Mars Ingress Into Gemini: The Heat is On

15 August 2022by Frederick0

On 20 August 2022, 3:56pm (GMT+8), Mars will ingress into the sign of Gemini and this transit will last for a whopping seven months until 25 March 2023 when Mars will ingress into Cancer! 

Mars turns retrograde once every two years and this year, it will turn retrograde on 31 October 2022 before stationing direct on 13 January 2023, a transit which I will cover another time.

Mars is a fiery planet that speaks of passion, drive, and ambition. Gemini is a talkative Mercury-ruled sign that symbolises information, wit, and versatility. So how does Mars in Gemini affect you this time round and what you can do about it?

Let’s cut to the chase!

Mars ingress into Gemini

When Mars ingress into Gemini, expect some annoyance when dealing with people in your life, be it with your family, loved ones, coworkers, collaborators, friends, clients and even strangers. There will be times when you will find that others could be rather cutting with their words and you might take offence to some of them. Regardless of what the situation is, here is what you need to do to avoid conflict — compromise and stay cool-headed at all times, if possible.

Keep Calm and Compromise

It is also a time for you to assert yourself and be proactive in stepping up to the next level at work. You may want to find ways to raise the bar of your standard by striving for excellence and consistency in whatever you do. When it comes to leadership, you may find that you have the urge to take charge but be careful with the use of your words when it comes to working or relating with others.

At the start of the ingress, Mars will form a trine with Mercury, enabling smooth communication, lively discussions, and quick decisions to be made. You will experience mental agility such that you are more flexible in the way you process your thoughts in the things that you do. Mars will also square the Sun, causing you to also feel enthusiastic about pursuing your desires but not without the possibility of being feisty and offending others as a result. Keep your temper under control and practice some form of patience is the wise way to go.

As Pluto will also form a trine with Mars during the beginning of this ingress, take advantage of this period to make the most of your opportunities given to you to further your goals and ambitions. Make plans and stick to them. Don’t be shy to ask others for help if you need help because it may help you a lot in the process. 



This is how Mars in Gemini will affect you and those around you during this period. Of course, there are more to this transit and its aspects than what it is written above. Every person is unique and if you want to know, in detail, how your life is impacted by this transit through your natal chart,  drop me an email or a WhatsApp message for a face-to-face conversation so that you get the best out of your time with me.

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