May 2023 Astrology Forecast


The vibrant and blossoming month of May 2023 will be filled with intensity with large shifting energies, a few significant ingresses and a lunar eclipse. This month will be an exciting and energizing time for personal growth, introspection, and exploration.


On 1 May 2023, 11:18pm (+8 GMT), the Sun conjuncts Mercury retrograde in the sign of Taurus. This amplifies the energy of the down-to-earth and slow moving Taurus. In Astrology, this is known as an “inferior conjunction”.

When this conjunction occurs between the Sun and Mercury retrograde, it can bring about significant focus to communication and thought process. There may be more misunderstandings, miscommunications, or delays in communication-related areas like emails, phone calls, and travel plans. It’s essential to double-check your messages and be clear and patient in your communication during this period of time.

The Sun brings attention to whatever it comes into contact with. As such, you may want to start re-evaluating or reflecting on your past decisions, especially when Mercury is retrograde. This is an excellent time to reconsider business ideas or projects that have been kept in view, at the same time, gain new insights into old ways of approaching your issues. You might find solutions to old problems or see things from a different perspective.

This transit can spark creativity as the Sun amplifies the intellectual and imaginative qualities of Mercury. It’s an excellent time to express your ideas and thoughts through writing, speaking, or other creative pursuits.

From now till the middle of May, it would be advisable to be cautious with signing contracts, making significant decisions, or starting new projects, because the retrograde energy can cause complications or delays. Instead, focus on revising, reorganizing, and rethinking plans or ideas to ensure a more successful outcome once Mercury goes direct on 16 May 2023.


1 May 2023 - Sun conjuncts Mercury Retrograde
1 May 2023 – Sun conjuncts Mercury Retrograde


On the following day, 2 May 2023, 1:08am (+8 GMT), Pluto in the sign of Aquarius turns retrograde and will gradually transit into the sign of Capricorn once again by 11 June 2023, at 5:34pm (+8 GMT).

This Pluto retrograde in Aquarius, it signifies a shift in the way its transformative and intense energies are experienced. Pluto is a slow-moving outer planet, and its retrograde period lasts for about 5 to 6 months each year. The effects of Pluto’s retrograde are subtle and long-term, influencing deep transformation, regeneration, and evolution.

With Pluto retrograde in Aquarius, the focus is on internal changes and personal growth. This period encourages you to reassess your beliefs, values, and attitudes towards societal issues, innovation, and technology. You may undergo profound changes in your perspectives, and even experience a heightened awareness of your inner power and potential.

In addition, Aquarius is a sign associated with humanitarianism, social reform, and collective progress. Pluto’s retrograde in Aquarius, there may be a collective re-examination of societal norms, institutions, and values. People may question existing power structures and seek ways to transform society for the better.

Aquarius is also associated with technology and innovation. This Pluto retrograde can bring about shifts in how technology impacts our lives and the world at large. This period may be marked by how the use and its consequences of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other advanced technologies are re-evaluated. Perhaps some boundaries or new rules will be applied curtailing the ethical use of such advanced technologies, or it could be a slowdown in the development of such technologies in the process of finding newer solutions for a more effective prototype in the near future.

Pluto is often associated with issues of power, control, and manipulation. During its retrograde phase in Aquarius, you may become more aware of these themes in your life and how they impact your relationships or interactions with others. This is a time for self-examination, letting go of destructive patterns, and embracing healthier ways to assert your personal power.


2 May 2023 - Pluto Retrograde
2 May 2023 – Pluto Retrograde


On 6 May 2023, at 1:33am (+8 GMT), there is a Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Scorpio. This Lunar Eclipse signifies a powerful and transformative period, as the intense energy of Scorpio combines with the emotional and intuitive nature of the Moon. Scorpio is a deeply emotional, passionate, and mysterious sign. A Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio can heighten emotions and bring intense feelings to the surface.

This period may reveal hidden desires, fears, or emotional patterns that need to be addressed and transformed. It’s important to acknowledge and process your emotions during this time rather than suppressing them. Significant changes in various aspects of life, such as relationships, career, or personal growth may occur during this eclipse. As such, you may have to let go of unhealthy patterns or relationships and embrace new beginnings.

Scorpio is a sign associated with secrets, mysteries, and uncovering hidden truths. During a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, previously concealed information or insights may come to light. This could involve personal revelations or collective events that expose secrets or hidden aspects of society.


6 May 2023 - Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio
6 May 2023 – Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio


Venus ingresses into Cancer on 7 May 2023, at 10:24pm (+8 GMT), bringing a shift to the focus on emotional connection, nurturance and security. Venus in Cancer places a strong emphasis on emotional bonds and connections in relationships. Therefore, you may find that this period brings out the more empathetic and compassionate side of people whom you generally know.

Home and family becomes an emphasis during this period and you might notice an increase in the effort to create harmony, security, comfort and aesthetics in the home environment. This period can also bring about a more sensitive side of other people including yourself. Feelings can be easily hurt and others may be more defensive when it comes to their loved ones. Thus, it would be wise to remain gentle with your words.

When it comes to romance, Venus in Cancer brings out the romantic and sentimental side of people. This is a great time for expressing love and affection as well as sharing feelings of nostalgia with your loved ones.


7 May 2023 - Venus ingresses into Cancer
7 May 2023 – Venus ingresses into Cancer


On 10 May 2023, at 3:51am (+8 GMT), the Sun forms a conjunction with Uranus, ushering in a powerful electrifying energy of abrupt changes, innovation and personal breakthroughs. This transit can shake things up and you might have to step out of your comfort zone and embrace new experiences.

