September 2023 Astrology Forecast

30 August 2023by Frederick0

September 2023 Astrology Forecast

As we stand on the cusp of September 2023, the cosmos presents a rich and intricate narrative, echoing the transition from summer’s warmth to autumn’s introspective embrace. The month ahead is not just a sequence of days but a symphony of planetary movements and alignments, each with its own story and significance.

September offers a unique blend of astrological events that prompt reflection, evolution, and transformation. In this article, we will explore the major astrological themes of September 2023.


September 2023 Astrology Forecast in Summary (Part 1)
September 2023 Astrology Forecast in Summary (Part 1)

The new day of 1 September 2023 begins at 7am (+8 GMT), as the moon forms a separating opposition with Mercury Retrograde at 02°50’ in the sign of Pisces. This placement still stirs the air with potential challenges in communication in the area of emotional and thought expressions, which might lead to miscommunication or misinterpretation in the process. The Mercury retrograde this season might bring about unresolved emotional issues to the surface, requiring thoughtful and clear communication. Thus, always check in and clarify with whom you are communicating with.

Pluto still forms a square aspect with the Nodes, indicating that the current worldly situation is at its collective crossroads and you are part of everyone who is affected by this planetary movement. Everyone is now pushed to confront the new and to transform old patterns in order to pave a way for new growth. Some collective events or life situations might feel fated or significant during this time and therefore, it is vital that you address some of your deep-seated issues.

The harmonious Sextile between Neptune and Pluto during this period can lead to profound spiritual and psychological insights. It is a time of deep inner exploration and understanding. If there is anything that is changing for you, it would not be that apparent, but rather something at the subconscious level whereby you will dream or experience transformation in the midst of your spiritual practices.

On this day, however, it would be very easy for you to get agitated or become impulsive in expressing your feelings, which may lead to aggression and unwanted brawls if the situation becomes out of control. This is because Mercury Retrograde is contraparallel to Mars in Libra at 00°10’. If you aren’t frustrated, you may feel mentally restless or challenged, leading to potential arguments.

Meanwhile, Venus Retrograde forms a parallel with the North Node at 00°00’. This means that if you have an unresolved situation in your past relationships, those feelings might return to teach you something or to remind you of letting go of past patterns which are not serving you well in the present moment. This is the time to consider what truly matters to you, what your soul truly desires, and which personal values do you align more authentically with regarding your life’s direction. Relationships during this period might feel as though they are fated or destined. These connections are teaching you lessons that are crucial for your personal and professional growth.

On 4 September 2023, at 9:20am (+8 GMT), Venus Retrograde finally turns Direct in Leo at 12°12’, signifying a time to move forward with clarity in matters of love, beauty and values. Relationships that were tested or under scrutiny during the retrograde might find clearer resolution in its path forward. There might be a renewed energy for artistic endeavours, showcasing talents and seeking pleasure in life’s dramatic moments during this time. So, do not hesitate to go out for a new adventure!

The Moon forms a parallel to Jupiter in the sign of Taurus bringing about a heightened sense of well-being and a desire to indulge in material and sensual aspects of life. You might want to try out the great recommendations of food, movies or services in town. A bit of enjoyment certainly won’t kill.

On the same day, at 10:11pm (+8 GMT), Jupiter will turn retrograde in the sign of Taurus at 15°34’, signifying a period of re-assessing what true abundance means. You would need to take this time to understand the difference between need and greed, and to find gratitude in all you have already possessed. Growth may be slower both materially and financially during this period but resources will be more sustainable. Use what you have and do not bite off more than you can chew.

On 6 September 2023, at 7:04pm (+8 GMT), Mercury Retrograde conjuncts the Sun in Virgo at 13°36’, prompting introspective conversations or thoughts about your health, daily routines, and habits. You may also want to take this time to consider revising or improving your work and relations with others whom you are working with.

The Moon in Gemini forms a 05°S00’ Square with Saturn Retrograde in Pisces. This can bring about challenges in expressing yourself in a sense that you may feel like communicating freely but may be lacking in the right vocabulary in your expression, and at the same time, feeling concerned about being misunderstood. There might be some struggles between facing the hard truths or escaping into fantasies and not dealing with the issues at hand during this time. The only way you can overcome this is to face your demons head on, because Saturn is teaching you hard lessons about growth through challenges, in this case, learning how to express yourself in your communication with others.

Meanwhile, Mars in Libra forms a 00°30’ parallel with Neptune in Pisces provides an opportunity for you to overcome your concerns with self-expression, which comes from the Moon Square Saturn placement as mentioned earlier. This placement suggests that you are likely to be motivated by ideals, dreams, artistic and spiritual pursuits. However, it is essential to ensure that you are also grounded in reality and not just based on illusions or misconceptions. It’s a day to navigate with analytical judgement and intuitive guidance.


September 2023 Astrology Forecast in Summary (Part 2)
September 2023 Astrology Forecast in Summary (Part 2)

On 15 September 2023, at 9:38am (+8 GMT), the New Moon in Virgo at 21°58’ brings fresh beginnings in practical matters. It would be a great time to set intentions related to health, daily routines and work. Use this time to initiate new projects or launch new projects for your organisation.

