March 2024 Astrology Forecast For All 12 Rising Zodiac Signs

28 February 2024by Frederick0

March Astrology Forecast 2024

Last month, I started my new approach on my astrology forecast of the month for every rising sign of the zodiac. If you have been following me, I will be continuing this series every month but this time, I will be keeping my forecasts brief and generic because I have plans on my new membership site where subscribers to my contents will get the benefits of my detailed forecasts and astrology courses.

For now, it is still in the development stage and I will announce it once my membership site is ready for you guys. Till then, I hope my monthly forecasts have been helpful for you in your day to day life and career.

To obtain rising sign (or Ascendant), simply go to Type in your correct birth date, birth time, and birth location on the form available on the website to generate your birth chart. The sign that falls on the 1st House of your birth chart is your Rising sign (or Ascendent).

Now let’s dive into the forecast for each of the Rising Sign in the month of February 2024.


Aries Rising

As Mercury enters Aries, those with Aries rising are infused with a dynamic influx of intellectual vitality and assertiveness. This transit heralds a period where the articulation of personal viewpoints is not only encouraged but emboldened. The essence of Aries prompts an assertive pursuit of individual ambitions and concepts, emphasizing a phase of vigorous intellectual engagement and the initiation of personal projects.

The arrival of the New Moon in the 12th house for Aries ascendants casts a spotlight on the realms of solitude, spiritual exploration, and the subconscious mind. This lunar phase beckons a journey inward, advocating for a reflective pause that allows for meditation, the cultivation of inner peace, and the formulation of intentions that resonate with personal healing and spiritual enrichment.


March 2024 Astrology Forecast - 10 March
March 2024 Astrology Forecast – 10 March

With Venus gracing the 12th house, those born under Aries rising are invited to traverse the more secluded pathways of their heart. This transit unfolds a period of introspective healing and the pursuit of inner harmony, urging an embrace of compassion and the gentle release of bygone grievances. It is a time where the beauty of solitude and the depth of the unconscious mind become fertile grounds for spiritual growth and the resolution of past wounds.

The Sun’s progression into Aries marks a significant rejuvenation of the self, identity, and the initiation of new beginnings. This celestial movement ignites the 1st house, infusing those with Aries rising with a revitalized sense of self-assurance and the impulse to mark their presence in the world with clarity and purpose. It signals an opportune moment for self-revelation and the courageous pursuit of personal aspirations.

As Mars transitions into Pisces, activating the 12th house, individuals with Aries rising are called to embrace a period of contemplation and spiritual engagement. This transit offers a profound connection to the more subtle, introspective aspects of existence, encouraging a deep dive into spiritual or psychological explorations. It is a time ripe for healing and personal development, though it carries a caution against the allure of escapism.

The penumbral lunar eclipse on 25 March 2024 accentuates the necessity of balancing personal convictions with the realm of shared ideas and communication. For Aries rising, this astrological event invites a thoughtful examination of how interactions within their immediate circle influence broader perspectives and life philosophies. It may prompt a reassessment of educational directions or travel intentions, stimulated by fresh insights or dialogues that challenge and expand their worldview.


Taurus Rising

For individuals with Taurus ascending, the current astrological climate presents a series of compelling shifts across the spheres of subconscious exploration and social engagement, as seen through the lens of Whole Sign Houses.

Mercury’s venture into Aries activates the 12th house, the domain of the subconscious, solitude, and that which lies hidden. This transit beckons a journey inward, urging a candid examination of concealed fears and undisclosed secrets. It is a period marked by introspection, offering a fertile ground for psychological insight and private contemplation.

Concurrently, the New Moon casts its renewing glow upon the 11th house, the arena of friendships, groups, and future objectives. This celestial moment offers a fresh start within your social sphere, providing the impetus to forge new alliances, immerse in community activities, or crystallize visions for long-term goals. It underscores the significance of collective endeavors in realizing personal aspirations.

