November 2023 Astrology Forecast

30 October 2023by Frederick0

November 2023 Astrology Forecast

In October 2023, I forecasted a pivotal month with themes surrounding work, health, personal relationships and self-expression. There was a distinct energy of promise in professional pursuits. However, the skies also signalled the crucial need for clear and transparent communication to circumnavigate potential challenges. Striking a balance between professional commitments and familial responsibilities emerged as a profound lesson, calling for adaptability and caution, especially in networking scenarios.

On the global scale, there is also a celestial narrative intertwining deeply with unfolding events on the world stage, notably the war in the Gaza region on 7th October. Concurrently, the transformative energy of October, imbued particularly within the realm of relationships and communication, acted as both a guide and a warning.

While the celestial ballet emphasized introspection and the need for a deeper dive into one’s interpersonal dynamics, it also highlighted potential stumbling blocks. Navigating these required a blend of awareness, empathy, and the ability to address latent power dynamics, both on an individual and a global scale.

As the world witnessed rising tensions in the Gaza region, the astrological emphasis on communication challenges and underlying power struggles found a poignant reflection in the global events. The complexities of these dynamics, both personal and political, seemed to echo the celestial emphasis on balance and understanding.

The latter part of October, dense with astrological occurrences, brought the Scorpio season’s deep introspective energies. This introspection was not just personal but seemed to resonate on a global scale, urging nations and individuals alike to reflect on their actions and intentions.

The spotlight on the 3rd and 5th astrological houses opened doors for local engagements, more profound relationship understandings, and a renewed focus on self-expression. Furthermore, the lunar eclipse in Taurus became a beacon for growth, nudging everyone towards a reevaluation of materialistic and communicative values.

In essence, October 2023 was a tapestry of transformative energies, opportunities interspersed with challenges, and a clarion call for heightened understanding, especially in the face of global tensions.



As we enter November 2023, there are opportunities with potential challenges that arise in the month ahead as tension continues in the area of relationship, partnership and alliances.


November 2023 Astrology Forecast in Summary 1
November 2023 Astrology Forecast in Summary 1


On the evening of 2 November 2023, at 10:40pm (+8 GMT), the Moon is in its own sign of Cancer in the 1st House (Ascendant). This suggests a heightened sense of emotional connection and intuition, at the same time, a brief auspicious period for your emotional wellbeing. This placement encourages the need for a nurturing environment, comfort, security and a sense of belonging. If you are not feeling confident, do some activities during this brief period of night to adjust your behaviour and boost your sense of wellbeing. You are likely to benefit from healthy and positive habits you adopt on this day so that you can regain your confidence in your own ability.

Mars and the Sun are in the 5th House of personal expression, creativity and perhaps romantic pursuits. This suggests a blend of vitality and assertive energy in matters regarding self-expression, creative pursuits, romance and children. While there is tangible dynamism and benefits of being boldly expressive and fervent in your pursuits or even taking up leadership roles in creative projects, Mars can stir up energy of impulsivity and disagreements, which can potentially lead to conflict with people in your creative circle, romantic pursuits, or children.

Another note of caution is sounded by Saturn’s placement in the 9th House of this night chart. This heavyweight planet, often referred to as the taskmaster of the zodiac, casts a shadow over areas related to politics, higher education, religion, and long-distance travel. The influence might manifest as obstacles, delays, or a need for rigorous re-evaluation in these sectors. It’s a call to tread with caution, especially when venturing into uncharted territories or making significant decisions related to these domains.

In terms of career progression, it’s crucial to steer clear of Piscean influences, as Saturn resides there. Aligning one’s professional trajectory away from this sign can help ensure a smoother journey, devoid of unnecessary complications or hurdles.

Lastly, Venus, the planet of love and beauty, situated in the 3rd House, finds itself in opposition to the elusive Neptune in the 9th House. This placement indicates potential confusion, particularly when it comes to mass communication, matters of higher learning and spirituality. It’s also a period where misunderstandings can arise, or messages might be misconstrued. It’s also possible that one might grapple with disillusionment or over-idealization in these areas. Treading with clarity, double-checking information, and seeking grounding before making decisions related to these spheres can prove beneficial.


