World Cup 2022 Astrology Forecast: Argentina or France

16 December 2022by Frederick0—-World-Cup-Astrology-Forecast-1280x720.png

It is the World Cup fever this year and I’m so glad that we can finally catch all the matches out in the open and without our face masks on! With the final match just two days away, I took this time to analyse the astrology charts to forecast the champion of this year’s World Cup.

So, we are down to Argentina and France as the two finalists for the upcoming match on Sunday, 18 December 2022, at 23:00hrs (+8 GMT).


Who will emerge victorious?


Before I commence my forecast, I want to be clear that Astrology is like a science in which we make ‘predictions’ through some forms of techniques. Based on the systems which we used to calculate the outcome of a situation, there is still going to be a small percentage of error and one of the confounding factors would have to involve free will and other independent factors relating to a person’s choice and decision at the time of the situation itself.

For this final match, I will take a look at the birth chart of the player for team Argentina, Lionel Messi. Why Messi? All eyes are on Messi this time round and everyone has huge expectations on him being the one who will bring Argentina all the glory at the end of the final match. Will that happen this Sunday?

Let us examine Lionel Messi’s birth chart and his profile in summary.


Lionel Messi's Birth Chart
Lionel Messi’s Birth Chart

While examining Messi’s birth time for the analysis, I realised that there has been some confusion on the Internet regarding his birth time. Initially, I thought his birth time was 5:55am, but upon further research, this time was quoted in Messi’s biography where biographer Luca Caioli writes that he was born “a few minutes before six”. This sounded ambivalent and after some searching online, his mother was rumoured to have said on a TV show that his birth time was 4:20pm. Jamie Heibron also wrote in his email dated 28 August 2020, in Spanish, that Messi’s mother began her labour at 6am and Messi was born at 4:20pm. There are other timings as well, such as 8:30pm as stated on Astrotheme’s website. Let us hope that his mother is correct because I will be using the birth time based on what Messi’s mother said.


Astrology Profile of Lionel Messi

Planets and Indicators on Messi's Birth Chart
Planets and Indicators on Messi’s Birth Chart

The shape of Messi’s Brith Chart is the See-Saw shape. It’s a dualistic shape of a chart indicating someone who is full of dynamic and dramatic tension. Somewhat behaving like a Gemini with two opposing life values and trying to strike a balance between them. They’re good negotiators during conflicts, and often try to balance ‘both sides of the coin’. They might live double lives or a life of bi-polarity and have the tendency to ‘disconnect’. But once they’re integrated as a whole person, they can be very powerful and effective.


Lionel Messi's Dominant Planets
Lionel Messi’s Dominant Planets

Lionel Messi's Dominant Archetype
Lionel Messi’s Dominant Archetype


Messi’s Moon, Venus and Saturn are found on his angles on the birth chart (Angles refer to either one of these astrological houses — 1st House, 4th House, 7th House or the 10th House). Planets that fall within the Angles function at a much stronger and optimal level. To rank up, his most dominant planet is the Moon, followed by Venus and then Saturn.

In astrology, Lunarians are represented by the planet called Moon. The Moon is ruled by the sign of Cancer. Cancer, otherwise known as the Cardinal modality and Water element, is his Dominant Archetype.

Lunarians are deep and profound people, who tend to be rather deep in thought. And their emotional depth may not be easily understood by a lot of people. They can be rather unpredictable and fussy, but they are very protective of themselves and others they trust. Having a secondary Venusian trait as an archetype gives Messi the ability to draw people towards him and be very relational with others. Finally, the Saturnian trait in Messi gives him the stern-looking exterior, as well as the mature vibes and wise energy that has seen him through the years. People who are Saturnians grow up very quickly and they are drawn to structure, ambitious and very disciplined.

Messi has a Sagittarius rising sign. This means that he is someone who is full of passion, energy and enthusiasm. He is goal-oriented and very ambitious. He sets very high standards for himself and works hard to achieve it, but even before achieving his goal, he sets a new one. He can be very inspiring if he is not arrogant or overconfident.