Venus’s sojourn in the 11th house further enriches this social exploration, draping friendships, group involvements, and aspirations in the gentle grace of Venusian harmony and aesthetic delight. This transit heralds a period where connections with kindred spirits flourish, and engagement in communal pursuits becomes a source of pleasure and beauty.

Simultaneously, the Sun’s passage through the 12th house invites a retreat into the self, emphasizing solitude, introspection, and the unseen depths of your being. This phase is a call to embrace quietude, engage in self-reflection, and reconcile with the innermost layers of your psyche, preparing the ground for a cycle of renewal.

Mars’s arrival in the 11th house injects a vibrant, assertive energy into the realms of friendships and collective projects. While this transit promises to invigorate group dynamics and collaborative efforts, it also cautions against the potential for discord within these communal settings.

Amidst these personal and collective transits, the spotlight also turns to financial matters and the nuances of personal and shared resources. The emphasis is on recalibrating the balance between individual security and mutual growth, urging a thoughtful reconsideration of financial dependencies and investments. This period is an invitation to align personal values with the complexities of shared wealth, aiming for a harmonious integration of material and emotional prosperity.

In sum, for those born with Taurus on the ascendant, the astrological landscape of this period is rich with opportunities for deep, introspective growth and the reinvigoration of social connections and communal ambitions.


March 2024 Astrology Forecast - 12 March
March 2024 Astrology Forecast – 12 March


Gemini Rising

For those with Gemini ascending, the celestial dynamics of the upcoming period usher in a time of significant engagement with your broader social network and collective aspirations, underscored by Mercury’s transit through Aries in your 11th house. This phase heralds a period conducive to candid discussions within your social spheres, advocating vigorously for your ideas and collective objectives.

Under the luminary guidance of the New Moon, your 10th house of vocational endeavors and public standing beckons for a fresh inception. It is a propitious moment to delineate new professional objectives or intentions, pondering deeply on your vocational identity and future ambitions.

Venus’s graceful passage through your 10th house casts a benevolent glow on matters of career and reputation. This auspicious transit promises to elevate your professional standing, enhancing your visibility and possibly acknowledging your artistic or creative endeavors.

As the Sun makes its ingress into your 11th house, it illuminates the realm of friendships, group affiliations, and future visions. This transit invites you to actively engage with your community, sharing and reshaping your long-term aspirations in concert with others.

Mars, meanwhile, infuses your 10th house of career and public status with its vigorous energy, stoking the flames of ambition. This period calls for a decisive pursuit of professional objectives, with a mindful eye on maintaining ethical conduct to circumvent potential disputes with figures of authority.

The impending eclipse casts its focus squarely on your primary modes of communication, compelling a thoughtful evaluation of your interactions within your immediate milieu. This celestial event beckons you to find equilibrium between the minutiae of daily exchanges and the expansive horizon of your beliefs and knowledge. In this period, the challenge lies in harmonizing the detailed with the grand, the immediate with the expansive, guiding you to weave a coherent tapestry of understanding that bridges the personal with the collective.


Cancer Rising

For individuals with Cancer on the Ascendant, the transit of Mercury through Aries casts a spotlight on the 10th house, the domain of career and public standing. This period heralds a phase of forthright and dynamic communication within professional realms. It’s an opportune time to assertively present your ideas or assume leadership roles in ongoing projects, harnessing the direct energy of Mercury to advance your professional objectives.

Under the influence of the New Moon in the 9th house, those with Cancer rising are invited to embark on journeys of expansion—be they through physical travel, academic endeavors, or the exploration of philosophical vistas. This celestial event opens doors to new avenues of learning and spiritual growth, urging you to step into unfamiliar territories that promise enrichment and enlightenment.

With Venus gracing the 9th house, there’s a pronounced emphasis on the pursuit of knowledge, the appreciation of diverse cultures, and the deepening of your philosophical insights. This transit awakens a longing for beauty and harmony in the exploration of distant lands and spiritual teachings, enriching your soul with the diverse tapestries of human experience.

