July 2023 Astrology Forecast

As July 2023 begins, the energy in the cosmos may take a slightly nebulous turn as Neptune goes retrograde on 1 July 2023, at 5:07am (+8 GMT). Expect profound insight into your deepest psyche. When the Sun conjoins Mercury on the same day, communications and thought processes will become fiery and forward-moving. You’ll feel a push towards expressing yourself with honesty and clarity.

By 3 July 2023, at 1:21am (+8 GMT), the Full Moon in Capricorn may bring into focus practical matters, career aspirations, and responsibilities. A sense of determination and a need for achievement may be heightened. However, Venus squaring Uranus the same day could bring unexpected changes in relationships and finances. The Leo-Taurus tension may infuse a bit of stubborn drama, yet also encourage innovative solutions.

July 2023 Astrology Forecast in Summary (Part 1)
July 2023 Astrology Forecast in Summary (Part 1)

On 10 July 2023, at 7:41pm (+8 GMT), Mars moves into meticulous Virgo, heralding a period of practical action and precision in work. This is compounded by the Moon’s ingress into Taurus earlier that day, further grounding emotional energies. It’s an excellent time for detailed-oriented tasks and health-related matters.

Mercury’s move into Leo on 11 July 2023, at 12:12pm (+8 GMT), will shift our mental faculties towards bolder, more dramatic communication. However, the square to the Nodes and Pluto may bring intense undercurrents of transformation that challenge us to balance self-expression with collective responsibility.

The New Moon in Cancer on 18 July 2023, at 12:40pm (+8 GMT) will invite a focus on home, family, and emotional security. Squaring the Nodes, there’s a karmic flavour to this Moon. However, its opposition to Pluto and Mercury’s square to Jupiter may create tension between personal and professional life, possibly bringing larger-than-life ideas to the forefront.

21 July 2023, at 3:40am (+8 GMT) will bring further tension as Mars opposes Saturn retrograde. You may feel hindered in your actions or faced with significant challenges. Moon in Virgo opposing Saturn and Venus in Leo hints at potential emotional strain or limitations in expressing affection.

Venus turning retrograde in Leo on 23 July 2023, at 9:33am (+8 GMT) may force a re-evaluation of what we truly value in love and finance. As the Sun enters Leo shortly after, there’s a spotlight on personal creativity, warmth, and heart-centred activities.

July 2023 Astrology Forecast in Summary (Part 2)
July 2023 Astrology Forecast in Summary (Part 2)

On 27 July 2023, at 11:08pm (+8 GMT), Venus retrograde conjuncts Mercury at 28° 11’ in Leo. This could encourage introspection about relationships and values. Perhaps old conversations resurface, or past relationships reappear in some form, prompting reconsideration.

Finally, Mercury’s move into Virgo on 29 July 2023, at 5:32am (+8 GMT) will turn our thoughts towards practicality, detail, and service to others. This transition marks a great time for organization, health, and problem-solving.



So, this is the forecast for the month of July 2023 and how the planetary transits affect your broad tendencies to living your life. These forecasts are a general guide and may play out differently based on individual charts.

Nonetheless, astrology adds tremendous value and insights into the mundane matters in your life, but much of your desired outcome is determined by your conscious choices and decision.

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