What Does Astrology Say About Your Business?

13 May 2023by Frederick0

What Does Astrology Say About Your Business?

As a dedicated business astrologer, I devote myself to the intricate exploration of business birth charts. This process allows me to guide entrepreneurs in their quest to deeply comprehend the innate strengths and possible improvement zones embodied within their business.

Concurrently, the birth chart can often disclose a hidden cache of untapped opportunities that the entrepreneur can leverage, all of which emerge more clearly through a thorough astrological examination. This practice, deeply rooted in tradition and exactness, stands as an extraordinary asset for those eager to fully unearth the astrological potential of their business ventures.

Before we continue, if you’re curious to find out how your business’ birth chart looks like, go to, key in the name of your business, the exact date, time and city of its establishment (based on its legal incorporation, IPO listing, or ceremonial opening).

To initiate our journey, let’s delve into the fascinating realm of astrological houses on a business birth chart and their respective significations. When it comes to a business, its “birth chart” – the very moment it was legally born or took its first operational steps – the astrological houses can theoretically correspond to diverse facets of the business. Allow me to provide a broad sketch of the traditional interpretations of each house:


The Astrological Houses on the Business Birth Chart
The Astrological Houses on the Business Birth Chart


  1. First House (House of Self): This house personifies the business’ identity and persona. It reflects the image projected to the world and the initial impressions it creates. Additionally, it may be seen as a barometer of the business’ overall health and vitality, impacting its longevity and resilience. In sum, this house represents the face of your company, your website, company name, self-branding and business’ packaging.
  1. Second House (House of Value): This house is intimately linked to the business’ financial standing, assets, and resources. This encompasses the tangible, such as monetary wealth and property, as well as the intangible, like the internal values, belief system and principles that drive the business.
  1. Third House (House of Communication): This house presides over the domain of communication within the business, shaping relationships with the immediate community and influencing local journeys or short trips. It can also impact how the business interacts and builds rapport with its surroundings. In addition, this house represents your business’ overall messaging, style of communication and how others remember your brand through the tagline you use for your business.
  1. Fourth House (House of Home and Family): This house symbolizes the roots of the business, including its mission, ethics, and the physical location from which it operates – its ‘home’. It’s essentially the heart and infrastructure of the business, where its core identity lies. It also represents the team you have formed in your company – how the team operates and how each individual contributes to the success of your business.
  1. Fifth House (House of Creativity and Pleasure): This house is the cradle of creativity, fun, innovation, and calculated risk-taking within the business. It can govern how the business expresses itself creatively, influencing areas such as marketing and PR strategies.
  1. Sixth House (House of Health and Service): This house governs the daily operations, routines, and quality of service offered by the business. It also has a strong connection to employee well-being and can influence how the business approaches the health and satisfaction of its workforce. In addition, the sixth house represents the daily operations and organized scheduling of the business such as the operating hours, appointment time, meeting frequencies and other miscellaneous essentials that build the business.
  1. Seventh House (House of Partnerships): This house is the realm of business partnerships, alliances, contracts, and customer relations. It affects how the business forms and maintains relationships that are integral to its success.
  1. Eighth House (House of Transformation): This house oversees major transformations within the business, including mergers, investments, loans, and resources pooled in from others. It’s the house of rebirth and renewal, signifying transformative changes.
  1. Ninth House (House of Philosophy): This house encapsulates the business’ approach to growth, expansion, and the exploration of new ideas. It can affect the business’ international relations or long-distance travel, and how it philosophically perceives and navigates its journey. Having a very prominent ninth house placement in your business’ chart means that you probably need to consider going global with your business and appeal to foreign or international market.
  1. Tenth House (House of Social Status): This house is tied to the business’ reputation, public image, and long-term goals. It can significantly influence how the business is perceived in the public eye and its aspirations for the future. The planets that are placed in this house on your business’ birth chart could influence the social standing, rewards and the reputation of your business. The tenth house, like the first, fourth and seventh house, is also a very important house considering that, in traditional astrology, it is an angular house and therefore any planets placed here are taken more seriously because of their greater significance over this very aspect of the business.
  1. Eleventh House (House of Friendships): This house governs the business’ relationships with groups, organizations, and networks. It can symbolize the hopes and dreams the business has for its future, reflecting its broader aspirations. It also represents how your business stands out in its own industry.
  1. Twelfth House (House of the Unconscious): This house represents the hidden aspects of the business, such as unseen enemies, secrets, or problems. It is also connected to philanthropy and service, signifying the business’ potential for societal contribution and altruism. At the same time, this house represents the need for letting go of what is not working and to embrace change when it comes. Change is uncomfortable and dealing with change is a lonesome process. Therefore, businesses with a prominent twelfth house placement may need to be opened to new approaches and to constantly uncover hidden issues and tackle them before they become a threat to the company’s survival in the market.



With that said, this is an overview of what each of the 12 astrological houses mean in a business’ birth chart. To uncover the specific steps a business should take depend very much on other factors in the birth chart, the nature of the business, and the industry it is in. Therefore, consulting with a business astrologer can provide you with more personalised guidance and deeper insights into the successes that your business can accomplish.

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