Venus in Leo forms a Sextile to Mars in Libra at 02°25’ on this day forward. Take this opportunity to find collaborations or be in social situations because there is potential for creative collaborations or romantic gestures. In the process, do look out for those whose values and desires are aligned with yours.

Venus in Leo forms a Square Jupiter in Taurus at 00°59’ signifies a reminder to spend wisely while seeking pleasure. This period brings about a sense of confidence and optimism in matters of the heart. However, it is essential to stay grounded and not carried away by unrealistic expectations.

Concurrently, Venus forms a contra parallel to Saturn at 00°55’, which gives you this tugging feeling of being held back for some reason. You might also feel a strong sense of obligation to someone in your life whom you are responsible for. Do take responsibility because you’ll never know if this relationship will become somewhat of a long-lasting bond to you.

Meanwhile, the Sun forms a contra parallel to Neptune at 00°34’, indicating a period to seek clarity in your life and avoid unclear information where necessary. Clarify what is required before making your decisions. On the bright side, this period can be an excellent time for spiritual practices, meditation and artistic endeavours. As always, stay grounded.

Mercury will turn direct in the sign of Virgo at 08°00’ on 16 September 2023, at 4:21am (+8 GMT). This signifies a period of time when communication becomes clearer and more straightforward. Plans, discussions, and projects that might have been stalled or misinterpreted during the retrograde can now move forward with fewer obstacles.  IT is also a great time for tasks that require meticulous attention to details, such as editing, planning, or organising. Take this opportunity to implement new health routines or adjust existing ones. In addition, this is also a favourable period for starting new projects, making significant purchases related to communication or planning trips.

The Sun ingresses into Libra on 23 September 2023, at 2:50pm (+8 GMT), ushering in a period where there is a collective focus on relationships, diplomacy and equilibrium in various areas of life. There is, however, a heightened focus on your career, public image and role in society. It’s time to achieve balance in your public and professional life.

Meanwhile, the Sun forms a separating Sesquisquare to Jupiter in Taurus at 00°00’. This gives you the tendency to overextend yourself, or to have unrealistic expectations especially in matters related to values, possessions and self-worth. This calls for adjustments by first recognising where you might be overreaching and making necessary modifications.

Mars in Libra also forms a separating Sesquisquare with Saturn in Pisces at 00°27’, indicating potential delays or obstacles in your initiatives, especially those related to collaborations or partnerships.

The Moon in Capricorn forms an applied Sesquisquare to Uranus in Taurus at 01°47’, bringing about unexpected turn of events with regards to your career, structures, or financial matters. This period might be a time when you experience feelings of emotional unrest, with a desire for stability amidst the changes. It is a time to stay grounded and finds solutions to integrate unpredictable information or events into your emotional landscape.


September 2023 Astrology Forecast in Summary (Part 3)
September 2023 Astrology Forecast in Summary (Part 3)

Last but not least, on 29 September 2023, at 5:56pm (+8 GMT), there will be a Full Moon in the sign of Aries at 06°00’, bringing about a heighten sense of independence and assertiveness in your demeanour, and a strong realisation that is related to your personal goals, identity and individuality. This full moon may highlight areas where you will need to strike a balance between personal desires and relational commitments.

Mercury in Virgo forms an applied Trine aspect to Uranus at 02°07’, indicating breakthroughs in communication, especially in partnerships and local communities or immediate environments. There might be unexpected insights, innovative ideas or surprising news. This is a great time for brainstorming solutions to tangible problems.

Venus in Leo will form the following aspects to other planets or indicators on the zodiac. First, Venus forms an applied Trine to the North Node in Aries at 02°28’, and the Midheaven in Sagittarius at 00°38’. This suggests favorable developments in your personal destiny and career, as well as potential recognition, creative expression, and aligning your values with your future goals and public image.

Venus forms an applied Semisquare to the Sun at 01°25’, indicating slight tensions in relationship or personal values. There might be a need to adjust your approach to love, aesthetics, or finances to better harmonize with others or the current environment.

Finally, Venus forms an applied Square to Uranus at 00°14’, suggesting sudden changes or surprises in love, finances, or values. There might be unexpected events related to relationships or financial matters. It’s a time to be flexible and open to change, while also staying true to your core values. At the same time, learn to embrace the challenges and opportunities that may arise.



So, this is the forecast for the month of September 2023 and how the planetary transits affect your broad tendencies to living your life. These forecasts are a general guide and may play out differently based on individual charts.

Nonetheless, astrology adds tremendous value and insights into the mundane matters in your life, but much of your desired outcome is determined by your conscious choices and decision.

By now, you probably know that I am extremely passionate and enthusiastic in making astrological forecasts in business and career. My clients have also obtained their desired breakthroughs and outcome, not only because they believe in themselves but rather, they trust in the process of reforming their approaches and strategies after gaining insights into their birth charts.

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