The Sun-Uranus conjunction is an excellent time to express your uniqueness and be free from constraints or expectations that may have been limiting you. Forge your path and pursue your purpose regardless of social conventions or opinions of others. Be creative, get inspired, and adopt the “just-do-it” attitude because your abrupt decisions may lead you to obtain that breakthrough you need. At the same time, exercise precaution and only take calculated risks.


10 May 2023 - Sun conjuncts Uranus
10 May 2023 – Sun conjuncts Uranus


On the following day after Mercury turns direct, 17 May 2023, at 1:20am (+8 GMT), Jupiter ingresses into the sign of Taurus. With the planet of abundance, expansion and wisdom entering the sign of Taurus, steady growth, financial stability and practicality will be greatly emphasised during this period.

Jupiter in Taurus places a strong emphasis on material wealth, comfort, and security. During this transit, there is a greater focus on creating financial stability and accumulating possessions that bring comfort and pleasure. Opportunities for financial growth may arise, and people might find it easier to build wealth through practical and grounded methods.

During this transit, there will be an increase in the desire for sensory experiences and indulgences. So, you might want to seize this opportunity to travel and do some self-care activities. Take a well-deserved break to rejuvenate your mind and body. If you’d like, you can also pursue some courses and learn some new skills that will help you contribute to the stability of your career and betterment of your well-being.


17 May 2023 - Jupiter ingresses into the sign of Taurus
17 May 2023 – Jupiter ingresses into the sign of Taurus


On 18 May 2023, at 8:54am (+8 GMT), Jupiter forms a square with Pluto retrograde, bringing about significant changes, growth, challenges in both personal and the collective. This transit pushes you to face your fears as there will be changes and transformation taking place that will be quite intense for you and many others. Embrace new opportunities for expansion and transformation.

In addition, Pluto retrograde’s aspect to Jupiter may bring about conflicts and challenges in your relationships or professional life that require you to confront and resolve power imbalances. Be mindful of your own behavior and avoid the temptation to engage in manipulative or controlling tactics.

This Jupiter-Pluto square transit can fuel your ambition and drive for success, helping you tap into your inner power and determination to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. However, do not be overconfident or power-hungry in the process. Know and watch your limits.

On a collective scale, the Jupiter-Pluto square can bring about significant changes in society, such as shifts in power structures, political upheavals, or social movements. This transit can highlight the need for collective re-evaluation of societal values and priorities. There might be a government intervention into the matters concerning the harmony of the people.


18 May 2023 - Jupiter square Pluto Retrograde
18 May 2023 – Jupiter square Pluto Retrograde


There will be a New Moon in the sign of Taurus on 19 May 2023, at 11:52pm (+8 GMT), signalling a fresh start, a new beginning, and a focus on stability, material security, and sensual pleasures. During this new moon, it is the best time to set intentions, start new projects, and plant the seeds for future growth.


19 May 2023 - New Moon in Taurus
19 May 2023 – New Moon in Taurus


On 20 May 2023, at 11:31pm (+8 GMT), Mars enters Leo and forms an opposition with Pluto retrograde. This powerful and intense transit can manifest as both creative drive and potential conflicts or power struggles. Mars brings about charisma and a boost of confidence in helping you pursue your passions. However, in your pursuit, it is essential to be mindful of your actions and avoid getting into unnecessary confrontations during this time. Mars-Pluto opposition can stir up intense emotions and desires. So, do maintain self-control and avoid being overly aggressive or impulsive.


20 May 2023 - Mars ingresses into Leo forming an opposite to Pluto Retrograde
20 May 2023 – Mars ingresses into Leo forming an opposite to Pluto Retrograde


The Sun ingresses into the sign of Gemini on 21 May 2023, at 3:09pm (+8 GMT). With the Sun in Gemini, communication becomes a central focus. People are more inclined to engage in conversations, share ideas, and exchange information. This is an excellent time to strengthen your communication skills and explore new ways to express yourself. You may also find yourself more interested in learning new things, gathering information, and exploring a wide range of topics. This is a great time to embrace your inner student and delve into subjects that intrigue you.

In addition, you will find that you tend to be more flexible and open to change during this time, and so, it would be a great idea to embrace new experiences, adapt to shifting circumstances, and cultivate a more go-with-the-flow attitude. You will also be drawn to social events, networking opportunities and connecting with others during this time. Do keep a look out on like-minded individuals who can be a potential collaborator for your business.


21 May 2023 - Sun ingresses into the sign of Gemini
21 May 2023 – Sun ingresses into the sign of Gemini


Last but not least, on 23 May 2023, at 1:07pm (+8 GMT), Mars forms a square with Jupiter, creating a dynamic and energetic aspect that can lead to both positive and challenging outcomes. The Mars-Jupiter square brings a surge of energy and enthusiasm, making you feel more driven and motivated to act. This can be a great time to tackle projects or engage in activities that require physical strength, courage, or initiative.

Concurrently, one potential challenge for you during this time is the tendency to be overconfident, impulsive, or excessive risk-taking. Take a step at a time to survey your situation before committing your action into the works. Do not bite off more than you can chew. Proceed with caution or your overconfidence will lead you into trouble.


23 May 2023 - Mars square Jupiter
23 May 2023 – Mars square Jupiter



So, this is the forecast for the month of May 2023 and how the planetary transits affect you. Astrology adds tremendous value and insights into the mundane matters in your life, but much of your desired outcome is determined by your conscious choice and decision.

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