Black Moon Lilith Through the Signs and Houses (Part 1)

5 November 2023by Frederick0

Black Moon Lilith Through the Signs and Houses (Part 1)

Black Moon Lilith is an enigmatic and often overlooked sensitive point in western astrology. Its astrological origin is steeped in mythology, with roots tracing back to Jewish folklore. Its signification, complex and profound. Black Moon Lilith encapsulates the untamed energy, symbolizing our primal instincts, suppressed desires, and the dark corners of our psyche.

Understanding Black Moon Lilith’s placement in our natal chart can be a transformative journey into self-awareness. It reveals how we confront our inner darkness, challenge societal norms, and tap into our latent power.

In this two-part series, we explore the origin, signification, and the astrological influence of Black Moon Lilith through the twelve astrological signs and houses. Additionally, we take a deep dive into the profound implications of Black Moon Lilith on our relationships and business endeavours.


The Mythological Roots of Lilith

Black Moon Lilith derived its name from the mythological figure known as Lilith. Lilith’s tale begins in ancient Mesopotamia, where she appears as a night demon in Sumerian folklore. However, in Jewish mythology, Lilith was believed to be Adam’s first wife in the Alphabet of Ben Sira, a collection of texts from the medieval period.

Lilith was said to be created from the same earth as Adam, making her his equal. But when she refused to be subservient to him, exercising her right to assert her free will and sexual independence, she was banished from the Garden of Eden and replaced by Eve, who was made from Adam’s rib, signifying her subservience.

Throughout the centuries, Lilith became associated with the untamed aspects of femininity, sexuality, and rebellion against patriarchal structures. She was demonised as corrupt and deranged. Her wild and evil spirit was believed to be responsible for still-born children and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

More recently, Lilith became associated with feminism and female independence.


Babylonian Depiction of Lilith
Babylonian Depiction of Lilith


Where is Black Moon Lilith Located?

In astrology, Black Moon Lilith is not a planet or an asteroid, but a sensitive point on a person’s natal chart that represents the Moon’s furthest distance from Earth in its orbit. Let me explain.

As the Moon makes its waltz around the Earth, it is noteworthy to know that nothing in nature in perfect or symmetrical. Likewise for the Moon’s orbit, for it is an ellipse, not a circle. And within this orbit, the Earth does not stand as perfect partner in the centre of the orbit, rather, it is off to one side.

This eccentric shape of the Moon’s orbit means that at times, when the Moon is at its lunar perigee, it draws near to our planet Earth and we call it the ‘Supermoon’. Yet, at other times, the moon retreats to a more distant point in its orbit, known as the lunar apogee, a celestial hermitage where it contemplates the silence of space.

Imagine a point in space that echoes the position of Earth, but on the opposite side of this elliptical orbit – a point of cosmic balance at the time of lunar apogee. This is the abode of Black Moon Lilith, a mathematical point that mirrors our Earth’s position, yet holds in its essence the wild, untamed spirit of our Moon at its most solitary. It is here, in this shadowy reflection, that the story of Black Moon Lilith in our charts begins to unfold.

For a detailed illustration, watch this video. It’s a two-part lecture on where Black Moon Lilith is located.


Where is Black Moon Lilith?
Where is Black Moon Lilith?


There are actually three points referred to as Lilith in astrology: Black Moon Lilith (the true and mean positions), Dark Moon Lilith (a hypothetical second Moon of Earth), and Asteroid Lilith. However, it is Black Moon Lilith that is most commonly used and holds profound psychological and archetypal significance.

Black Moon Lilith’s placement in the natal chart points to areas where one may encounter their “shadow self,” untamed desires, and where they may feel oppressed or wish to break free from societal norms. It is an indicator of where one might find their primal instincts, sexual desires, and raw, unfiltered emotion. Its position can reveal deep-seated fears, suppressed anger, or areas of life where one might feel marginalized or compelled to rebel.


Significations of Black Moon Lilith in Astrology (Part I)

In the natal chart, Black Moon Lilith’s house placement highlights areas where we might struggle with societal expectations, experience feelings of shame or guilt, or confront issues of power and control. Its sign placement colors these experiences with specific themes and energies. Let’s explore the enigmatic influence of Black Moon Lilith in each of the twelve zodiac signs, shedding light on the shadowy contours that shape our experiences.


