When to Launch Your Business: Astrological Timing for Startups

15 April 2023by Frederick0

When to Launch Your Business: Astrological Timing for Startups 

Astrology has been used throughout history as a tool for understanding ourselves and the world around us. From ancient civilizations to modern-day business leaders, people have turned to the stars for guidance in making important decisions. In this blog post, we will explore how you can harness the power of astrology to optimize the timing of launching your startup.


  1. Electional Astrology: The Art of Choosing the Right Moment

Electional astrology is a branch of astrology focused on selecting the most auspicious time to initiate an event or undertaking, such as launching a business. By analyzing the positions of the planets and their aspects, astrologers can determine the best possible moment for an event to unfold in the most favourable way. It’s all about timing!

Electional Astrology: The Art of Choosing the Right Moment
Electional Astrology: The Art of Choosing the Right Moment


  1. The Importance of the Ascendant

The Ascendant, or rising sign, is one of the most critical components in an electional chart. It represents the overall energy and environment of the event being initiated. Ideally, you want your startup’s Ascendant to be in a sign that aligns with the nature of your business and promotes growth and success.

For example, if your business involves technology, an Aquarius Ascendant may be suitable as it signifies innovation and forward-thinking. A Taurus Ascendant could be more fitting for a business related to finance or luxury goods, as it emphasizes stability and material wealth.

The Importance of the Ascendant: Alignment of Your Business' Nature
The Importance of the Ascendant: Alignment of Your Business’ Nature


  1. The Role of the Moon

The Moon is another essential factor in electional astrology. It signifies the public and the overall receptivity to your business. To ensure a successful launch, the Moon should be well-placed in your startup’s chart.

Ensure the Moon is in a sign that complements your business’ nature, and avoid launching when the Moon is void of course (VOC), as this can lead to uncertainty and lack of progress. Also, look for positive aspects between the Moon and other planets, such as trines or sextiles, to promote harmony and support from the public.

Role of the Moon
Role of the Moon


  1. Benefic vs. Malefic Planets

In astrology, there are benefic planets (Venus and Jupiter) that bring positive energy and growth, and malefic planets (Mars and Saturn) that can bring challenges and obstacles. For your startup, you want to emphasize the influence of benefic planets while minimizing the impact of malefic planets.

Ensure that Venus and Jupiter are well-placed in your chart, ideally in angular houses or forming positive aspects with the Ascendant or Moon. At the same time, try to minimize the influence of Mars and Saturn by keeping them away from critical points in the chart, such as the Ascendant, Midheaven, or Moon.

Benefic and Malefic Planets
Benefic and Malefic Planets


  1. Aligning with Planetary Cycles

Understanding the longer planetary cycles can help you determine the best timing for your startup launch. For example, Jupiter’s 12-year cycle is often associated with growth and expansion, while Saturn’s 29.5-year cycle is related to maturity and consolidation.

Launching your business during a Jupiter transit, when the planet is well-placed in your chart, can bring good fortune and opportunities for growth. Conversely, starting a business during a challenging Saturn transit may lead to delays and obstacles, requiring patience and perseverance.

Aligning with Planetary Cycles
Aligning with Planetary Cycles


  1. The Role of Mercury and Communication

Mercury, the planet of communication, plays a significant role in business-related matters. Ensuring Mercury is well-placed in your startup’s chart can promote effective communication with customers, vendors, and partners. Additionally, it can help with clear thinking and decision-making.

To benefit from Mercury’s influence, make sure it is in direct motion and not retrograde when launching your startup. Retrograde periods, which occur about three times a year, can lead to miscommunication, delays, and technological issues. Also, consider placing Mercury in a compatible sign or positive aspect with other planets to enhance your communication efforts further.

The Role of Mercury and Communication
The Role of Mercury and Communication


  1. The Sun: Leadership and Visibility

The Sun represents leadership, authority, and the core essence of your startup. A well-placed Sun in your electional chart can boost your business’s visibility and impact, attracting the right people and opportunities.

Ensure the Sun is in a strong position, ideally in an angular house, such as the 1st, 10th, 7th, or 4th, and in a sign that resonates with your business’s nature. Additionally, avoid challenging aspects with malefic planets, as they can create obstacles or diminish your company’s reputation.

The Sun: Leadership & Visibility
The Sun: Leadership & Visibility


  1. The Midheaven: Public Image and Reputation

The Midheaven, or MC, represents the highest point in the chart and is associated with career, public image, and reputation. By placing a strong emphasis on the Midheaven, you can create a favorable public image for your startup.

Consider placing benefic planets, such as Venus or Jupiter, near the Midheaven or forming positive aspects with it. This placement can attract attention and support from influential people in your industry, boosting your startup’s reputation and chances of success.

The Midheaven: Public Image and Reputation
The Midheaven: Public Image and Reputation


  1. Consult a Business Astrologer

While this blog post provides a general overview of astrological timing for startups, it is essential to consult a business astrologer for personalised guidance tailored to your specific business idea and circumstances. An astrologer can help you fine-tune your electional chart, taking into account your unique situation and the precise timing required for the most auspicious launch.

Consult a Business Astrologer
Consult a Business Astrologer



In conclusion, by using the principles of electional astrology and working with a business astrologer, you can maximize the potential for success when launching your startup. By aligning your business with the cosmic energies at play, you create a strong foundation for growth and prosperity in the competitive world of entrepreneurship.

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