Annual Profection: Your Must-Have Yearly Resolution Tool

20 January 2023by Frederick1

In just a few days, many of us will be celebrating the Lunar New Year on 22 January 2023. Before you start making your new year resolution, do you know that you can forecast and determine the upcoming trends for the year based on the movement of the planets using an astrological method that has been used for thousands of years?

By looking back at your current and previous years, you can identify patterns and energies along with the challenges you may face using this timing method. A perfect tool that serves as a reminder for everyone to be mindful of their energy at the start of each year and to be proactive in how we choose to project our energy!

This ancient technique is called Annual Profection.

Annual Profection is an ancient Hellenistic astrology time-lord technique of assessing the overall yearly theme of a person’s life based on his or her birth chart. According to Hellenistic astrology, the years are divided into 12-month-long segments, known as “Houses of Profection” and are determined by the planets in the sky when the person is born.

Each House of Profection represents an area of life such as self-image, relationships, health, wealth, family, friends, career and so on. Each House of Profection also has an association with a Zodiac Sign representing the energies and influence of that House during the time of the year.

I have written an article on the Twelve Astrological Houses and the area of life that each House represents. Check it out right here if you haven’t.

Briefly, I shall state the theme that each House of Profection represents in the following:

1st House: Self-image, Vitality, Identity, Attitude towards life

2nd House: Livelihood, Possessions, Assets, Expenditure

3rd House: Siblings & Relatives, Communication, Intelligence, Short trips

4th House: Parents, Home, Hidden matters, Inherited tendencies

5th House: Children, Love affairs, Speculations, Personal creativity

6th House: Health & Injuries, Subordinates, Work output, Work environment

7th House: Marriage, Business partnerships, Open enemies, Contract agreements

8th House: Inheritance, Transformations, Shared resources, Sex

9th House: Spirituality, Travel & Foreign cultures, Legal issues, Publishing

10th House: Reputation, Advancement, Authority figures, Calling

11th House: Friends, Community, Hopes, Gifts

12th House: Seclusion, Deception, Sufferings, Dreams & Fantasies

How to Interpret Your Annual Profection

Annual Profection is one way to help you see what will be the area of focus for your life on that birthday year of yours (AKA Solar Return). Using this technique, it will help you discern what the coming year ahead may have in store for you and how you can prepare yourself for whatever that may occur in that year.

Annual Profection Wheel
Figure 1. Annual Profection Wheel (The Whole Sign House system is used by default for this technique)


Using the Whole Sign House system, your 1st House Profection year begins with your Rising Sign in the same year after you are born. For example, if you are a Rising Scorpio, then at the 1st House on your birth chart counts as the age of 0, followed by the 2nd House which is ruled by Sagittarius counts as the age of 1. Next, the 3rd House ruled by Capricorn counts as the age of 2 and so on, and by the time you reach the age of 12, your House Profection year returns to Scorpio in the first house.

Base on your birth chart, the House Number, Zodiac Sign and Planetary ruler, which your House Profection year falls under will be particularly significant to you for that period. It will also activate any personal planet (i.e. Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars) you may have that are found in that House itself.

By knowing the Zodiac Sign and its ruling planet your Profection is occurring in, you will be able to find out the Time Lord for the year. Time Lord refers to a planet that functions as the ‘lord’ of certain time period in a given chart and its influence and position can indicate an event or changes that are likely to manifest at or around the given period of time. This is an essential information to note because of its immense accuracy.

For example, when I was in my 8th Profection Year in Gemini, I experienced two tragic losses in my family and the news came abruptly which was the energy of the Geminian Mercury and the asteroid Chiron was in my 8th House too! I experienced my virgin date with my very first girlfriend at the age of 16 in the 5th Profection Year and then my former marriage on the 7th Profection Year at the age of 30.

The following are the Traditional Planetary rulers used for Annual Profection readings:

Traditional Planets and Signs
Traditional Planets and Signs used for Annual Profection readings


Step 1: Pinpoint your Profection House number in your Annual Profection wheel (shown in Figure 1) based on your current age. For instance, if you are 33 this year, then your Profection House is the 10th House, the house of advancement, reputation and calling.

Step 2: Pull out your birth chart from using your date, time, and location of birth. Find your Ascendant/Rising Sign on your birth chart. For instance, if you are a rising Scorpio, then Leo would be the ruling sign in your 10th Profection House. Leo’s ruling planet is the Sun, which is the planet of self-expression, creativity, personal branding, confidence and fatherhood.

How to use to pull out your birth chart
How to use to pull out your birth chart

Step 3: Determine where the ruling planet of the Zodiac Sign of your Profection House is placed on your birth chart. If your Sun is placed in the Second House (2H) of your birth chart, then this placement and its interaction with (aspects) other planets would be the main theme of the current year of your life. According to the example above, a 10th House Profection in Leo with the Sun placed in the 2H of your chart could refer to a year in which your financial status in your business or career will be the prime focus for the current year. If you have an afflicted Sun in aspect to another not-so-friendly planet(s), such as Mars or Saturn, then you need to take extra precaution in your business pursuits or career advancement.

Step 4: Keep track of the transits affecting your ruling planet (in this above example, the Sun) throughout the months in the year. One way is to own an app called Astro Gold (downloadable on both Android and iPhone). You can pull out your own chart and then put it together with a transit chart around your birth chart to keep a tab on how the transits are influencing your ruling planet for the year.


Annual Profection Themes According To Your Time Lord

The following are the themes associated with the time-lord as represented by each classical planet. Please note that we only use traditional astrology when using this technique. Modern astrology with planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are not applicable for this ancient yet eerily accurate approach.

Sun: Self-expression, Identity, Personal branding, Confidence, Fatherhood

Moon: Emotions, Intuition, Fertility, Safety, Nurture, Children, Motherhood

Mercury: Communication, Short trips, Technology, News, Perception, Intelligence

Venus: Relationships, Partnerships, Finances, Romance, Art and Beauty

Mars: Action, Drive, Sex, Challenges, War and Conflicts

Jupiter: Luck, Abundance, Travel, Divination, Spirituality, Faith, Expansion

Saturn: Confinement, Restriction, Boundaries, Authority, Seriousness, Delay


If you are completely new to traditional astrology and you would like to find out more about your Annual Profection and what the new year has in store for you, come look for me. Book my time so I can help advice you on the main theme of the year ahead for you and how you can leverage this year and beyond to fulfil your goals with greater clarity and better preparation.

Interestingly, the Annual Profection wheel can be used for your business entity too. Every year, there is a main theme your business will be focusing on and knowing the main theme that the Divine has for your business helps you to strategise ahead and prepare for unprecedented contingencies.

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