The Air Eras in Astrology: A Historical Case Study of Ancient China

25 June 2023by Frederick0

The Air Eras in Astrology: A Historical Case Study of Ancient China

As we step into the heart of the 21st century, we find ourselves in an intriguing age of transition. Astrologically, we’ve entered a profound phase, often referred to as the ‘Air Era’. Renowned astrologers like May Sim and Hiroki Niizato, along with many others, have been ardently discussing this shift. So, what exactly is this Air Era, and why does it hold such significance?

Astrology, the ancient practice that interprets the influence of celestial bodies on our lives, is more than a pseudoscience to its adherents. It provides a framework that helps understand the patterns and complexities of life and human nature. Thus, when esteemed astrologers talk about a shift to an Air Era, it’s not a topic to breeze past.

May Sim, known for her grounded approach towards astrology, has articulated the Air Era as a time of expansive intellectual growth, increased connectivity, and enhanced communication. These elements, she argues, are reflections of the ‘Air’ signs in astrology – Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius – which govern thoughts, relationships, and social systems, respectively.

On the other hand, Hiroki Niizato, acclaimed for his insightful astrological analysis, emphasizes the essence of adaptability and constant change, central to the Air Era. He posits that as we move deeper into this era, society will undergo significant transformations, driven by an emphasis on intellectual development, technological advancements, and societal shifts.

This article delves into the heart of the Air Era, unpacking its importance and potential implications on our lives. By exploring the insightful views of the above-mentioned astrologers, we aim to shed light on this fascinating transition through a comparative historical case study on a particular era in Ancient China.

So, whether you’re an astrology aficionado or a curious observer, watch this video below to discover the compelling mysteries of the Air Era.



Pointers from the Video on the comparative Case Study of Ancient China’s Period of the Warring States on the Air Era (403BCE – 364BC and 344BC – 225BC):

  • An era before China’s reunification in 221BC, under the first Chinese emperor, Qin Shi Huang (秦始皇), China went through a series of conflicts and warfares and there was a particular period when every major warring state began adopting and changing political reforms. There was a huge discourse on how they would overpower their rival states.
  • There were 7 major warring states that later emerged during the last couple of decades of the Warring States era (戰國時代; Zhàn Guó Shí Dài) before China’s reunification. They were namely, the kingdoms (國) of Chu (楚國), Wei (魏國), Han (韓國), Qi (齊國), Qin (秦國), Zhao (趙國) and Yan (燕國).
  • Here are the years of reformation that changed the face of the respective kingdoms for good!
    • Wu Qi Reform (吳起變法; Wú Qǐ Biàn Fǎ) of the Chu Kingdom in 390BCE
    • Li Kui Reform (李逵變法; Lǐ Kuí Biàn Fǎ) of the Wei Kingdom in 370BCE
    • Shen Bu Hai Reform (申不害變法; Shēn Bùhài Biàn Fǎ) of the Han Kingdom in 361BCE
    • Sun Bin’s Art of War (孫臏兵法; Sūn Bìn Bīng Fǎ) and Strategies from the Qi Kingdom were used in warfare sometime around 356BCE
    • Shang Yang Reform (商鞅變法; Shāng Yāng Biàn Fǎ) of the Qin Kingdom in 356BCE
    • Duke Ping Yuan from the Zhao Kingdom (平原君; Píng Yuán Jūn) pushed for reformation of the Zhao Kingdom sometime around 325BCE
    • King Zhao of the Yan Kingdom (燕昭王; Yān Zhāo Wáng) began a reformation some time around 311BCE (there were speculations of reforms which existed but the historical records for this kingdom were unclear)
  • Here is the timeline of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction that was shown in the video and it illustrates the change of eras from period to period:

Timeline of the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunctions Throughout the History of Mankind
Timeline of the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunctions Throughout the History of Mankind

Credits and many thanks to for their intricate timeline illustrating the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction throughout the ages!


  • The Air Era began in 403BC in the Age of Libra and lasted till 364BC before the Age of Capricorn sets in, which was the Earth Era.
  • Based on historical records, around 390BCE, the reformations emerged from kingdom to kingdom. And, in just 20 years after the Earth Era of Capricorn, the world is plunged into generations of Air Era all the way until 225BC, which was 4 years before the reunification of Ancient China. Well, by that time, the fate of China and the one kingdom that was destined to unify it had already been decided. And that’s the Qin Kingdom, under Qin Shi Huang.


How the Air Era Shaped the Period of the Warring States in Ancient China?

From 390BCE till the early 225BCE, the Air Era dominated the way wars were fought and how politics and government were run. Reforms were adopted by these seven major kingdoms to change the old ways of doing things to improve the state’s economy and military.

Strategies were largely talked about and one slightest mistake in executing your plans will be costly. And it had happened to certain kingdoms during that time, and that led to their miserable destruction.



When we apply Western astrology in the context of historical events, we can see how events unfolded according to the way the planets aligned, even up till today! This is why astrology is still relevant and it is the power of astrology is that, we, as astrologers, can help you forecast the rise and fall of your business empire.

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