As the Sun traverses the 10th house, it marks a significant phase for those with Cancer Ascendant in terms of career advancement, public recognition, and the assumption of leadership positions. This is a critical juncture to leverage your talents and ambitions, propelling yourself into the spotlight and setting goals that reflect your highest aspirations for professional achievement.

Mars’s journey through the 9th house injects vigour and enthusiasm into your quests for higher knowledge, spiritual discovery, and the broadening of your intellectual horizons. This transit encourages a spirited approach to learning and exploration, although it cautions against the pitfalls of overly rigid beliefs.

The juxtaposition of home and professional life becomes pronounced, highlighting the delicate balance between personal sanctuaries and the demands of a public vocation. This period calls for a thoughtful reassessment of how one navigates the interplay between domestic responsibilities and career objectives, aiming for an equilibrium that honours both personal fulfilment and professional success.


March 2024 Astrology Forecast - 20 March
March 2024 Astrology Forecast – 20 March


Leo Rising

For individuals with Leo ascending, the ingress of Mercury into Aries marks a significant activation of the 9th house, the domain of travel, higher education, and philosophical exploration. This transit heralds a phase of bold questioning and direct engagement with the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge. It may also ignite a newfound zest for adventurous or spontaneous journeys, inviting Leos to broaden their horizons both intellectually and geographically.

Under this celestial configuration, the New Moon casts its luminary spotlight on the 8th house for those with Leo rising. This phase beckons a thoughtful setting of intentions related to the realms of shared resources, emotional intimacy, and profound personal metamorphosis. It is a time ripe for introspective shifts and considering transformative objectives in the context of deep, interpersonal connections and financial entanglements.

With Venus’s passage through the 8th house, individuals bearing Leo on the ascendant will experience a deepening of emotional ties and a heightened sense of intimacy. This period could herald advantageous developments through partnerships, possibly manifesting as financial benefits. It presents an opportune moment to delve into the psychological underpinnings of relationships and to foster transformation through meaningful interactions.

The solar journey through the 9th house illuminates paths of exploration, learning, and the expansion of belief systems for Leo risings. This transit extends an invitation to embrace travel, pursue educational endeavors, and to broaden one’s perspective on the world. It is a call to engage with philosophical discussions and cultural immersions, enriching the spirit and mind alike.

As Mars marches through the 8th house, it underscores themes of shared assets, intimacy, and transformative experiences for those with Leo rising. While this transit may intensify emotional connections, it also harbours the potential for conflicts over power and control. The emphasis is on fostering transparent and sincere dialogue in close relationships, navigating the complexities of shared resources and psychological entanglements with courage and integrity.

This period also accentuates the importance of balancing creative expression and romantic engagements with the dynamics of group activities and friendships. For Leo risings, it is a time to reflect on the integration of personal interests and passions within the broader context of social affiliations and collective ambitions, promoting a synthesis of individual creativity and communal harmony.


Virgo Rising

For those born with Virgo on the ascendant, the current celestial movements herald a period of significant focus on the deeper, more transformative aspects of life. Mercury’s journey through Aries casts a spotlight on the 8th house, the domain of shared resources and intimate connections. This placement demands a forthright approach to discussions surrounding financial matters, investments, or the nuanced dynamics of emotional bonds, urging clarity and assertiveness in navigating these delicate conversations.

The arrival of the New Moon in the 7th house signals a fertile period for initiating new ventures in the realm of partnerships, whether in business or personal spheres. It’s an auspicious time for Virgo risings to set intentions related to relationship dynamics, contemplating ways to nurture mutual growth and support within these unions.

With Venus gracing the 7th house, the focus intensifies on close relationships. This transit beckons new romantic endeavors or the deepening of existing bonds, infusing them with a renewed sense of harmony and affection. Additionally, this celestial influence may cast a favorable light on legal engagements or contractual agreements, promoting equity and understanding.

As the Sun illuminates the 8th house, it invites those with Virgo rising to delve into the realms of transformation and shared assets. This period encourages a profound exploration of emotional intimacies and the management of joint resources, heralding a phase of personal metamorphosis and collective empowerment.

