October 2023 Astrology Forecast

29 September 2023by Frederick0


The month of October is a rather eventful one for career and business, but also a time when we have to be mindful of the social interactions, which we will be having with others such as our network, our friends and acquaintances, our collaborators and alliances, and also our partners — both in business and romantic sense.


October 2023 Astrology Forecast in Summary 1
October 2023 Astrology Forecast in Summary 1


On 1 October 2023 at 10:25am (+8 GMT), Jupiter, which is ruling the Ascendant, is placed in the 6th house on the day chart, the Moon is exalted in Taurus and it is applying to conjoin Jupiter by day. Venus is in Leo in the 9th house and Jupiter is squaring Venus by sign, the Moon is in an applying reception with Venus, the ruler of the 6th house, which is Taurus. Mercury is domicile in Virgo, and it is well placed in the 10th house, but it is in an applying opposition to Neptune in Pisces.

So when it comes to communication around this period, you may want to be clear in your facts and figures, and if you are starting a business or presenting any business ideas, you may want to straighten out your vision board, get your structures up and be as organised as you can be so that later on this month, you will not face the challenge of having the lack of clarity which could bring about confusion in your business dealings, either with potential investors or clients.

As this is a day chart, and Mars, being the malefic planet, is placed in the 11th house, it might not be a good placement for matters relating to networking or forging friendships. You may want to watch out for potential separation with friends or people you know. There could also be a potential argument with people within your social circle as well. Notwithstanding that, there is a sextile relationship between Venus and Mars which makes the situation a little bit awkward in a way because you may want to ask yourself if others have good intention behind their harsh words or blunt remarks which could have rubbed you off the wrong way, setting off a terrible conflict or argument later on, on this day itself.

The Moon and Jupiter are both placed in the 6th house which is pretty good for 6th house matters such as your work routine, your subordinates or co-workers, health and any situation revolving around your pets. For career-minded people, you might want to strike a balance between work and family life because while you work to bring food on the table, your family and loved ones might need that attention from you. While communication works well for you in your career, you may want to spend a little more time with your family to reduce the amount of miscommunication or misunderstandings.

On the same day at 9:49pm (+8 GMT), the night chart benefic, Venus, is well placed in the 4th house and it is configured to the exalted Moon in the 1st house with Taurus Rising, with its reception to Venus, along with Jupiter, another benefic, and Uranus. It is a great placement for family and home life, and so if you are staying home or doing something related to home or family matters, this is a great time to do so. Again, Saturn is placed in the 11th house, the house of friendships and because it is a night chart, Saturn is the malefic planet, and it’s what we call the “troublemaker” of the chart. So, 1 October maybe a day that is great for your career and business, but you may have to balance that with your family life by spending time with your loved ones. And it is definitely not a great time for networking.

On 2 October 2023 at 1:30am (+8 GMT), we have the Moon in the 11th house, still exalted in the sign of Taurus, and it’s ruler is in the Ascendant. The Moon is in applied conjunction to Jupiter, configured to Venus with reception in the 2nd house. So, if you’re staying till late at night around this time, your relationship with your friends will potentially improve as it is a great placement for friendship, social networks or collaboration. This is also a good placement for finances and income matters and so if you’re doing anything that helps you earn money, this period is a great time to leverage on, business-wise. The malefic planet, Saturn, is in the 9th house which means it would not be a favourable time to travel or have any foreign interaction through any medium, as you might encounter hiccups or confusion, either due to poor Internet connection, aircraft delays, or social situations that could result in you having to encounter foreign relationships that become cold and distant in the process. If you’re studying hard for exams, you might want to take a break at this point to relax your mind and get back to the problems later in the day. If you’re publishing a book, this is not a great time to publish as well, wait till the next day to publish your book, either online or offline. Communication is still going to be an issue around this time as Mercury is in tight opposition to Neptune. You may want to keep to your facts and get them right so that others might not get confused at what you say. If you are pitching your business around this period, you have to be mindful of this issue with clarity.