Black Moon Lilith Through the 12 Zodiac Signs
Black Moon Lilith Through the 12 Zodiac Signs


Black Moon Lilith in Aries:

Lilith in Aries imbues individuals with a fiery, independent spirit. They possess a raw magnetism and often challenge authority and societal norms. In relationships, they may be seen as assertive, even aggressive, desiring partners who can match their intensity and passion. In business, their pioneering spirit can lead to ground-breaking ventures, although they must temper their impulsiveness with strategic planning to ensure lasting success.


Black Moon Lilith in Taurus:

With Lilith in Taurus, the shadow manifests in the realm of sensuality, materialism, and stubbornness. These individuals may struggle with possessiveness in relationships or a relentless pursuit of security and comfort. In business, their tenacity can be a strength, driving them to build enduring ventures. However, they must be wary of becoming too inflexible or indulgent in their quest for success.


Black Moon Lilith in Gemini:

Lilith in Gemini bestows a quick wit and a penchant for taboo or controversial topics. These individuals may struggle with fickleness in relationships, craving variety and intellectual stimulation. In the business world, their adaptability and communication skills can be assets, although they must guard against scattering their energies too thinly or using their words manipulatively.


Black Moon Lilith in Cancer:

Those with Lilith in Cancer grapple with the shadows of emotion, nurturing, and vulnerability. Relationships can be tumultuous, with intense emotional highs and lows. In business, their intuition and care for others can foster a nurturing work environment, but they must ensure their emotional needs don’t overshadow their professional responsibilities.


Black Moon Lilith in Leo:

Lilith in Leo shines a spotlight on issues of ego, pride, and recognition. In relationships, the desire for attention and admiration can lead to dramatic interactions. Professionally, their charisma and confidence can propel them to leadership positions, but they must be mindful of becoming too domineering or craving constant validation.


Black Moon Lilith in Virgo:

With Lilith in Virgo, the shadow surfaces in perfectionism, criticism, and service. Relationships may suffer from nit-picking and unrealistic standards. In business, their attention to detail and dedication to quality are commendable, but they must avoid becoming overly critical or losing sight of the bigger picture.


Black Moon Lilith in Libra:

Lilith in Libra reveals the darker aspects of harmony, balance, and partnerships. In relationships, there may be a tendency to lose oneself in the other or to engage in power struggles masked by diplomacy. In business, their charm and negotiation skills are advantageous, yet they must guard against indecisiveness or compromising their values for the sake of agreement.


Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio:

Those with Lilith in Scorpio confront the depths of intimacy, transformation, and power. Relationships are often intense, with themes of control and trust emerging. Professionally, their strategic minds and resilience can lead to profound success, but they must beware of manipulative tactics or becoming consumed by their ambitions.


Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius:

Lilith in Sagittarius explores the shadows of freedom, philosophy, and adventure. Individuals may struggle with commitment in relationships, yearning for endless exploration. In business, their visionary ideas and optimism can inspire, but they must ensure their ventures are grounded in reality and ethical principles.


Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn:

With Lilith in Capricorn, the focus is on authority, structure, and ambition. Relationships may be viewed through a pragmatic lens, with power dynamics at play. In the professional sphere, their determination and discipline can lead to significant achievements, but they must be careful not to become overly rigid or cold-hearted in their pursuit of success.


Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius:

Lilith in Aquarius highlights the shadows of individuality, innovation, and rebellion. Relationships can be unconventional, with a need for intellectual connection. In business, their originality and humanitarian spirit can drive progressive change, though they must be mindful of becoming too detached or radical in their approaches.


Black Moon Lilith in Pisces:

Those with Lilith in Pisces delve into the mysteries of empathy, spirituality, and escapism. Relationships can be deeply compassionate yet fraught with illusion or sacrifice. Professionally, their creativity and intuition can be great assets, but they must guard against becoming overwhelmed by their surroundings or retreating into fantasy.


In the next part of this article, I discuss the significations of the Black Moon Lilith through the Houses in your natal chart.

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