The Best Time to Give: Philanthropy & Astrology

12 July 2023by Frederick0

The Best Time to Give: Philanthropy & Astrology

Philanthropy is an act of giving to promote the welfare of others. It is an essential cornerstone of many societies worldwide. It reflects out inherent capacity for empathy, compassion, and our desire to contribute to a better world. Philanthropic decisions often stem from our core values and personal experiences, helping to address societal challenges and enact positive change. Yet, some individuals seek guidance on how to make these decisions in unique and personalized ways. One such avenue is through the ancient wisdom of Western astrology.

Astrology offers a symbolic language that can help us understand our individual characteristics, behaviours, and potential inclinations. In the context of philanthropy, astrology could be a guide for any individual to make important decisions about charitable giving in a few ways.

Here are some examples on how various astrological components are interpreted to help clients make informed philanthropic actions:


Zodiac Signs Association with Philanthropy

The twelve signs of the zodiac each have unique characteristics and values, which could theoretically translate into different philanthropic inclinations. For example, someone with their Sun in Taurus might be especially inclined towards charities focused on food security, agriculture, or environmental conservation, reflecting the earthy, grounded nature of this sign. A person with their Sun in Aquarius, the sign often associated with humanitarian efforts and innovative solutions, may be more drawn to causes involving social justice, technological innovation, or future-oriented projects.


Planet Placements and Philanthropy

The planet placements on your astrology chart represent different aspects of your personality and motivations. For example, Venus, the planet of love and value, could indicate what you value enough to donate your resources to. If Venus is in Capricorn, the sign associated with structure and long-term goals, you might support charities that focus on infrastructure building or educational programs. Jupiter, the planet of abundance and luck, may indicate where you might naturally attract abundance that could be shared with others. If your Jupiter is in Gemini, you might be inclined to support causes related to communication, education, and youth programs.


Astrological Houses and Philanthropy

The 12 Houses in astrology represent different areas of your life. The house that a planet occupies could provide insight into where you may feel a pull to give. For example, if your Sun (representing your core identity) is in the 6th House (of service and health), you might feel personally fulfilled by donating to health-focused or community service organizations.


Astrological Transits and Timing

Astrologers often consider the current positions of the planets, known as transits, when determining the best time for certain actions. For instance, during a period when Venus (the planet of love and money) is transiting your natal Jupiter (the planet of abundance and expansion), it might be seen as a particularly auspicious time to make charitable donations. Likewise, a New Moon phase is traditionally seen as a time for setting new intentions and beginnings, so it could be seen as a good time to initiate a new philanthropic endeavour or donation.



These are general interpretations on how different astrological components of your birth chart can be used to help you make significant decisions not just in the area of philanthropy but in your life, career and business too.

For more guidance and information on business astrology and how you can grow from good to great in your business venture, seek me out and let’s have a great conversation what you do and if our energies are aligned, you can decide how we can proceed from there. Whether it’s for philanthropy or not, I look forward to reading your astrology chart for you and guiding you to the very best of my ability.

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