In the early hours of 3 November 2023, at 6:30am (+8 GMT), Mars is in its domicile of Scorpio, situated firmly on the Ascendant, suggesting a period of intensity with an unmistakable air of passion, determination and mystery. Mars, the ruler of the 6th House, is placed on the 1st House, indicates a favourable time for dealing with personal health matters, setting personal goals and striving for self-promotion. It’s also an excellent time for deep introspection, getting to the core of matters, and harnessing your willpower, although there’s a need to be wary of potential confrontations or over-aggressiveness.

Venus, the natural ruler of the 7th House of partnership, is located in the 11th House of friendships, alliances and network. This suggests favorable interactions in your social circle. In addition, this placement is influenced by Mercury’s presence in the 1st House, amplifying the importance of clear communication in friendships and group activities. An excellent time for networking or starting a gathering of like-minded groups.

However, a significant point of tension emerges as Mars conjoins Mercury and opposes Uranus in the 7th House. This opposition can spark sudden insights, unexpected conversations, or even conflicts, especially in close partnerships. There might be unpredictability in interactions, potentially leading to impulsiveness or hasty decisions.

Finally, Saturn’s position in the 5th House in this night chart serves as a sober reminder in the domains of romance, recreation, and issues related to pregnancy. You may face challenges, delays, or a need for added responsibility in these areas. Caution, patience, and a mature approach will be beneficial.

As the morning progresses, the astrological atmosphere undergoes a palpable shift. At 11:30am (+8 GMT) on the same day, Saturn, the ruler of the Ascendant, is placed in the 3rd House, bringing a serious and focused approach to communications, dealings with siblings, and short trips. There might be increased responsibilities or challenges in these areas, calling for a more systematic and patient approach.

Mars, now in the 11th House of the day chart, accentuates the possibility of conflicts within friendships or group settings. As it conjoins Mercury, assertive, and perhaps even aggressive communications might come to the forefront.

The Sun’s applied conjunction with Mars and its opposition to Jupiter amplifies this assertiveness but also introduces a tinge of optimism or even overconfidence. While this can provide the motivation to pursue goals and desires fervently, there’s also a risk of overextending oneself or clashing with authority figures.

Mercury’s opposition to Uranus in the 5th House further emphasizes the theme of unexpected communications, particularly in areas of romance, recreation, or children. Creative insights are possible, but so are misunderstandings or sudden changes in plans.


November 2023 Astrology Forecast in Summary 2
November 2023 Astrology Forecast in Summary 2


4 November 2023, at 3:03pm (+8 GMT) presents an intriguing period of dynamism mixed with introspection. Saturn stations direct in the imaginative and intuitive sign of Pisces implies a time where boundaries become clearer, and there’s a shift towards structured growth in spiritual and emotional domains. If you’ve felt stalled in areas concerning intuition, dreams, or matters of the unconscious, this direct motion will slowly pave the way for forward momentum.

The Sun’s conjunction with Mars can arouse an assertive, even aggressive energy. This dynamic duo may increase ambition, drive, and a need for action. However, with Mars also conjoining Mercury, this drive may get channelled into passionate communications or hasty decisions.

The Sun’s opposition to Jupiter further amplifies this assertive nature but also introduces a potential for overconfidence or overshooting one’s mark. You may feel optimistic and willing to take on significant challenges but be wary of overextending or misjudging your capacities.

The Moon’s quincunx to Saturn suggests a bit of emotional discomfort, possibly emerging from feeling torn between duty and personal needs. There might be a need to adjust emotions to meet the expectations set by reality.

Uranus opposing Mercury introduces a wildcard – unexpected communications, sudden insights, or changes in plans can come to the forefront. Being adaptable and ready to shift your perspective will be beneficial.

Lastly, with the Moon opposite Pluto, emotional intensities may rise. It is a time for profound transformations but also potential power struggles. Look inward and understand the deeper emotional currents driving your actions.


November 2023 Astrology Forecast in Summary 3
November 2023 Astrology Forecast in Summary 3


On 8 November 2023, at 5:31pm (+8 GMT), there is a shift towards balance, relationships, and unexpected revelations. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, makes her graceful entrance into its domicile of Libra, indicating a heightened emphasis on harmony, aesthetics, and partnerships. Relationships could experience a period of balance and mutual appreciation. However, this equilibrium might get a slight jolt as Venus forms a quincunx with Saturn. There might be minor adjustments or challenges in relationships, possibly concerning duties or responsibilities.

