Decoding Trump’s Presidential Career and Life Direction

3 December 2023by Frederick0

Decoding Trump’s Presidential Career and Life Direction

Disclaimer: As a dedicated Business Astrologer, I approach the art of astrology with a deep respect for its history and complexity. In this blog article, I will be exploring the birth chart of a notable political figure, offering insights into his political career and life path. It is essential to clarify that my analysis is grounded in an unbiased and objective interpretation of the astrological chart, free from any personal, business, or political influences.

Astrology, in my practice, is not a tool for predicting the future in absolute terms but rather a means to understand the potential trajectories and patterns of life events. My readings are rooted in a blend of ancient Hellenistic wisdom, modern astrological techniques, and the innovative approaches of Uranian astrology.

As I delve into this analysis, I assure you, my readers, that my political views remain entirely neutral. My focus is solely on providing an insightful and professional interpretation of the astrological chart in question, drawing on my years of experience and study in this fascinating field. Let’s embark on this astrological journey together, with open minds and a shared curiosity about the stars’ influence on our lives and world events.


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Donald Trump is born on 14 June 1946, at 10:54am (+4 EDT) in Queens, New York, USA.

Trump is 77 years old. And because he was born in the morning with the Sun above the Ascendant (Asc), his natal chart is considered the day chart or, in traditional astrology, we call that the diurnal sect.


Annual Profection

Let’s cast an Annual Profection chart to see where his profected House would be in the year 2024 during the Presidential Election Day. Trump would be 78 years old by that time and therefore, his profected House would be the 6th profection on the 7th House of his natal chart.


Donald Trump's Annual Profection Wheel
Donald Trump’s Annual Profection Wheel


Trump has the Lot of Fortune located in the 7th House of partnership, alliance and open rivalry on his birth chart, and it’s the Sign House of Aquarius, and Saturn is its ruler. Let’s take a look where this House Ruler, Saturn is located on Trump’s birth chart.


Donald Trump's Birth Chart
Donald Trump’s Birth Chart

First Indicator

Saturn is located in Trump’s 12th House of his birth chart. And for this, Trump’s Saturn is strong and more favourably expressed in this House. In traditional astrology, we say that Saturn finds its joy in the 12th House.

Saturn is often associated with structure, discipline, limitations and karmic lessons in the person’s life. The 12th House is the realm of the collective unconscious, hidden matters and isolation. For Trump, his karmic lesson in this life is that he needs to deal with some hidden challenges, especially those related to the unconscious mind, hidden enemies or institutions. These challenges often require some form of introspection and self-awareness on his part to navigate his life effectively.

In addition, a lot of politicians tend to have the 12th House placements because they are dealing with secrets and the 12th House is the House of Secrets and Hidden Things. Specifically, natives with such placement may present a different image in public compared to the private struggles or challenges they face, particularly related to mental wellbeing or secret adversaries.

Let’s now pull out the astrology chart for the US Presidential Election Day and examine how this day would be like for Donald Trump.


US Presidential Election Day transit chart with Donald Trump (Part 1)
US Presidential Election Day transit chart with Donald Trump (Part 1)


Second Indicator

Now, on that day, Uranus is transiting through the 10th House of Trump’s birth chart, and it forms a sextile to Trump’s Saturn. This indicates potential shake-ups, unpredicted or unexpected changes to situations, and it is likely to generate big impact in his life and the life of others. The 10th House is associated with career, public perception and reputation. Having the Uranus transiting through his 10th House here might potentially suggest that there would be an abrupt change to the atmosphere of the public’s sentiment of Trump’s political image and what he stands for.


Third Indicator

Additionally, Neptune is transiting through the 8th House of Trump’s birth chart. This indicates a time of deep emotional and psychological transformation for him. On the other hand, it may also mean that the issues related to shared resources and financial partnerships becomes more fluid and unclear during that time. Despite this, Neptune forms a trine to Trump’s Saturn, giving it structure and order. This is a rather balanced and supportive aspect we see on this day for Trump.

