The Vital Role of Astrology in Real Estate (Part I)

20 May 2023by Frederick0

The Vital Role of Astrology in Real Estate (Part I) 

Welcome to the intersection of two seemingly different worlds – real estate and astrology! While at first glance, they may appear unrelated, these two spheres overlap more than you might think.

If you’ve ever dabbled in astrology, you know that the stars have a lot to say about personality traits, life events, and even optimal timing for decision-making. But have you ever considered how these cosmic insights could potentially influence your property transactions?

In this blog post, we’re going to explore the fascinating ways in which astrology can guide your real estate decisions, and why it might just become your secret weapon in the property market. For the first part of this series, we shall begin with the planets and how they affect your buying decisions and sales transactions.

There’s no denying that the world of real estate is complex, with various factors at play — market trends, interest rates, location, property condition, and the list goes on. Now imagine if you could add a level of celestial intelligence to your property playbook… This is where astrology comes in.

Factors involving Real Estate Transactions
Factors involving Real Estate Transactions


With its intricate understanding of time, personality dynamics, and cosmic rhythms, astrology could be the unique tool you need to navigate the property market maze with more confidence and insight.

Timing, for instance, is crucial in real estate — when to buy, when to sell, when to invest. Astrology thrives on timing. Planetary movements and alignments, known as transits, can suggest periods of opportunity or challenge. Knowing these cosmic currents can help you choose the most auspicious times to make your property moves.

Moreover, understanding the astrological makeup of your clients, partners, or even yourself, can provide invaluable insights into communication styles, decision-making tendencies, and potential points of contention. This can lead to more effective interactions, smoother transactions, and ultimately, success in your real estate dealings.

Astrology can even provide clues about the properties themselves! Every property has a ‘birth’ moment, just like a person, and therefore a unique astrological chart. Analyzing this can yield fascinating insights into the property’s potential benefits, challenges, and even its suitability for a particular individual or purpose.

So, if you’ve been searching for that extra edge in the real estate market, or simply curious about the potential synergies between property and the planets, then you’re in the right place. As we journey together through this blog series, we’ll provide practical applications, break down astrological complexities, and showcase how the stars and real estate can align in powerful ways. Stick with us and discover how the celestial bodies might just hold the keys to your property success. After all, as above, so below!


Q: When’s the right time to speculate on a property?

A: If your Sun is prominently featured and well-positioned in your birth chart by transit, there’s a greater chance of winning a bid or taking a risk on a piece of real estate.

An example of a well-aspected Sun on a birth chart
An example of a well-aspected Sun on a birth chart


Q: How can I know it’s a good time to reach out to my client?

A: There’s never really a bad time to connect with a client, but you’d definitely prefer not to catch them when they’re upset or frazzled. No deals are closed when a client is angry. If Mars is passing through the first house of the event chart, it could indicate that your client might be stressed or irritated. It’s therefore crucial to be careful with your words when you’re presenting or transacting during this time.

An example of Mars transiting through the first house of a natal chart
An example of Mars transiting through the first house of a natal chart


Q: When’s the right time to make a move or renovations at home?

A: When your progressed Moon in your birth chart has significant influence on moving or home changes. For example, if your Moon has entered the third house, you might be making short trips and thus, have a greater likelihood of moving or starting renovations. If your progressed Moon has entered the ninth house, there’s a possibility you might be relocating overseas or moving a significant distance from your current location. The Moon, in this context, pertains to a single property, whether rented or owned.


Q: When can a transaction be considered successful?

A: To succeed in sales transactions on a particular day, one needs a well-positioned and well-aspected Mercury in their birth chart, and the same goes for transits. Negotiating terms and purchases may be more challenging if there are specific difficult aspects to Mercury. For instance, if Mercury is squaring or opposing Jupiter (or transiting Jupiter), you might end up paying more for a property due to poor judgment or decisions. If Mercury (natal or transiting) is squaring Saturn (natal or transiting), you’re likely dealing with significant stress and worry about the property you’re in possession of. It might be worth going over your contracts to ensure nothing’s been overlooked.