The trio of Sun, Mercury, and Mars opposing Uranus heralds a significant period of unpredictability. While the Sun’s opposition can introduce unexpected events or sudden changes in your ego or identity, Mercury’s opposition hints at unforeseen communications or technological hiccups. Mars, on the other hand, might instigate sudden confrontations or impulsive actions.


On the following day on 9 November 2023, at 6:39pm (+8 GMT), Venus is now placed in the 6th House with its own sign of Taurus in the 1st House. This encourages a grounded sense of self-worth, beauty and aesthetic appreciation. With Venus being in its domicile of Libra, ruling the 6th House, and currently residing there while forming a harmonious trine with the Midheaven (MC), it suggests a favorable period professionally. Your workplace dynamics may take on a more congenial tone, with improved relationships and perhaps even some compliments or positive acknowledgment from superiors or the public.

Jupiter and Uranus are also placed in Taurus in the 1st House, infusing a combination of expansion, luck, and a touch of unpredictability in the area of self-perception. While Jupiter tends to amplify and bless whatever it touches, Uranus might bring some innovative ideas and sudden insights to your personal identity and how you present yourself to the world.

The Moon’s entrance into balanced Libra and its conjunction with Libra’s ruler, Venus, in the 6th House further emphasizes positive developments in the workplace. Expect emotional harmony and perhaps a heightened intuitive connection with colleagues or daily routines. This intuition is only amplified as the Moon forms a supportive sextile with communicative Mercury in the relationship-driven 7th House, which suggests a time of pleasant dialogues and understanding in partnerships.

Although Mars in the 7th House could typically hint at potential conflicts in relationships, its potential volatility is mitigated in this instance. The Sun is below the Descendant’s degree, softening the aggressive tendencies of Mars due to the fact that it is now the night chart. Furthermore, with Uranus being 6 degrees away from the Ascendant, we can breathe a sigh of relief as it’s distanced enough to reduce sudden or unpredictable challenges linked to partnerships.


November 2023 Astrology Forecast in Summary 4
November 2023 Astrology Forecast in Summary 4


As Mercury enters the expansive sign of Sagittarius on 10 November 2023, at 2:25pm (+8 GMT), a thirst for knowledge and adventure might grow stronger. Communication becomes more open and optimistic. The harmonious Mercury-Neptune trine can elevate intuition and creative thinking, but the square with Saturn suggests being wary of too much idealism, and to not overlook details. With Sun and Mars coming together, there’s a heightened energy and drive, potentially leading to impulsive actions.


The New Moon in Scorpio on 13 November 2023, at 5:26pm (+8 GMT) emphasizes transformations and diving deep into emotions. With Sun, Moon, and Mars harmoniously forming a trine to Neptune, there is heightened intuition and dreams might become more vivid. Yet, the opposition with Uranus can bring sudden surprises or revelations. Mercury forms a parallel with Pluto amplifies your intellectual ability and curiosity. Thus, during this time, you might feel as though you have the capacity to dive deep into a particular subject or a problem you are investigating on.


November 2023 Astrology Forecast in Summary 5
November 2023 Astrology Forecast in Summary 5


On 17 November 2023, at 10am (+8 GMT), Saturn, ruler of the Ascendant, is placed in Pisces in the 3rd House in a day chart, suggesting a serious focus on communication, and re-evaluation on how you express yourself or interact with your siblings or neighbours. The Moon’s placement in the 1st House in the sign of Capricorn suggests emotional stability but its square aspect with Venus can bring about a need for emotional balance in professional or public relations.


The tight conjunction of Sun and Mars by 00°02’ on 18 November 2023, at 4:26pm (+8 GMT) intensifies energies, possibly leading to a dynamic, yet confrontational environment, especially with the challenging square aspects to Saturn and an opposition with Uranus, forming a T-square. Emotions might be the trigger point for a number of disagreements related to material possessions and shared resources. The emotional intensity could be amplified with the Moon’s interaction with the Nodes and Pluto. There’s a powerful undercurrent of transformation and when it comes to monetary discussions, this is the period to avoid if necessary if you do not wish to lose a friendship.


November 2023 Astrology Forecast in Summary 6
November 2023 Astrology Forecast in Summary 6


On 21 November 2023, at 9:07am (+8 GMT), Saturn, the ruler of the Ascendant, is placed in the 3rd House of the day chart, emphasizing deep contemplation about communications, and your responsibilities over your siblings, neighbours or relatives. The Moon’s recent contact with Saturn further amplifies this, bringing matters of responsibility to the forefront. Jupiter and Uranus in the 5th House may suggest unexpected joys or changes related to creativity, children, or recreational activities.