Later in the same day at 3:10am (+8 GMT), Venus, the benefic planet of the night chart, is in the 1st house of Leo Rising, and is configured to the Sun in Libra. Both are in mutual reception. This is great time for personal aesthetics, looking good or feeling confident, if you’re not sleeping. Venus is also configured to the Moon in the 10th house of career and reputation, still exalted in Taurus, with it applied conjunction to Jupiter. Communication fair better for career and business pitch around this time, but for matters relating to finances, shared resources and inheritance, things might get a little confusing with Mercury in tight opposition to Neptune in both 2nd and 8th house respectively.

On 3 October 2023 at 10:20am (+8 GMT), the exalted Moon in the 6th house is still in the applying square aspect to Venus in the 9th house. The Moon is very close but separating aspect to Uranus, though not at all in terms of conjunction, it may still be a deal breaker because Uranus is the planet of interruptions and unpredictability. So, there might still be some disruption to your plans if you have any and so, you might want to pay closer attention the more important plans that you may have during this period of time. Things may change but there is also a chance that it would go smoothly for you. One thing to take note is that Mars is going to be in the 11th house of this day chart and potential conflict with your friends or acquaintances can still occur. Therefore, if you want to do any business networking during this time, you just have to be mindful of your temperaments or the message you convey to others.


October 2023 Astrology Forecast in Summary 2
October 2023 Astrology Forecast in Summary 2


On 5 October 2023 at 8:09am (+8 GMT), Mercury ingresses into Libra in the 12th house and it is a time for you to relax and give yourself a break from having too much work. Because Mercury is in the 12th house, and is still opposite Neptune, you may still have difficulty focusing and communicating clarity in your routine affairs. The Moon is in the 8th house whose ruler Mercury is just barely touching the cusp of the 12th house Libra. At the same time, the Moon forms a sextile with the North Node in the 6th house, creating potential opportunities for you in the area of work or health, but because Mercury is still opposite Neptune, you may want to stay mindful to how you communicate to others and having clarity in your day to day affairs.

On 8 October 2023 at 11am (+8 GMT), the Moon is co-present with Venus in the 9th house, and the Moon is in an applying square to Jupiter, which is the ruler of the Ascendant in the day chart. There is a sextile aspect between the Moon in Leo and its reception to the Sun in Libra. Venus in Leo is in tight opposition to Saturn while Mars, the malefic for the day chart, is in the 11th house. So, there can be a potential strife among friends and alliances during this time.  Relationships can be a little tricky, and it could indicate cooling off or some form of distance between friends and acquaintances. Although networking can take place, it may not be a great time to form alliances or negotiate collaboration during this period.

As Venus ingresses into Virgo on 9 October 2023 at 9:11am (+8 GMT), Mars has formed a tight square to Pluto retrograde, indicating a strong desire to take control of things or situations around you, and there may be a temptation to assert your will unto others without considering the feelings of others and as a result, you can get yourself into a conflict. And because Mercury is in the 12th house, the scale of conflict may not be very much in your face but hidden. And in fact, this is not a very good time for you to offend anyone because doing so, you might make hidden enemies without you being aware of it at all.

On 11 October 2023 at 9:10am (+8 GMT), Pluto Stations Direct in Capricorn indicating a time of transformative reawakening. Pluto, the planet of transformation and regeneration, resumes its forward motion in the disciplined and structured sign of Capricorn. This transit signifies a collective reawakening, a release of pent-up energies, and a renewed focus on societal structures and ambitions. The direct motion of Pluto may bring to the surface deep-seated issues related to power, control, and authority, prompting a reevaluation and restructuring of societal foundations and individual life paths.

Later, on the same day at 9:40am (+8 GMT), the Moon is in Virgo, just passed the Venus-Saturn opposition, but is really close to Venus in a 5° conjunction in the 10th house. There is a trine aspect between the Moon in the 10th house and the ruler of the Ascendant in the 6th house, and although it is a wide trine aspect of 6°, there may still be a little bit of luck right there coming from the benefics, Jupiter and Venus, when it comes to career matters and reputation, as well as work and health related issues. Moon and Jupiter are in the earth signs and so, if you are doing anything analytical in nature or having critical eye for something at work or in your business, this is a great time to be doing that.

