Messi At His Major Peak As Forecasted

5 January 2023by Frederick0

Messi's Birth Chart
Messi’s Birth Chart

Messi's Zodiacal Releasing Table
Messi’s Zodiacal Releasing Table.

As mentioned on my Instagram story about Lionel Messi last year during the World Cup finals, Lionel Messi from Argentina will not only win the World Cup for his team in the World Cup, but also experience a start of his Major Peak in his career come 3 January 2023.

Instagram Astrology Forecast for Messi in December 2022 (Lot of Spirit)
Instagram Astrology Forecast for Messi in December 2022 (Lot of Fortune) — taken from Instagram dated 17 December 2022.

As forecasted using Zodiacal Releasing, a time-lord technique in Ancient Astrology, Messi is set to have a new transition in his career on this date. And the exact date was reported on, CNN and Yahoo!.

While my astrology forecast for Argentina’s victory was accurate, it proved precisely on point this time as Messi makes his next move in his career as reported in the news a day or two ago. His next major transition will be in a month’s time.

Think of this as an ascending curve in the next phase of his career, starting from 3 January 2023.

This is nothing new to me, but it is a powerful advanced technique in Ancient Astrology that I used to determine one’s success rate and potential outcome of what one intends accomplish, either for business or for relationships.

Astrology is the correlation of celestial bodies and earthly events. It affects you and everyone around you when you observe closely. The ancients have used this tool, and they have been the advisors in the king’s court for thousands of years. And if you need an advisor in your majesty court, I am the person to look for.

With that said, every person is unique and if you want to know, in detail, how your life is impacted by celestial transits through your natal chart, drop me an email or a WhatsApp message for a face-to-face conversation so that you get the best out of your time with me.

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