Where Can You Find Your Life Purpose On The Birth Chart?

15 October 2022by Frederick0

We have all heard of the concept of “finding your life purpose”. It is a phrase that is often used in self-help books, motivational speeches and blog posts. It can be found in everyday conversations too.

But what does it really mean? What does it take to find your life purpose? And where should you look for it?

With astrology, we can help you find your life purpose. It is an ancient science that is still practiced today and astrologers use what is known as the birth chart.


To find out what exactly is a birth chart, read my past article which I talked about in more detail.

But in summary, the birth chart provides information about the positions of planets and stars at the time of your birth. This information is used to forecast your future including your life purpose.


Click here to get your free birth chart and once you’re done, let’s crack right into this!

To find your life purpose on your birth chart, you must know your Midheaven (also known as Medium Coeli or MC for short) and the zodiac sign your MC is in.

The Midheaven (MC) is the highest point in your birth chart and that gives you some insight into which career path you should take. In addition, the MC shows you your life purpose and calling based on the zodiac sign it is in on your birth chart.

If you’re using the Whole Sign House System or the Equal House System like I do in my practice, the MC is usually found in the tenth house on your birth chart.


Midheaven (MC) on the Birth Chart is where you find your life purpose
Midheaven (MC) on the Birth Chart is where you find your life purpose

Here is everything you need to know when you read your birth chart to find your life purpose or calling in life.


MC in the Sign of Aries

Assertive, ambitious and opportunistic, you seek challenges in whatever you do in life and you’re pretty much independent and unique in your personality. You’re a go-getter and you tend to find yourself in leadership positions where you get to be in charge of others and yourself in the team.

You are brave and courageous in your approach to life and with that pioneering spirit, you’ll make a natural entrepreneur and leader. If you’re an employee, you will make a great police officer, medical professional, soldier, trainer or anyone in the leadership committee who looks after or protects the wellbeing of others.


MC in the Sign of Taurus

Dependable, stable and laid back, you are also someone well-organised in your approach to your career. You are likely to be more talented than you imagine and because you don’t exactly like to show off, many people do not know what you’re capable of. In fact, you are a pretty good steward of money and are resourceful as a person.

You may like to consider your career path into real estate, stocks and trading, financial advisory, music or landscaping.


MC in the Sign of Gemini

You are smart and articulate. If others have told you that you are good with words or a great communicator, then it is not a surprise for me! You are somewhat drawn to interesting information or stories about a particular subject you’re curious about.

And so, your approach to life tends to be a questioner, an explorer and one who shares ideas as well as experiencing a wide variety of what life can offer. That’s what you typically enjoy doing, and thus you may like to consider a career path into education, law, travel blogger, journalism, public speaking, transportation or tourism.


MC in the Sign of Cancer

You tend to hold empathy for those who are vulnerable. For this, you find yourself wanting to protect the weak, help those who are helpless, or even vouch for the underdogs. Others perceive you as a nurturing figure and enable you to empower them because of your capacity to show care and concern.

As such, you may want to consider being a life coach, counsellor, social worker, psychologist, psychotherapist, teacher, caretaker, babysitter, actor, chef or a home-maker.


MC in the Sign of Leo

You are a rock star because you are inspirational. Creative, expressive, passionate, and enthusiastic, you put your heart and soul into motivating others whom you care for. You are usually passionate with the work you do and when you embark on a project, it has to somehow be able to exhibit that creative talent of yours and that intellectual side of you. You are likely to be a celebrity if that is what you desire, then it is highly possible! You enjoy taking charge and inspiring others around you to reach their highest human potential.

You may want to consider a career path into being a celebrity or an artist, entertainment, image consulting, self-help coaching, physician, therapist, design, videography and even social media influencer.


MC in the Sign of Virgo

Practical, analytical and supportive, you work hard to achieve your goals. You enjoy being resourceful for others around you and using your analytical approach to help others solve their problems in more pragmatic ways possible so that their lives can be in order. You are a trouble-shooter and a natural problem-solver.

As such, you may want to consider a career path into Information Technology (IT), business analytics, medicine, research, engineering, construction or plumbing.


