Where To Find Riches On Your Birth Chart

7 October 2022by Frederick0

Do you know that you can find your riches just by having your birth chart analysed by an astrologer?

Your personal birth chart will indicate to you, your potential for massive success, types of vocation you are called for, how you spend or invest money, and even so, whether you have gambler’s luck (in Singaporean term, potential to strike 4-D or Toto).

There are various wealth indicators on the birth chart. Let’s crack right into this!


Planets Associated With Wealth

Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are planets associated with wealth and money.


Venus & Jupiter

Venus, although it is related to love and affection, is also a planet associated with small amount of money such as your monthly income and other petty earnings. Jupiter, on the other hand, is associated with bigger amount of money such as your investments or annual earnings in your business or sales. It is also related to your luck and abundance.



Mars may not be directly associated with money but it provides the drive and ambition in order for you to achieve success in your journey of wealth creation. If you have a strong Mars placement, you tend to be an extremely ambitious go-getter. And such attitude might lead you to become extremely wealthy or successful too.



Saturn is also not exactly a wealth-related planet but it represents hard work and patience. Its ruler is Capricorn and Aquarius, the signs of organisation, corporation (Capricorn), innovation and improvisation (Aquarius). Dedication and constant innovation is what keeps you grounded and realistic about wealth generation. Without Saturn’s energy, it may be easier to earn your wealth but not keep it. So your Saturn placement on your birth chart is also an indicator of how you create wealth on your part. 



Neptune is a not-so-good association with money. That depends on where Neptune is situated on your birth chart. Neptune lacks rules and boundaries and when you have a wealth planet such as Jupiter having a hard aspect to Neptune, there is probably a chance for big money to come into your life, yet it gets so easily squandered away, sometimes without you knowing. This is also an indicator that you’re prone to scams and other get-rich-quick schemes that would set you up for disappointment. Therefore, you may want to be wary about this kind of placement on your chart.



Pluto is not a friendly planet because it speaks of power, great shift of paradigm, transformation, and life situations involving some intensity and struggles. If you’re looking at extremity, Pluto is the planet we think about from the get go. It scales things up and sometimes cause your wealth to expand like crazy. Pluto signifies secret or hidden wealth. But if you have a challenging aspect to Pluto or if it is placed in a more difficult House on the birth chart, you might experience some problems in your finances.

An Example of A Birth Chart
An Example of A Birth Chart


Houses Associated With Wealth

The 2nd House (Money and Assets), 8th House (Investments and OPM) and the 11th House (Organisations and Networks) are associated with wealth. The 5th House is associated with speculations and gambling. The 7th House is associated with partnership. The 10th House is associated with your public reputation and personal calling.

Pay close attention to the rulers of these astrological houses. For example, if the ruler of your 11th House is Libra, then its associated planet Venus is the driver of that House. This means that relationships and networks are going to be the primary focus on where you derive your wealth from. Likewise, if Capricorn is the ruler of your 2nd House, the house of money and assets, then you can expect your wealth to be coming in slow and steady while you have to maintain a certain form of discipline in managing your wealth in order to keep your riches. Remember, getting rich is one thing; staying rich is another.

The 8th House governs areas of your wealth such as banks, loans, investments, taxation and Other People’s Money (OPM). Having a well-aspected 8th House is one good indicator of wealth on your birth chart. It is also a house of inheritance. So having a good 8th House placement means that you might receive an inheritance from your family or relatives of some sort sometime in your life. The size of the inheritance depends on the planets involved in the 8th House. A Jupiter or Venus in the 8th House indicate luck and abundance in area of your wealth, inheritance or investments.

The zodiac sign that Jupiter or Venus is in also indicate how you will receive your wealth, especially in the 8th House. Jupiter is very comfortable in the sign of Sagittarius and Pisces, so having this placement in the 8th House indicates that you will inherit wealth from various places. In contrast, having a Jupiter in Scorpio or Aquarius in the 8th House indicates many problems in your life leading to bad or inconsistent finances. These problems might destroy what you inherited.

The 11th House governs the areas of your networks as well as your hopes and dreams. With good planetary placements in the 11th House, you will receive great support from your peers or benefactors in your life, which could lead to immense wealth when you choose your associates wisely. For example, if you have a well-aspected Venus in the 11th House, you will find that your friends and business associates are tremendously helpful and supportive towards you no matter what you do. Jupiter in the 11th House could indicate large networks and abundant of support from like-minded people in your circle, which could lead to you finding good prospects for profits and other business gains.



The above are some examples of great wealth indicators on your birth chart. There is more to it because astrology is complex and your birth chart requires a great deal of analysis in order for an astrologer to determine your wealth potential and guide you towards attaining the outcome that you desire.

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Astrology gives you valuable insights into your wealth status and financial prowess. But even so, much of your outcome in life is determined by your conscious choice and decision. I can show you your money-making potential, give you the best guidance to pursue the right calling you have that will lead you to generate wealth. But if you don’t know how to go about attaining financial success after knowing the placements on your birth chart, it will be terribly hard for you to attain the breakthrough you are destined for.

Remember, the gods may have given you the power to get wealth. But knowing how to get wealth rests in your awareness of your true potential. Because every person is different, not everyone is made for business and not everyone is made to be an employee. But true happiness and liberty goes to the one who found wisdom in knowing how to attain wealth or succeed in the right channel and vocation in this lifetime. I have seen the birth charts of very successful entrepreneurs and employees alike. So, there is no fixed rule of how you succeed in life. The question is, are you ready to take control of your massive potential to succeed?

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