Astrology Forecast 2023 — The New Normal Arrives

1 January 2023by Frederick0

On the night of 31 December 2022, I hosted an inaugural Annual Astrology Forecast for the year ahead on my Facebook Group the “House of Divination“. It is an hour-long live feed where I went in detail of the coming celestial events that will influence how life on earth (especially in Singapore) is going to occur in the coming year, 2023.

Here is a list of the summary of key events that were mentioned:

  • Economic slowdown is inevitable
  • Investors need to be extra cautious when dealing with trades and the stock market
  • Companies will turn inward and prioritise Returns of Investments (ROIs) more than ever
  • Global tensions such as the US-China Relations, Russia-Ukraine war and the Asian domestic struggles will intensify
  • More bankruptcy cases and national/corporation debts will emerge
  • Standard of living improves at a huge cost but government intervention will occur to help those in need
  • Physical and mental health matters will be the main theme for health-related issues
  • Self-care and self-love will be re-evaluated for more effective approach to work-life balance
  • Property prices will continue to soar and cooling measures likely to occur around mid-year
  • More varieties of technological advancement and trends will emerge and vanish quickly
  • More online influencers taking the stage and leaving the stage swiftly as well
  • Talk of national and digital security and cohesion as a main theme as people’s sentiments grew into frustration
  • More unemployment and retrenchment projected to occur after April 2023
  • Likelihood of an aircraft or shipping accident
  • Likelihood of issues surrounding import and export trades affected in 2023
  • Online cultural influence will be more rampant as compared to cultural exchange via tourism
  • Wars will be fought primarily through trade wars and cultural dominance

We hope you enjoyed the forecast. Here’s wishing you a happy and prosperous new year ahead!

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