Mars’ presence in Pisces activates the 7th house, injecting partnerships with either heightened vitality or potential discord. This transit calls for a balanced approach to conflict resolution, advocating for direct yet empathetic engagement with both allies and adversaries alike.

Lastly, the emphasis on work and health routines, catalysed by the lunar eclipse, seeks to establish equilibrium between diligent labour and reflective solitude. For Virgo ascendants, this is a time to reassess how daily practices influence mental and emotional health, advocating for a judicious blend of productivity and personal sanctuary.


March 2024 Astrology Forecast - 23 March
March 2024 Astrology Forecast – 23 March


Libra Rising

For those with Libra on the ascendant, the transit of Mercury through Aries activates the 7th house of partnerships. This period heralds a time of forthright and transparent conversations with partners. Direct communication is likely to facilitate swift resolutions or may pave the way for the commencement of collaborative endeavors.

As the New Moon graces your 6th house, it ushers in a phase focused on health, work, and the intricacies of daily routines. It is an opportune moment to forge intentions aimed at enhancing these realms, be it through the adoption of more healthful habits, embarking on new professional projects, or refining your daily schedule to heighten efficiency and overall well-being.

With Venus’s entrance into the 6th house, a harmonious ambiance envelops your daily routines and work environment. Interactions with colleagues are poised to become more congenial, and you may discover a renewed sense of satisfaction in your everyday tasks. Health-related matters are also anticipated to take a positive turn, particularly through pursuits that foster equilibrium among the mind, body, and spirit.

The Sun’s passage through the 7th house accentuates the sphere of partnerships and intimate relationships. This interval is characterized by an emphasis on cooperative undertakings and a deeper comprehension of the dynamics within both personal and business associations. It is a time ripe for fortifying existing connections and cultivating new alliances.

As Mars makes its way through your 6th house, anticipate a surge in vitality and determination directed towards professional initiatives and health objectives. Yet, it is crucial to remain vigilant against potential burnout and discord amongst colleagues.

This period prominently casts a light on relationships and partnerships, beckoning a balance between personal evolution and autonomy. The transit underscores the significance of nurturing harmonious relationships, all the while preserving an individual sense of identity. This encourages simultaneous growth on a personal level and within relational dynamics.


Scorpio Rising

For individuals with Scorpio ascending, the ingress of Mercury into Aries illuminates the domain of work and health, the 6th house. This transition heralds a period where communication within professional environments becomes markedly more direct and assertive, accompanied by a renewed vigour towards health-related initiatives. You may find yourself drawn to pioneering health strategies or dietary changes, aiming for optimization in both physical well-being and workplace efficiency.

As the New Moon casts its renewing glow in the 5th house of creativity, romance, and offspring, Scorpio ascendants are beckoned towards new beginnings in areas that spark joy and personal expression. This lunar phase opens a portal for initiating artistic projects, deepening romantic liaisons, or fostering enriching experiences with children. It’s a time ripe for embracing the full spectrum of your creative impulses and celebrating the expressions of your heart.

With Venus gracing the 5th house, the realms of romantic interests, artistic endeavors, and relationships with children are imbued with a heightened sense of pleasure and beauty. This auspicious transit augments the joys of life, enriching creative outputs and love affairs with Venusian harmony and allure. For Scorpio risings, this period is an invitation to indulge in the arts and the delights of love, nurturing the seeds of joy within these spheres.

The Sun’s progression into the 6th house casts a spotlight on health, labour, and daily routines for those under the Scorpio ascendant. This solar influence energizes pursuits of well-being and organizational efficiency, prompting a critical evaluation and subsequent enhancement of habitual practices. It’s an optimal time for Scorpio risings to refine their daily regimen, fostering a healthier equilibrium between occupational demands and personal care.

Mars’s entry into the 5th house ignites the flames of creativity, romantic endeavors, and interactions with children for Scorpio ascendants. This martial influence encourages a forthright expression of artistic and romantic desires, potentially amplifying passions and the depth of connections. However, it also advises caution against the theatrics of love, suggesting a mindful approach to navigating the fervour of this period.