Be on the lookout for Mercury retrogrades. These periods can pose challenges in finalizing a sale or purchase, especially when a new contract is involved. Sometimes, the contract might inadvertently omit certain terms, or the buyer’s intent to purchase the property could be contingent on financial aid. So, be mindful when conducting sales during Mercury Retrograde. Mercury retrogrades about three times a year, each time lasting around three weeks. This is an ideal time to tie up loose ends in a contract or escrow and to discover any issues about the property.

If possible, schedule your property viewings prior to Mercury retrograde. Otherwise, take extra care during contract signing and your presentation throughout the sales process.

The Retrogrades
The Retrogrades


Q: When’s the right time to buy a property?

A: A well-aspected Venus on either your birth chart or a transit chart indicates the ability to get things done at the time of transaction. Be mindful of Venus retrograde because when this happens, there could be a delay in receiving funds for a purchase. Venus retrogrades once every two years and lasts about six weeks. Exercise caution when buying during Venus retrograde as you might end up settling for less than what you really want and the property might not meet your needs.

When Jupiter is well-aspected and well-positioned in the fourth house of your birth chart, you’re likely to have luck in real estate matters or a positive move in a real estate transaction. This is especially true when your Jupiter forms an easy aspect to the Sun, Moon, Saturn, or the ruler of your fourth house.

Any positive aspects such as a conjunction, sextile, or trine (natal or transiting) formed between Saturn and Jupiter suggest positive potential for buying real estate. If Jupiter happens to be the transiting planet, then it’s a fantastic time to make a purchase.


Q: What are the indicators of having a high chance of success in large development projects or leasing?

A: Success in large development projects or leasing is highly probable when Uranus is prominent on your chart and it forms a conjunction, sextile or trine to a transiting Jupiter. A well-positioned Uranus can also signify a strong capacity for innovation in assembling teams for collaborative large-scale real estate projects with syndications.

Having a prominent Pluto is also a positive indicator of having a knack for renovating or refurbishing large commercial properties or complexes before presenting them for profit. Strong and positive aspects to Pluto also point to your ability to secure the necessary loans and funding for large developments.

A prominent planet is located in either one of these angular houses such as the 1st, 10th, 7th, and 4th house (in order of its prominence ranking). The first and tenth houses are usually the more prominent ones.

An example of a prominent Uranus forming a sextile aspect to transiting Jupiter on a natal chart
An example of a prominent Uranus forming a sextile aspect to transiting Jupiter on a natal chart


Q: How can I protect myself from being conned or cheated in property dealings?

A: Neptune is notorious for fostering confusion and obscuring clarity. If Neptune is poorly aspected by transit at the time of transaction, it can signal a period when you’re more likely to make a poor judgment in your purchase. You might have bought the property at an inopportune time or when circumstances are beyond your current means.

However, Neptune can be useful when seeking innovative insights into property improvements. The only condition for this beneficial influence is that your Neptune forms a positive aspect to either Pluto or Saturn.

An example of a poorly aspected Neptune on a natal chart
An example of a poorly aspected Neptune on a natal chart


In conclusion, it’s clear that the intersection of astrology and real estate can offer valuable insights that go beyond the typical property analysis. By understanding the cosmic influences on our personalities, decisions, and timing, we can navigate the complex world of real estate with a unique edge. While it may not be conventional, this celestial guidance can provide a deeper level of understanding that can contribute to more successful transactions and better property decisions.

In the next part of this article, we will delve deeper into the Real Estate process by discussing the Houses and astrological aspects on your natal chart and their implications on property transactions. We will also look at the specific indicators on how suitable you are to take on the real estate vocation as a career choice. So, whether you’re a seasoned real estate investor, an agent looking for an edge, or a newbie stepping into the property market, there’s something for you in the realm of real estate astrology.

Stay tuned, and let’s navigate the cosmic currents of real estate together. As above, so below – your journey in real estate, guided by the stars, awaits!

Or, if you can’t wait, you may book your time with me and discover how you can benefit from this cosmic journey we are offering you in your quest for insights, clarity and assurance.

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