Furthermore, this aspect also indicates that Trump would be able to use his gut instincts and creativity in a more structured and grounded way, and he finds balance between realism and idealism. It is also a favourable day for Trump’s financial dealings that involve others, such as investments, inheritances or joint ventures. In this context of the election, inheriting a nation’s resources is a likely indicator.

So far, we have three indicators on Trump’s birth chart with positive and supportive aspect associated with his profected House. This shows that his profection year in 2024 is looking good for him.

Let’s take a further look into the Transits for Donald Trump.



Trump is born on a Lunar Eclipse, with the Sun conjoining the North Node and Uranus on his birth chart in the 11th House. This indicates that Trump’s life is marked by significant public or social involvement, with a focus on achieving his life aspirations and goals, especially through unconventional means or innovative approaches. His path in life may involve navigating significant shifts and unexpected turn of events, particularly in his social status, public life, and his connections with collective activities or organizations. Moreover, the Lunar Eclipse combined with these placements, underscores a life that is not only marked by significant changes but also has a strong public or visible component. Major life events or shifts might be played out in the public eye or have a broader impact on society.


US Presidential Election Day transit chart with Donald Trump (Part 2)
US Presidential Election Day transit chart with Donald Trump (Part 2)


Fourth Indicator

Earlier we mentioned that Trump’s chart is a day chart, one that belongs to the diurnal sect. The benefic planet associated with the day chart is Jupiter while the one associated with the night chart is Venus. Likewise, the malefic planet associated with the day chart is Mars while the one associated with the night chart is Saturn.

On the US Presidential Election Day, Jupiter, Trump’s in-sect benefic, is transiting through his 11th House, and it forms a conjunction to his North Node, Sun and Uranus. Jupiter represents expansion, abundance, growth, luck and opportunities. It tends to bring optimism and confidence to the areas it touches, and in this case, Trump’s social circles, followers, dreams and aspirations (11th House themes).

Jupiter’s conjunction to Trump’s North Node suggests a time when his path towards growth and development is highlighted and may be positively influenced, bringing opportunities that align with his dreams, aspirations and purpose.

Jupiter’s conjunction to Trump’s Sun suggests that there would be a boost in his confidence, visibility and recognition. It also signals a time of achievements and success, where Trump’s core identity and life goals are supported and magnified.

Jupiter’s conjunction to Trump’s Uranus indicates potential change and innovation that is unexpected. It is a time of sudden opportunities for him and there might be abrupt breakthrough and unconventional changes that may bring an element of surprise. This could potentially be an indication for an unexpected success on this day for Trump.

Additionally, Trump’s natal Jupiter in the 3rd House is forming a trine with the transiting Jupiter. These further cements the abundance, fame, popularity, support and opportunities that Trump would be getting on this day itself.


US Presidential Election Day transit chart with Donald Trump (Part 3)
US Presidential Election Day transit chart with Donald Trump (Part 3)


Fifth Indicator

On the US Presidential Election Day, Uranus is transiting through Trump’s 10th House of career and reputation, and it forms a conjunction to Trump’s Midheaven (MC). The Midheaven is in the Sign House of Taurus, and its ruler is Venus. Venus is in the 12th House.

Trump’s Venus forms a sextile to the transiting Uranus suggesting a supportive aspect to Trump’s career and reputation on this day should he be campaigning for the presidential election. Moreover, Neptune, the planet of deep intuition and creativity, in the 8th House also supports Trump’s ruler of his career and reputation, Venus in the 12th House.

In short, the ruler of Trump’s career and reputation is very much supported during this period.


