The 12 Houses of the Corporation’s Astrology Chart

20 August 2023by Frederick0

In astrology, the 12 houses play a pivotal role in understanding various aspects of our lives. But have you ever wondered how these houses might apply to the corporate world? Just as the houses in an individual’s chart can reveal insights about their personality, relationships, and life path, the houses in a corporation’s astrology chart can shed light on its internal challenges, and potential. Let’s delve into the unique meanings of each house in the context of a corporate astrology chart.


The 12 Houses of the Corporation's Astrology Chart In Summary
The 12 Houses of a Business Astrology Chart In Summary

First House: The Company’s Persona

The first house represents the company’s shareholders and their perception of the organization. It’s a reflection of the company’s morale, its primary objectives, and its general membership. This house also touches upon the company’s relationship with the public and its attitude towards competitors. The ruler of the Ascendant, positioned in this house, provides deeper insights into these aspects.


Second House: Financial Foundations

The second house delves into the company’s financial health. It encompasses liquid assets, revenues, and the various avenues through which the company earns. This house also highlights the company’s expenditures, profits, and its disposition towards investments.


Third House: Communication and Trade

This house is the hub of commerce and trade relations. It signifies contracts with the public, neighboring countries, and states. It also represents the company’s internal communications, methods of news dissemination, and its relationship with neighboring organizations. From telephones to commercial radios and even stock and bond dealings, this house covers it all.


Fourth House: Tangible Assets and Origins

The fourth house is all about the company’s tangible assets, including real estate investments and holdings. It provides insights into the company’s direct competitors and even takes us back to the company’s roots, highlighting its original home and current condition.


Fifth House: Leadership and Ventures

This house shines a light on the company’s executive personnel, management teams, and the governing body. It also touches upon the company’s advertising strategies, speculative ventures, and even its social affairs. From the place where capital is deposited to educational enterprises, this house has a broad spectrum.


Sixth House: Workforce and Environment

The sixth house is dedicated to the company’s employees, their work environment, and the nature of their tasks. It also delves into the company’s health policies, work routines, and even potential labor troubles.


Seventh House: External Relations

This house emphasizes the company’s relationship with other organizations, its sales strategies, and marketing effectiveness. It also provides insights into employee income, political affiliations, trade agreements, and even potential legal affairs.


Eighth House: Financial Strategies and Secrets

From the company treasurer to the board of directors, the eighth house dives deep into the company’s financial strategies. It touches upon loans, credit, trade secrets, and even the company’s relationship with nonprofit organizations.


Ninth House: Outreach and Ethics

The ninth house represents the company’s advertising department, its activities abroad, and its code of ethics. It also delves into inter-company communication, the company’s philosophy, and its relations with educational institutions.


Tenth House: Authority and Public Image

This house stands for the company’s governing authority, its president or chairman, and its national reputation. The ruler of the tenth house can even indicate the unique talents and gifts of the CEO.


Eleventh House: Alliances and Goals

The eleventh house focuses on the company’s allies, its long-term goals, and its community connections. It also touches upon resources available through the CEO and the company’s public relations strategies.


Twelfth House: Hidden Challenges and Future Designs

The final house uncovers the company’s potential adversaries and secret challenges. From labor strikes to behind-the-scenes research, this house reveals the company’s hidden strengths and potential pitfalls.


In conclusion, the 12 houses of a corporation’s astrology chart offer a comprehensive view of its operations, challenges, and potential. Just as stars guide individuals, they can also guide corporations towards a brighter future.

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