The Sun’s ingress into Sagittarius on 22 November, at 10:03pm (+8 GMT) can shed light on higher learning and broaden horizons. The sextile between the Sun, Moon and Mars with Pluto brings with it a heightened sense of purpose in the area of relationships and business partnerships. You might find yourself delving deeper into a relationship which you have been involved in for a while now or you might begin to unravel more information about a particular partner whom you have been in love with or in a business partnership with. Some deep-rooted feelings might be brought to the surface and you or your partner might have to deal with the situation on the spot. You might also feel a sudden boost to your confidence, drive, ambition, and the will to act during this time. Concurrently, the Sun conjoins Mars and they form a trine with Neptune indicating the need to remain calm, collected and non-reactive despite the temptation to make impulsive decisions and be impatient with others. It is an excellent time for creative projects, self-expression, and to revisit your vision board. Your intuition is heightened during this time and so it is better to listen to your instinct.


On 24 November, 6:15pm (+8 GMT), Mars ingresses into Sagittarius, accelerating desires for adventure and exploration. Emotional focus is towards destiny and growth since the Moon conjoins the North Node at this time. However, the challenging square aspect of the Moon with Pluto warns of power struggles, either with yourself or with others who may be an obstacle to your personal growth.


November 2023 Astrology Forecast in Summary 7
November 2023 Astrology Forecast in Summary 7


Mars squares Saturn on 26 November, at 12:12am (+8 GMT), as emotion tension rises to the extent of unpredictability, which stems from the moon’s interactions with Uranus as they form a conjunction and a parallel on the night chart. Venus forms a quincunx with Uranus, suggesting that there might be a potential change or sudden adjustments to be made in your relationships which may seem to you as a form of disruption or impending instability. Your personal values might be challenged by such unexpected event, leading to a period of adjustment. Financially, this is a time when you might find yourself spending abruptly due to unforeseen circumstances or you might be tempted to spend on unconventional experiences or items. You might be torn between the desire for stability and the urge for change in your life. The square aspect between the Sun and Saturn signifies a period of challenges and potential growth. In the midst of it, you might feel restricted as though the obstacles appear to be insurmountable. Your plans and actions could be delayed and this could result in you questioning your long-term goals, adequacy, and finding yourself re-evaluating your true purpose. Throughout this period, you may discover just how resilient you are, and that slow and steady can win you the race. Just don’t be too hard on yourself.


There is a Full Moon in Gemini on 27 November, at 5:16pm (+8 GMT). This placement could suggest duality or different perspective in the expression of feelings. Feelings may be unclear as the Moon is in a no-man’s land. Gemini isn’t a great place for the moon to be in, since the Moon is exalted in Taurus, and a domicile in Cancer. Being in Gemini is a position where you can’t decide what feelings can come out of the situation you are in. It’s like a state of loss or confusion because too much information is coming into your emotional space. There is also a challenging T-square formation between the Sun, Moon and Saturn, indicating potential conflicts and the need for balance.


Last but not least, on 30 November 2023, at 3:01am (+8 GMT), Venus, the ruler of the Ascendant is placed in its own sign of Libra in the night chart, highlighting potential harmonious interactions, aesthetic pursuits, and a greater need for balance. With the Moon also in its domicile and prominently placed in the 10th House conjoining the midheaven (MC), it is a time to create a nurturing working environment for yourself as you remain active in your public life during this time. Also, for a brief moment, consider your direction in life — are you on track or have you derailed from your objectives? Saturn is located in the 6th House, indicating some challenges in the area of co-workers, labours, employees, daily routines and, perhaps health. There may be some indication that a co-worker or an employee may need some attention. Do pay more attention on your diet and exercise routines during this time as well.



So, this is the forecast for the month of November 2023 and how the planetary transits affect your broad tendencies to living your life. These forecasts are a general guide and may play out differently based on individual charts.

Nonetheless, astrology adds tremendous value and insights into the mundane matters in your life, but much of your desired outcome is determined by your conscious choices and decision.

By now, you probably know that I am extremely passionate and enthusiastic in making astrological forecasts in business and career. My clients have also obtained their desired breakthroughs and outcome, not only because they believe in themselves but rather, they trust in the process of reforming their approaches and strategies after gaining insights into their birth charts.

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