Zodiacal Releasing

Zodiacal Releasing is an ancient Hellenistic astrological technique that divides a person’s life into chapters and paragraphs, much like a book. It’s a timing technique that helps to identify periods of peak importance and activity in different areas of life, such as career, relationships, and physical wellbeing. By analyzing the points in the zodiac that are ‘released’ by planetary rulers, we can pinpoint phases where significant changes, challenges, or opportunities might arise. Each period is governed by a specific planet, known as the Time Lord, which gives its flavour and thematic elements to that period.

Donald Trump‘s Zodiacal Releasing Table
Donald Trump‘s Zodiacal Releasing Table


Sixth Indicator

In the case of a political figure like Donald Trump, Zodiacal Releasing can shed light on the timing of his rise and fall in various endeavors, offering insights into the ebb and flow of his career and life direction.

As mentioned earlier, Trump’s Lot of Fortune is in the 7th House, which is the profected House at his age of 78 at the time of the US Presidential Election. Its Sign House Aquarius is a fixed air sign, and so, we apply this to Trump’s other fixed signs as his peak periods in his career and life direction. The way we approach this is that we examine his Lot of Spirit using the Zodiacal Releasing technique.

By doing so, we notice that he has a minor peak in the sign of Taurus, which is ruled by the Time Lord Venus, from January 1973 to December 1980 (age 26 to 34). That was his career peak before a winding down period from December 1980 to August 2000 (age 34 to 54).

Donald Trump‘s Zodiacal Releasing Table (Level 1 to 4)
Donald Trump‘s Zodiacal Releasing Table (Level 1 to 4). Credits:


Between 1972 and 1980, Donald Trump was actively involved in his family’s real estate business, having been made the president of the Trump Organization in 1971. He moved to Manhattan and began working on larger construction projects, aiming to garner media attention with eye-catching architectural designs. In 1973, the Justice Department accused the Trump Organization of discrimination, leading to a settlement where the company made no admission of wrongdoing. By 1973, Trump oversaw 14,000 apartments in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. His major Manhattan project during this period was the development of the Grand Hyatt Hotel, which opened in 1980 and significantly raised his profile (Wikipedia, 2023).

Then, at the age of 54, Trump moves into the build-up period of his career in the sign of Cancer at Level 1 of his Zodiacal Releasing (what we call his career biography), which is ruled by the Moon as the Time Lord. This preparatory period begins from 29 August 2000 to 20 April 2025. Trump will eventually move into his moderate peak from 20 April 2025 to 11 January 2044. This is six months after the US Presidential Election on 5 November 2024.


Donald Trump's Birth Chart & the US Presidential Election Day
Donald Trump’s Birth Chart & the US Presidential Election Day


A person who is experiencing a peak period in Level 1 of his or her Zodiacal Releasing for the Lot of Spirit is big deal. It is a time when his or her career and life direction is heightened and significant. This is a period when the person encounters significant changes, progress and transformation relating to his or her career and life direction based on the choices he or she makes. In short, it’s neither a good nor bad indicator but it’s a sign that it’s the person’s busiest time of his or her life where most outcomes become something of great importance.

Next, we examine Trump’s Level 2 of his Zodiacal Releasing for the Lot of Spirit. Notice that he will once again arrive at his minor peak in the sign of Taurus, which is ruled by Time Lord Venus. And it’s taking place on 21 November 2024, sometime after the US Presidential Election. The last time Trump has his minor peak in Taurus was on 10 September 2015, when he was campaigning for the presidency at that time. A race which he eventually won. If we look at the most mundane level, at Level 4, we notice that Trump has a minor peak on the actual day of the election as well. This may just be his second attempt at campaigning.


Donald Trump‘s Zodiacal Releasing Table (Level 1 to 4)
Donald Trump‘s Zodiacal Releasing Table (Level 1 to 4). Credits:


Let’s take a look at where Venus is transiting at on 21 November 2024. It’s transiting over Trump’s 6th House, which is a Sign House Capricorn, ruled by Saturn placed in the 12th House. Saturn forms a conjunction with Venus in the 12th House. As we can see here, the Time Lord is supporting the House Ruler configured right opposite its placement.