For Scorpio rising, solitude, introspection, and the subliminal facets of your existence, calling for a recalibration with daily practices and well-being. This celestial event spotlights concealed elements of your persona that influence your health, advocating for a seamless melding of internal contemplation and pragmatic health routines.


Sagittarius Rising

For those with Sagittarius ascending, the cosmos arranges itself in a manner that accentuates various facets of personal life and expression in the coming period. Mercury’s journey through Aries activates the 5th house, casting a luminous beam on creative ventures, romantic engagements, and interactions with children. This planetary movement bestows a candid and vigorous flair to your communications within these realms, championing an unfiltered conveyance of passion and ideation.

As the New Moon graces your 4th house, it illuminates the foundational segments of home, family, and the emotional bedrock upon which you stand. This celestial phase heralds the inception of fresh chapters concerning your domicile, familial bonds, or an introspective quest toward a fortified sense of security. It invites contemplation on the essence of “home” and its meaning in your life.

Venus’ serene passage through the 4th house ushers in an era of tranquility and concord within the domestic sphere. This transit smoothens the edges of familial relations and may inspire an aesthetic enhancement of your personal space, all while underlining the importance of emotional anchorage and a sense of belonging.

The Sun’s radiant sojourn through the 5th house imbues your days with brightness, focusing on joyous self-manifestation, amorous pursuits, and the delights of childlike wonder. This period encourages an unbridled embrace of your creative impulses and the pleasures of love and leisure.

Mars’ entry into the 4th house introduces a dynamic energy to matters of home and kinship. This influence might catalyze significant shifts within your domestic life or among familial connections, potentially through physical alterations to your living space or forthright dialogues. This time calls for an approach to conflict that is constructive, paving the way for resolution and growth.

Furthermore, the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse casts its spotlight on the interplay between collective aspirations and personal creativity. This celestial event underscores the dynamic between individual expression and communal involvement, urging a harmonious integration of personal passions with broader social or group objectives.

Each of these transits beckons with opportunities for growth, self-expression, and a deeper understanding of the personal and emotional constructs that define your existence.


March 2024 Astrology Forecast - 25 March
March 2024 Astrology Forecast – 25 March


Capricorn Rising

For individuals with Capricorn ascendant, the astrological landscape presents a dynamic interplay between the spheres of home, communication, and career, marking a period of significant personal emphasis and growth.

As Mercury ventures into Aries, it illuminates the 4th house, governing home and family dynamics. This transit heralds a phase where dialogue within the domestic sphere adopts a more forthright and assertive tone. Capricorn ascendants may find themselves propelled to undertake home improvement projects or engage in candid discussions about familial matters, signaling a departure from reticence towards openness and directness in addressing household issues.

Simultaneously, the New Moon casts its renewing glow on the 3rd house, associated with communication, learning, and the immediate environment. This celestial event opens a fertile window for embarking on educational endeavors, fostering connections with siblings or neighbours, and initiating meaningful dialogues. It’s a prime moment for Capricorn risings to weave new threads of understanding and curiosity into the fabric of their daily interactions.

Venus’ graceful presence in the 3rd house further enriches this communicative flourish. The planet of harmony bestows a gentle, empathetic quality to exchanges, enhancing the rapport with those in close proximity. Activities such as learning and short journeys gain an added layer of pleasure and aesthetic appreciation, strengthening communal bonds and facilitating a deeper appreciation for the beauty in everyday connections.

With the Sun’s ingress into Aries spotlighting the 4th house, the focus intensifies on the foundations of personal life, home, and emotional well-being. This period invites a reflective consideration of one’s living space and familial relationships. Capricorn ascendants are encouraged to cultivate their domestic environment, possibly through home enhancements or organizing family gatherings, thereby fostering a nurturing and supportive household atmosphere.