MC in the Sign of Libra

Cooperative and diplomatic, you have an eye for aesthetics and a flare for culture and social etiquettes. You have a heightened sense of justice and because of that, you are typically honest in expressing your views in a diplomatic fashion and will always fight for what is right in your perspective. Therefore, you find yourself defending the rights of others and bringing harmony and balance into the society at large.

For this, you may want to consider a career in mediation, law, public relations, politics, diplomacy, sociology, social activism, fashion, tourism, marriage and family counselling, image consulting, or life coaching.


MC in the Sign of Scorpio

You have a pretty unique calling in life which is to go deep into the world of the unknown, the hidden or the scarier path — places where most people are afraid to venture into or truths that many are afraid to deal with. At the end of it all, you bring transformation to others by helping them face the truth or come into their senses and become stronger individuals through your influence and intense interaction with them.

You may want to consider career paths into private investigation, truth journalism, mindfulness, occult practices, divination, life coaching, executive coaching, business development coach, funeral director, hospice care, estate planning, psychologist, hypnotherapist, yoga and medicine.


MC in the Sign of Sagittarius

To you, life is about exploring the world to uncover the truths behind things and concurrently, learning life’s lessons in the process and teaching them to others around you. You tend to find yourself mentoring or coaching others about your life experiences and being experiential in your approach to helping others gain insights into being a better version of themselves. You are generous with your sharing because you are so well informed, and also, optimistic by nature.

You are likely to be called to careers that allow you to teach, mentor, coach, explore, and train others to their fullest potential. You may want to consider adult education, training, career coaching, law, philosophy, publication, mass communication, comedy, writing, piloting, air stewarding, tourism, civil leadership, as viable career choices.


MC in the Sign of Capricorn

You are serious, stern and industrious, always striving for excellence in what you do. You want to be the greatest talk of the town, or the domain authority in your profession. Status and honour are of great importance to you whether you are consciously or unconsciously aware of. You are drawn to leadership and accountability and so in whatever you do, you tend to find yourself leading others and shaping them to become successful.

You may like to consider any career that allows you to be in leadership position so that you can inspire others and help them achieve the outcome that they desire. In return, you live off the legacy and fame from the work that you do for others. Probably a kingmaker would be a suitable word for this…


MC in the Sign of Aquarius

A rebel with a cause and without a pause, you seek innovation and strive to improve the lives of others around you through your uncompromising nature of thinking out of the box. As a freedom-loving individual, you are drawn to innovative solutions and the desire to reach out to large number of people with that solution to make the world a better place to live in.

You may want to consider a career in business, investment, psychology, science, teaching, Information Technology (IT) or any philanthropy work.


MC in the Sign of Pisces

Your life is all about lending a helping hand to the underprivileged and the lost. You are a visionary in the area of the helping profession. You also have keen sense of intuition and empathy, allowing you to serve and encourage others, and to meet them where they are.

With strong compassion and perhaps some spiritual touch to your approach to life, you may want to consider a career path in spirituality, religion, music, fashion, entertainment, theatrics, hospital and prison institutions, philanthropy, government institution, early-childhood education, counselling, social work, and anything relating to helping the sick and outcasts.




The above are some suggestions on career paths you may want to consider for the respective Midheaven found on your birth chart.

This is the very first step to gain insights into your life purpose and discover which area you will most likely shine in. If you realise that you are working in a career that fits the description above, then you are most likely to be aligned with your life purpose and calling. To that I’d say, keep up the good work!

If you find this information helpful, be sure to bookmark this site and follow me on social media where I share tons of examples of what astrology can do to help you unleash your personal power through the birth charts in your journey towards success.

Astrology gives you invaluable insights into your career path and knowing where you’re heading is the first step towards success. The outcome of the career path you choose, however, is determined by how you react to others and your environment.

I can reveal to you your potential as a successful person, but to help you find your path towards success is going to take more than just one session of my time. That’s because there is no such thing as an overnight success.

Likewise, you can thoroughly know your birth chart but do absolutely nothing with your life. That will amount to nothing! I guarantee you this.

But, I can also guarantee you that if you work with me, you will definitely see results!

Like I said, choice is a super power that you and I have. When we exercise it, we create opportunities for ourselves.

Book your time with me so that I can help you find your path and purpose to the best of my ability. Drop me an email or a WhatsApp message for a face-to-face conversation so that you get the best nuggets out of your precious time.

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