Capricorn, the Sea Goat: Its Significations and Meaning

21 December 2023by Frederick0

Capricorn, the Sea Goat: Its Significations and Meaning

The Sun enters the sign of Capricorn on 22 December 2023, at 11:28am (+8 GMT), casting its golden glow right until 20 January 2024, at 10:08pm (+8 GMT). Today, we delve into the meaning of the tenth sign of the zodiac, Capricorn, through an astrological lens that reveals the depths of its significations.

By the way, I have been attempting to avoid using astrological jargons as much as possible, but at times, I really have to because astrology is a language on its own. To speak a language, you need to learn a bit of its rules and vocabularies. As simple as I want to chunk an astrology related topic down to something more comprehensive, jargons still exist. So, when something is simple, doesn’t mean it’s easy. It just requires a little more brain power from you. For jargons in this article, check out our Astrology Dictionary.

Capricorn stands as a paragon of the cardinal modality and the element of earth, ruled by the austere planet, Saturn. Capricorn is synonymous with the embodiment of the achiever, the consummate strategist, and the archetypal disciplinarian. It is a sign that is indelibly associated with the pursuit and attainment of success, a testament to the profound influence of discipline and the dedication to industrious endeavors.




From the Psychological Astrology perspective, Capricorn as an archetype, is vividly personified in the figures of the head of the organisation, the shrewd strategist, and the master planner. This is a sign characterized by ambition, a strong sense of responsibility, and an unshakeable pragmatism, all driven by an intrinsic desire to scale the heights of success and to manifest one’s aspirations. Capricorn natives are distinguished by their exceptional ability to set tangible goals and their unwavering commitment to achieving them through painstaking effort.

Physiologically, Capricorn exerts its governance over the structural components of the body—the bones, joints, and skin. Those born under this sign might find themselves predisposed to conditions affecting these areas, finding solace and improvement in practices that foster both physical and emotional discipline, such as contemplative meditation or consistent physical exercise.

Professionally, Capricorn’s alignment with strategy, planning, and laborious pursuit naturally leads its natives to excel as CEOs, strategists, planners and managers. These roles in their respective career or business are the ones where a Capricorn native may find that their sense of responsibility and structured approach to tasks help them soar to greater heights.

In matters of the heart, Capricorns seek partners who are generally stable, ambitious, and committed to the relationship. The more stable and secure the relationship is, the more that Capricorn native is going to flourish. However, regardless how ambitious their partner may be (which can be a bonus to have), a Capricorn native’s ambitious goal may be one of the many important factors that determines who will stay and who will go in the romantic affair. So, the question is, are you aligned with his or her ambition or vision?

Despite its many strengths, Capricorn is not without its challenges. A Capricorn native can sometimes succumb to an inflexibility of spirit, a gloomy outlook, or an excessive preoccupation with professional achievements. Capricorn may also exhibit a tendency towards emotional reserve and a reluctance to relinquish control. In addition, Capricorn natives must be wary of their propensity towards workaholism and ensure that they do not neglect their partners due to their ambitious pursuits.

For those of you with prominent Capricorn placements in your natal chart, you might find that you are innately driven by a profound yearning to realize your ambitions. I encourage you to harness your inner strategist, embrace the robust archetype of Capricorn, and allow it to steer you along your life’s journey.

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