Then, at 5pm (+8 GMT) on the same day, the ruler of the Ascendant is in the 3rd house, forming an applying trine with the 7th house of marriage and relationships. This indicates smoother communication within your relationship, typically with your significant other, and it is a good time to have a chat or spend time with your romantic partner. Or, in a business sense, a good time to trash things out with your business partner, conduct meetings or create a pow-wow session to iron things out. Meanwhile, Venus and Saturn are still in opposition and so, there can be some slowness to act or hesitation in getting the message across to your business or romantic partner and not without sounding a little distant at the same time. But it’s part and parcel of every relationship, there are ups and downs, exciting times and boring times. But it is commitment that makes the relationship last, not feelings of happiness or lust. Mars is a malefic here in the 8th house of the day chart. And so, matters relating to shared resources with a partner, loans and taxes, inheritances, other people’s money, will not be very positive during this time. So, if you’re filing taxes or paying your mortgages, this time may not be ideal for doing that.

On 12 October 2023 at 12:04pm (+8 GMT), Mars Ingresses into Scorpio amplifying your passions, desires, and motivations, imbuing you with the determination to pursue your deepest aspirations. Mars is the planet of action and desire and when it ingresses into its own domicile, it enhances the desire to seek depth and transformation, urging you to delve into the hidden realms of your psyche to uncover and confront your shadows and latent potentials. This is a favourable time to initiate transformative actions and cultivate resilience and empowerment.


October 2023 Astrology Forecast in Summary 3
October 2023 Astrology Forecast in Summary 3


There is an Annular Solar Eclipse in the sign of Libra on 15 October 2023 at 1:54pm (+8 GMT). This solar eclipse in the balanced and harmonious sign of Libra offers a cosmic reset, marking a time of new beginnings and opportunities in relationships, aesthetics, and themes revolving around justice and fairness. This event accentuates the themes of balance, compromise, and cooperation, encouraging you to realign your values and priorities and foster harmonious connections with others. It is a pivotal moment to reflect on your relationships and to seek equilibrium and mutual understanding in your social interactions.

Mercury conjoins the Sun on 20 October 2023 at 1:54pm (+8 GMT), forming a Mercury Cazimi, a rare celestial alignment where Mercury is enveloped in the Sun’s radiant embrace. This transit illuminates the mind, enhancing communication, perception, and intellectual acuity. It is a favorable time for expressing ideas, acquiring knowledge, and gaining insights. The Mercury Cazimi invites you to attune to your inner wisdom and articulate your thoughts with clarity and precision.

On 21 October 2023 at 12:33pm (+8 GMT), the Moon is in Capricorn in the 1st house forming an earthly Grand Trine with Venus in Virgo in the 9th house and Jupiter in Taurus in the 5th house. The ruler of the Ascendant is in the 3rd house of communication, siblings and short trips. You may be on the move during this time and making connection with others in your local community.

Communication wise, there might be some sort of intense energy coming from the fact that there is a Mercury Cazimi in the 10th house forming a tight square with Pluto in the 1st house. Communication of thought processes or trying to get the message across may appear to have somewhat intense, obsessive or compulsive element in it. While it may be a good idea to be productive by being a driver or a taskmaster, it may not be favourable if you overdo it by being bossy or direct with your words.

Again, Mars, being the only planet in the 11th house of this day chart may not be favourable for you if you are networking or forging friendships at this time of the day. Venus is the ruler of the 5th house and is found in the 9th house of the day chart. Both Venus and Jupiter forming a tight trine aspect suggests a favourable time for analytical responsibilities such as finances and stock taking tasks. It may not be favourable for creative pursuits because Venus is in its fall in Virgo and placed in the cadent house which is not accidentally fortified.