Transiting Venus over Trump's 6th House, its ruler placed in the 12th
Transiting Venus over Trump’s 6th House, its ruler placed in the 12th

Seventh Indicator

There is also one more thing about Trump, and why he is such a big deal during this period of time when America is about to undergo a Uranus Return from 2025 to 2033. Uranus takes about 84 years to complete the zodiac and return to its original sign.

In the history of United States, typically for its Uranus Returns, there has been patterns of upheavals linking to major warfare and skirmishes.

1776 – US War of Independence

1860 – Mexican-American War, and the rise of warfare against American Indians

1944 – World War 2, war in the pacific against the Empire of Japan

2028 – ??? 

USA's Uranus Return
USA’s Uranus Return


The Uranus Return for the USA would be in the sign of Gemini on 7 July 2025, at 3:48am (EST). It will retrograde back to Taurus on 7 November 2025, at 9:20pm (EST). During this period, Trump’s Level 3 Major Peak is in the sign of Scorpio, with Mars as its Time Lord, from 15 August 2025 to 22 September 2025.

Eventually, on 25 April 2026, at 8:52pm (EST), Uranus retrograde will re-enter the sign of Gemini for good. All these are occurring during Trump’s Level 2 Moderate Peak period, from 20 April 2025 to 11 November 2026, while his Level 1 Moderate Peak period spans from 20 April 2025 to 11 January 2044.

What is the significant association of the USA’s Uranus Return with Trump’s birth chart?

From history, we note that there has been tensions that took place before Uranus enters the sign of Gemini, especially for the United States.


USA's Birth Chart and It's Uranus Return
USA’s Birth Chart and It’s Uranus Return


As you already can see, the United States has a sign-based conjunction of Mars and Uranus in the 7th House of Gemini on its birth chart, indicating the natal promise that it would likely be engaged in frequent warfare and tensions relating to external affairs and alliances.


Donald Trump's Influence on American Future
Donald Trump’s Influence on American Future


The transiting Uranus will meet the United States’ natal Uranus at exactly 08°55’ in Gemini on 26 July 2027, at 6:17pm (EST). Trump has a Uranus conjoining his North Node and the Sun in Gemini. His Uranus, as you notice, is in a sign-based conjunction with the Uranus of the United States and the Uranus Return chart. From this placement, it suggest that there is a link between American history and what Trump is about to do, his message, his legacy and what he stands for in many years to come. It is an indication that his legacy is likely to take root and it will be significant for the United States in the coming decades. When Uranus is involved, it usually sparks abrupt and unpredictable changes to the political atmosphere and socio-cultural climate.


Eighth Indicator

While we do not know what will happen in 2028, from the Uranian Astrology point of view, there will be a 03° applied sextile between the transiting Uranus and Vulcanus on 5 August 2027, at 1:46pm (EDT) indicating potential eruption of warfare and skirmishes. All these occurring during the US’s Uranus Return.

Transiting Uranus sextile Transiting Vulcanus
Transiting Uranus sextile Transiting Vulcanus


Whether Trump is elected president or not, there could be an association between what he stands for and the above events.



It is important to note that as a professional astrologer, we do our due diligence to be unbiased and objective in our readings with no sentimental attachment to whoever or whatever we are observing. I must also emphasize that astrology does not predict the future but the potential future of what may unfold. As much as our lives are written in the book of fate, our destiny is determined by the choices we make.

Trump may become the next president judging from the sentiments and the polls, but even if so, it wouldn’t be a surprise to me. Because according to all the above astrological indicators, we can see that there are indeed a number of favourable placements that ensures Trump’s ultimate fulfilment of his aspirations in his political career.

I hate to say this but the next few years may not be looking so positive for America. But what will happen, will eventually happen. Fatalistic as it may be, we just have to make the most out of our lives while we still live. This internal locus of control we have is the sliver of hope in which free will remains in existence.

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