Is Astrology Difficult to Learn? Can It Be Made Simpler?

7 May 2023by Frederick0

Recently, there were quite a handful of comments I’ve received over the Internet and during my interaction with some people. You might be familiar with some of these phrases:

“If only astrology were simpler…” 

Astrology is tough and super complicated…”

“There are so many terminologies to learn and that’s why astrology is difficult…”

Let’s just say that we also complain the same way about life.

“If only life were simpler…”

Life is tough and super complicated…”

“There are so many hurts, setbacks and lessons in life and that’s why life is difficult…”

Does this ring a bell to you? Does this mean that you no longer should live, because it’s so difficult?

Give up living! It’s better that way, right? What’s the point of living?

The purpose of living is subjective, but the reason why we choose to live is because of the rewards we get at the end of it all — the joy and satisfaction after we have overcome our hardships and emerged stronger and more victorious.

Astrology is the in-depth study of yourself, your life, your fate and your destiny. People learn astrology for different reasons.

You may be learning astrology for various reasons. Maybe because you want to know yourself better, perhaps find the most suitable career for yourself, perhaps get to know a significant other better, or even figure out what’s wrong with your life, now that you’re at the crossroad or a mid-life crisis.

Now, allow me to be direct and frank with you here.

Astrology can be considered difficult to learn for some people, as it involves a comprehensive understanding of celestial bodies, their positions, and their influence on human life.

However, the complexity of astrology varies depending on the depth at which you want to study it. For some, learning basic astrology concepts might be relatively easy, while others might find it more challenging.


How Different Elements Learn Effectively
How Different Elements Learn Effectively

If you have a great deal of Air element in your birth chart, you may find learning astrology relatively easy as compared to the rest. This is because ‘Air element’ individuals are extremely curious beings with a great deal of mental agility, which enables them to do better in learning conceptual or technical knowledge.

If you are more of a ‘Fire element’ person, metaphors and hands-on experiences would help you learn astrology faster. You belong to those study groups where many students gather, discuss and delineate birth charts together.

If you are more of an ‘Earth element’ person, you prefer to have some structure and read some good books on astrology. Step-by-step guides are thus important to you and so, enrolling for an astrology class or workshop would help you learn astrology faster.

If you are more of a ‘Water element’ person, you would require some space for self-reflection and therefore, getting one-to-one guidance or coaching from an experienced Astrologer would be more helpful for you.


To make learning astrology simpler, you can follow these steps:

  1. Start with the basics

Begin by understanding the fundamental concepts, such as the twelve zodiac signs and their associated elements and qualities. For example, Aries is a Fire sign with a Cardinal quality while Taurus is an Earth sign with a Fixed Quality. Understand their definitions, general traits, strengths and weaknesses. Next, learn the meanings and characteristics of the ten planets, the twelve houses and the aspects in astrology. Learn how they influence your personality traits and life events.

  1. Focus on one topic at a time

Instead of trying to learn everything at once, break down the subject matter into smaller, more manageable topics. This will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed and allow for a more organized learning process. For example, after learning about the zodiac signs, move on to the planets, and then learn those planets one by one, before moving on to the twelve houses. Slow and steady wins the race.

  1. Use reliable resources

Consult books, articles, and online resources from reputable astrologers to ensure you’re learning accurate information. Cross-referencing different sources can help you gain a broader understanding. For instance, you might want to start with “The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology” by April Elliot Kent and visit websites like, or if you’re brave enough, listen to The Astrology Podcast on YouTube by Chris Brennan.

  1. Practice interpretation

As you learn more about astrology, practice interpreting birth charts for yourself and others. This will help you understand how different astrological elements interact and influence one another.

  1. Connect with others

Join astrology forums, online communities, or local meetup groups to connect with others who share your interest. Engaging in discussions and learning from others’ experiences can be valuable for developing your understanding and skills.

  1. Take a course or attend a workshop

If you prefer a more structured approach, consider enrolling in an astrology course or attending a workshop. This can provide you with expert guidance and a solid foundation in the subject. I will be rolling out my first Basic Traditional Astrology Course this year, where it will help you specialise in the traditional/Hellenistic method of delineating astrology charts. So, watch this space! Meanwhile, do consider the Astrology School or the Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Sciences where they offer courses for beginners and advanced students alike.

  1. Be patient and persistent

Like any other subject, astrology requires time and dedication to master. Be patient with yourself and continue to practice and learn as you develop your skills and understanding.

Remember that astrology is a vast field, and it might take time to become proficient in it. Approach learning with an open mind and a willingness to explore, and you’ll find that it becomes more accessible over time.

Apart from learning astrology, you can also consult an astrologer to unlock the secrets of your birth charts and uncover your true capacity and potential, especially in your business.

Hi, my name is Frederick, your go-to Business Astrologer. I specialise in helping entrepreneurs like you uncover the unique strengths and challenges of your planetary placements on your birth chart to optimize your business strategy and create a thriving, fulfilling venture. I also offer personalised guidance to help you elect the most auspicious time to initiate an event or undertaking, such as launching your startup.

Here is what I discovered over the years: A startup with a well-placed planetary alignments and aspects will find itself doing far better than their counterparts with challenging alignments and aspects on the business’ natal chart.

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  2. Comprehensive insights into other planetary placements and aspects in your birth chart that impact your professional life, including career opportunities, financial prospects, and more.
  3. Strategies on how to develop your unique strengths and overcome potential challenges associated with your birth chart, ensuring you’re well-equipped to conquer the business world.
  4. Tailored recommendations for setting goals and strategies that align with your astrological blueprint, empowering you to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams with confidence and determination.

With my specialisation in business astrology, you can gain a deeper understanding of your innate talents, motivations, and potential roadblocks, providing you with the knowledge and business tools you need to thrive in the competitive world of business.

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