On 22 October 2023 at 2:49pm (+8 GMT), Mercury’s ingress into Scorpio deepens your thoughts and communications, drawing our minds to the mysteries and complexities of life. This transit fosters a penetrating and investigative mindset, enabling you to uncover hidden truths and understand the subtleties of human nature. It is a time to explore the depths of your psyche, embrace transformative ideas, and communicate with intensity and insight. However, you need to note that the Moon is forming a square to the Lunar Nodes in the 4th and 9th house during this time. So, there could be some form of heightened emotions involving people at home, specifically your mother, or that there are events surrounding your family that takes on an added importance. Alternatively, the Moon’s aspect to the Lunar Nodes can signal the beginning of a time when a nurturing individual leaves a relationship or that there is a potential end to a karmic relationship. It is a favorable time for showing yourself some compassion so that you can move through the lessons more easily.


October 2023 Astrology Forecast in Summary 4
October 2023 Astrology Forecast in Summary 4


On 24 October 2023 at 12:21am (+8 GMT), the Sun’s ingress into Scorpio intensifies your focus on issues surrounding depth, transformation and the unknown as you are invited to embrace your authentic self, transcend your limitations, and radiate your transformative light into the world. The Sun’s separating 2° conjunction with Mercury in the 5th house suggests the start of a diffusion of intense issues involving communication and the problem many would be facing regarding clarity of thought, creativity and self-expression. Mercury is in conjunction with Mars in the 5th as well but because this is a night chart, the malefic effect of Mars is not as strong as Saturn, yet there is still a potential possibility of intensity and conflicts surrounding romantic affairs, children, recreation and self-expression. Saturn, another malefic planet, is located in the 9th house on this night chart and so, it may not be a favorable time for matters surrounding travel, higher education, religion and spirituality.

On 25 October 2023 at 10:54am (+8 GMT), the ruler of the Ascendant is in the 3rd house. The Moon in the 3rd house forms an applied and tight sextile to Jupiter in the 5th house and opposes Venus which is forms a trine to Jupiter with reception. The Moon also forms a separating trine to Mars in the 11th house, which is not too bad when it comes to potential conflicts, since it is a separating aspect. However, I must caution that Mars is still a malefic and being in the house of friendship is not going to deny the fact that friendships, alliances, collaborations and the likes are going to be affected to an extent whereby you will experience strife, arguments, disbandment or some form of disagreements within the working relationship. There is strong emphasis on the 3rd house during this time, and so, if you are planning to move to a new address or planning activities relating to children or recreation during this time, it is favourable.

There is a partial Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Taurus on 29 October 2023 at 4:14am (+8 GMT), bringing forth themes of material security, values and sensual pleasures. This eclipse offers an opportunity to release outdated beliefs and patterns related to spirituality and mindset revolving around communication, siblings and the local community. You might find yourself traveling a bit more within your country during this time, but because Venus is also forming an applied opposition with Neptune, you may find that people around you, especially your partner, are acting strange or may appear to be getting your attention without you noticing it. It is also a rather confusing time for your relationships with people, and so it would be best to find out exactly what is required of you and develop better understanding of those closest to you so as to avoid misunderstandings. It is not a favourable time for any financial investment.

On the same day, at about 10:30pm (+8 GMT), the ruler of the Ascendant is in the 11th house and it is in applying conjunction to Jupiter in the 11th house, although by a very wide degree, both are in applying opposition to the Sun, Mercury and Mars in the 5th house. Mars is not a malefic for the night chart in this case, but it is still pretty strong in its placement in the 5th house as it is in its domicile. This indicates that there is potential good fortune coming your way even though you may have to overcome some tension or personal challenges relating to children and their needs, or matters associated with recreation or romantic affairs. Communicating care and concerns towards friends, relatives, neighbours and siblings are favourable during this time.



So, this is the forecast for the month of October 2023 and how the planetary transits affect your broad tendencies to living your life. These forecasts are a general guide and may play out differently based on individual charts.

Nonetheless, astrology adds tremendous value and insights into the mundane matters in your life, but much of your desired outcome is determined by your conscious choices and decision.

By now, you probably know that I am extremely passionate and enthusiastic in making astrological forecasts in business and career. My clients have also obtained their desired breakthroughs and outcome, not only because they believe in themselves but rather, they trust in the process of reforming their approaches and strategies after gaining insights into their birth charts.

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