The Unethical Use of Astrology

28 August 2022by Frederick2

I just want to highlight and call out some of these ignoramus for abusing astrology when it comes to hiring, coaching, or even relating to humans. I too, know of some HR practitioners and employers who would not hire anyone who fits into a particular zodiac sign. 

One feature article came from Forbes magazine back in 2020, which was brought to my attention by one of my associates. And I thought this unethical practice of astrology should be condemned, lest more people remain prejudiced against the practice of astrology. For this I mean REAL astrology, not POP-astrology.

The link to the Forbes article is here. Go read it if you’re curious. It is an old news but some people still dig it up to show others how ridiculous astrology is without even knowing that it’s just the blind leading the blind.

As written in the article, Chinese hiring managers are discriminating against Virgos and maybe a few other star signs, whatever it is. I am curious to know that on what account are they using (or abusing) astrology in this manner? It seems that they are only interpreting the Sun signs to make their judgment call.

But by basing your prediction of one’s personality or behaviour using only the Sun signs is a shallow way to begin with.

For some of you who don’t know what Sun Signs are, they are the twelve zodiac signs that appear on the newspaper column every weekend and some people still entertain themselves by reading them and naïvely believe in them. 

It was popularised by a British astrologer, H.R. Naylor, who published in an article in The Sunday Express interpreting Princess Margaret’s chart shortly after her birth. Soon after, he started the zodiac sign column which interprets a person’s personality and predicting a person’s week ahead based only on the Sun Signs. This opportunistic and profit-driven behaviour of his led to the gross misconceptions of astrology till this day! 

The interpretation of astrology signs based solely on Sun signs lacks depth and richness found in a person’s birth chart, which includes many factors of the person’s character.

Therefore, you can’t base your judgement of someone just by looking at his Sun sign! That’s not only unethical and ridiculous, it is discriminatory and ignorant!


J-Lo and her version of astrology


If Jennifer Lopez is seriously discriminating against Sun in Virgos, I’m calling her out too. One should NEVER hire anybody based on Sun Signs. Either you look at the person’s character through his birth chart, or you combine the birth chart with other personality assessments like the Big-5 or MBTI to solidify your justifications for hiring a candidate.

As an astrologer, I analyse birth charts thoroughly, leaving no stones unturned. Unlike pop-astrologers, who only look at the 12 zodiac signs, there are other components that I look out for in my analysis — the 12 zodiac signs in every planet and every House, the 12 Houses, the 4 elements, the Ascendant, modalities and triplicities, asteroids, and other significant indicators on the birth chart.

Follow my contents on my blog where I update weekly for more information on Western astrology. I’m talking about REAL traditional astrology here, not some hocus-pocus modern rubbish that some pseudo-astrologers are uttering.

If you want to get a top-notch analysis of your birth chart, I’m the guy. Book my time and I’m happy to help you.

In short, do not be taken in by pseudo-astrologers, especially from China, where they know NOTHING, ZERO, ZILCH, about Western astrology and attempted to “innovate” concepts to suit their needs, which ultimately bring detriments to the ethical practice of Western astrology in this English-speaking part of the world. This continuous abuse of astrology, even in the HR community, is unforgivable!

I urge everyone in the Western astrology community to call out such unethical practice that has brought shame, criticisms, and misconceptions among people who have yet to be educated about what astrology really is, and the positive transformations that astrology can bring to a person’s life and career.


  • Rachel Green

    23 January 2024 at 01:51

    How can I report someone who is using astrology on people who are unaware that their natal chart is being used? Apparently this person thinks they can “destiny swap” with me & my natal information that was provided to them by an “acquaintance”. I never hired this person, do not know them and did not authorize use of my personal information.


    • Frederick

      8 February 2024 at 09:39

      Thanks for sharing. Whether it is in hiring or managing staff, the use of astrology for analysis of an individual’s natal chart must start with consent from that individual. Your scenario is a prime example of unethical use of astrology.


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