Messi’s Moon is in the sign of Gemini and it is in the 7th House of his birth chart. This indicates that he is someone who is very popular with people and super adaptable to changes. Emotional safety means a lot to him and he also yearns for social recognition. He can be very articulate and persuasive. But being born during the balsamic moon phase means that Messi’s life involves taking care of endings and renewals. There will be delays in his achievements and when the time has come for him to accomplish his goals, he will make it happen.

Messi’s Sun is in the sign of Cancer and it is in the 8th House of his birth chart. This gives him the ability to be sensitive and empathetic, yet reasonable and smart. Acting is perhaps one of his strengths. For example, if a Cancerean finds out that their timid exterior helps them gain sympathy and favour from others, they will continue to act timid and humble until their goals are fulfilled. After all, Cancereans are protective of themselves and others they trust. So they would go all out to win it for themselves.


Lionel Messi’s Astrology Aspects on His Character (Generic)

Let’s take a look at some of the more relevant and stronger Astrological Aspects on Messi’s birth chart.


Mercury Conjunct Mars

Messi is rather quick-witted and loves challenges. He can be impatient and when he works very hard, he might get exhausted, or even burnout. It would be best if he moderates his physical condition on the day of the final.


Moon Conjunct Venus

Messi is very charming and diplomatic when it comes to relationships.


Moon Opposition Saturn

Messi prefers to mask his true expressions from the public and unless you know him personally, it will be hard to understand his character.


Mars Square Jupiter

Messi can be reckless, impulsive and overly reactive, even though he is highly motivated and very capable of achieving his goals. A lack of judgment and discernment can lead Messi to miscalculate or underestimate his competitor. He himself is his worst enemy.


Midheaven (MC) Sextiles Moon and Venus

The public or women play significant role in making Messi successful, and he is someone very popular with the masses.


Midheaven (MC) Trine Saturn

Messi is very persistent and honest when it comes to accomplishing his goals.


Lunar Nodes Square Neptune

Messi is someone very decisive about his choices in life but needs clarity and clear direction of focus when carrying out his goals. Otherwise, he might get distracted and his goals will fall apart.


Timing Messi’s Life (Annual Profection)

Now, let us closely examine Messi’s birth chart using the Annual Profection.

In Hellenistic Astrology, Annual Profection is a time-lord technique used when looking at the major themes of a person’s life based on the year which we would like to forecast. One of these timing techniques is called Zodiacal Releasing which is used to time a person’s life direction, such as career or relationships. Some periods are more favourable while others are not favourable to the person in question.

Messi is 35 this year and in his Annual Profection year, it is the 12th House on the chart that is ruled by Scorpio and the planet it rules is Mars. That is also where his Part of Fortune is stationed at. Scorpio is a fixed sign and so his peak periods would have to align with the fixed signs as well. Fixed signs are namely, Scorpio, Leo, Virgo, and Aquarius. According to the chart, Messi is approaching his big life transition very soon in February 2023.

With that said, Messi’s major peak period is around 21 December 2022, four days after the final, which will see his transition in his career because his Midheaven (MC) is in the sign of Leo, a fixed sign, in alignment to his Part of Fortune in the fixed sign of Scorpio as well. Any days before the above mentioned are preparatory time for his peak period.

Time-Lord examination on Lionel Messi's birth chart
Time-Lord examination on Lionel Messi’s birth chart

Therefore, we can say that it is his time to do all he can to win Argentina the World Cup in this final. Looking at the transits of the time during the match (from 11pm till about 12:30am, +8 GMT, excluding possibility of penalty shootouts) Argentina has a greater chance of winning the World Cup final under the following conditions:

    • If Messi is the captain in the game; he must not be out of the game
    • If Messi doesn’t get injured during the game
    • If Messi doesn’t get distracted or lose focus in the game
    • If Messi and his team work together harmoniously to score in the earlier part of the game
    • If Messi isn’t overly confident of his capabilities during the game
    • If Messi doesn’t underestimate his opponents during the game

Argentina must score early in the game to prevent the French team from gaining the upper hand. Late game may be in favour of France.

And so, this is the World Cup forecast of the ultimate winner, which is likely to be in favour of Argentina if the above mentioned conditions are met.

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