Full Moon in Pisces — A Time For Reunion & Healing

10 September 2022by Frederick0

The Full Moon enters the sign of Pisces today, 10 September 2022, at 5:58pm (+8 GMT). The Sun in the sign of Virgo will be in opposition to the Moon stationed in Pisces. This is a time that you not only get to enjoy your mooncakes, if you’re a Chinese celebrating the mid-autumn festival, but it’s also a time for healing and spiritual release. This would be the last full moon of this zodiac cycle. 

Use this period of time for some deep self-reflection and it’s a perfect moment for spiritual insights as you dwell deeper into understanding where you are right now. If you are at the crossroads of your life, this is the time to make some important decisions. Do not be afraid of asking others for help if you need. 

If you find that your life needs a change, then try asking yourself som of these helpful questions. Hopefully, these questions help to get you out of your challenging situation and to boost your extra confidence in moving forward!

Questions for self-reflections:

  1. Who do I want to become? And how am I getting there?
  2. What are my strengths and how do I take advantage of them?
  3. What are my shortcomings and how can I work on them to better myself?
  4. What will happen if I work on myself by deciding on the changes?
  5. What will not happen if I choose to remain the same?
  6. How will these changes play out?

The most important thing right now, is to let go of whatever that no longer serve you well.

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