  • Public heroes and national champions

With a Leo Sun in the 11th House (11H), Singapore is an ally to many countries in the world. Its vibrant city and beautiful skyline exudes energy and drive. Leos are well known for its confidence and courage to stand firm in the midst of adversity, as well as getting things done efficiently and in an organised manner. That’s Singapore for you guys!


The Moon
  • The common people
  • Women in general
  • All matters of a common nature
  • The public’s main focus in life

Singapore’s Capricorn Moon is in the 4th House (4H), indicating its pragmatic ways of managing and producing resources. Domestic affairs that holds more focus and attention among the common folk would be the nuclear family. It is rather family-oriented and its laws are erected solely to protect the wellbeing of families and upbringing of children.


  • Communications
  • Newspapers and Publishers
  • Ambassadors
  • Trade
  • Commerce
  • Intellectual society
  • Local transport issues

With Leo Mercury in Retrograde in the 11th House, Singapore adopts a conservative approach of communication in various media and printed materials. Mercury in Leos are expressive and tend to blow their own trumpet every now and then. It’s how they market themselves to the world. When it comes to wording their lines, Singapore is exceptionally good at it.


  • Women’s issues
  • National birth rate
  • Marriage and children related matters
  • Artists and musicians
  • Sports and entertainment facilities
  • Peace and diplomatic resolutions

When Virgo Venus is in the 12th House (12H), we can expect that sensitive matters such as drug crimes and political crimes are neatly kept in secrecy. These are matters that would likely affect the populace. Therefore, when it comes to the 12H, things are done in secrecy to protect the citizens.


  • Military
  • Soldiers
  • War
  • Terrorist attacks
  • Industrial disputes and conflicts
  • Opposition forces
  • Arson

Singapore’s Mars is in the 1st House (1H), its Libra ascendant. This is not a surprise because the city state places a lot of emphasis on national defence. The citizens including foreign residents and tourists are well protected. The 1st House in astrology represents the condition of prosperity and health of the nation. Having a Mars-centred placement in a country’s chart means that the country’s citizens are well protected.


  • Religion in general
  • Justice system
  • Priests and divines
  • Prominent judges and barristers
  • National inquests
  • National wealth, banks and bankers

With a Gemini Jupiter in the 9th House (9H), Singapore is truly effective in educating and communicating ideas and slogans to the public and the international audience. It prides itself as a melting pot of many cultures, races and religion where there is peace and tolerance among these people. I must say that this is absolutely a world’s success story which many countries out there have not yet achieved.


  • Elderly people
  • National death rate
  • Life-threatening epidemics
  • Land-owners, farmers, mines, coal, metal and mineral industries
  • State funerals, public sorrow and disappointment

With a Pisces Saturn Retrograde is in the 6th House (6H), Singapore is not immune to epidemics (like COVID-19) and the issue of the ageing population. 6H is the house of work, trade unions and other health services. I would not touch on Saturn deeply as it is going to be extremely sensitive. Saturn is a largely feared planet because of the effects it generates and how it influence the country itself.


  • Riots
  • Political tension
  • Free-market enterprise
  • Right-wing political ideas
  • Progress towards individualism
  • Separation from the norm
  • Scientific breakthroughs and discoveries
  • Anarchy and nihilism

With a Virgo Uranus in the 12th House (12H), you will hardly see riots or anarchy on the streets of Singapore. Ideas that are beyond the norm are well taken care of in secret. The 12H is the house of prison and incarceration. So, there you go! Now you know where these troublemakers would usually be placed in!


  • Socialism
  • Communism
  • Left-wing political ideas
  • Progress towards collectivism
  • The mob
  • Secret plots, sedition, fraud and swindling
  • All other illicit undertakings

The 2nd House (2H) is the house of national wealth and financial institution. With a Scorpio Neptune in the 2nd House (2H), Singapore controls its wealth very intensely. Unlike Taurus who are possessive, Scorpios are known for their controlling traits. When it comes to money matters, there is a lot of control and systems in place that allows fair trade and exchange of resources. Illicit undertakings and petty crimes are also well taken care of by the authorities. Singapore is also comically known as a ‘Fine’ country — a country that fines people for petty crimes like littering and not returning the tray after a meal.


  • Principle of metamorphosis and regeneration
  • Sewage systems
  • The hidden aspects of living condition
  • Political undergrounds, espionage, organised crime
  • Great wealth and power
  • Violence and rape
  • Transformative activities such as death and rebirth
  • Detective and investigative work

With a Virgo Pluto in the 12th House (12H), it is obvious that any regular person would never get a chance to know what goes on behind the closed doors when it comes to investigative work. One would also not find any ghettos in any part of Singapore because the minority who are truly poor and suffering are actually residing in some parts where they are hidden from the public’s eye. Singapore is wealthy and strong. However, like any other countries, there are citizens who are living in poverty and are suffering in silence. Like Saturn, Pluto is another planet that involves a lot of issues that are sensitive by nature. I shall stop right here and not mention any further. For more information, you can go visit the national resources in the library.



I may know a lot about a country just by looking at the natal chart. From there, I make predictions of what is to come for any nation. Some things are best left unsaid because when it comes to national issues, it is highly sensitive. Hence, Mundane Astrologers need to be mindful when revealing any sensitive contents which may well be national secrets. You’ll never know! So, this is Singapore’s natal chart and its generic analysis.


Here’s wishing everyone in Singapore a Happy National Day!

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