Mars’ passage through Pisces activates the 3rd house, injecting vigour and enthusiasm into communication, learning endeavors, and short trips. This influence may incite spirited discussions and a zealous pursuit of knowledge. However, Capricorn ascendants are advised to navigate this energy with care, as the potential for misunderstandings or overly impassioned debates looms.

Furthermore, the juxtaposition of career aspirations against the backdrop of home and family life demands careful navigation. This transit underscores the necessity for Capricorn risings to recalibrate their professional objectives in harmony with domestic responsibilities, striving for an equilibrium that honours both their public ambitions and the sanctity of private life.

This complex astrological period for those with Capricorn rising calls for a balanced approach to the interwoven aspects of home, communication, and career. It is a time ripe for growth, learning, and the deepening of familial ties, urging a harmonious integration of personal and professional spheres.


Aquarius Rising

For individuals with Aquarius rising, the celestial landscape offers a dynamic interplay of planetary influences across the sectors of communication, financial security, and social engagement. As Mercury transits Aries within your 3rd house, a sharpened focus on communication, learning, and short journeys emerges. This period heralds a phase of assertive dialogue and expedited learning processes, enhancing interactions with siblings, neighbours, and immediate social circles.

Concurrently, the New Moon casts its renewing glow upon your 2nd house of finances and personal values. This lunation serves as a fertile ground for seeding intentions aimed at material security and re-evaluating the principles that underpin your sense of stability. It’s a reflective moment to ponder on how your material resources scaffold your broader life ambitions.

The ingress of Venus into your 2nd house further accentuates the themes of financial enrichment and the appreciation of both tangible and intangible resources. This transit beckons a period ripe with potential for monetary gain, particularly through avenues that engage your creative faculties. It’s a time to cherish the spectrum of assets at your disposal, recognizing their role in crafting a fulfilling life.

As the Sun progresses through the 3rd house, it illuminates the realms of communication, sibling relationships, and brief excursions. This transit invites an enriching exploration of ideas and a strengthening of community ties. It’s an optimal period for honing your communicative prowess and delving into intellectual ventures.

Mars’s journey through your 2nd house places a spotlight on financial endeavors, asset management, and the cultivation of self-worth. This phase may witness a heightened drive towards economic fortification and the acquisition of meaningful possessions. Exercise caution against the allure of impetuous financial decisions.

Finally, the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon emphasizes the need to balance everyday interactions with the pursuit of broader knowledge and understanding. It’s a time to connect the dots between local experiences and global insights, encouraging a reevaluation of personal beliefs and educational goals. This eclipse serves as a catalyst for intellectual growth, urging Aquarius risings to harmonize their immediate environment with their long-term visions and philosophical outlooks.


Pisces Rising

For individuals with Pisces ascending, the entrance of Mercury into Aries brings a vibrant burst of energy to the realm of finances and personal values, particularly illuminating your 2nd house. You are poised to engage in forthright discussions surrounding monetary matters, adopting a proactive stance in the pursuit of your financial objectives. This period may unveil novel or unexplored avenues for enhancing your income, marking a time of dynamic financial strategizing.

The advent of the New Moon in your 1st house heralds a significant inception on a personal level. This phase offers a prime moment for introspection and the formulation of intentions that pertain to your self-image, personal presentation, and the manner in which you embark upon new ventures. It’s a time to contemplate deeply on the manifestation of your quintessential self in the ensuing lunar cycle.

With Venus’s transit into your 1st house, there emerges an augmentation of personal allure and magnetism. This transit ushers in a season of self-admiration and the attraction of benevolent vibrations. You may discover a heightened propensity for exhibiting kindness and understanding, magnetizing others with your inherent spiritual and artistic essence.

The journey of the Sun through your 2nd house casts a luminous focus on financial stability, possessions, and the intrinsic sense of value. This transit beckons a period of material introspection and the reevaluation of what you hold dear, fostering an opportune moment to scrutinize your economic standings and to nurture an atmosphere of prosperity.

As Mars makes its entrance into Pisces, it vivifies your 1st house, correlating with self, identity, and personal endeavors. This transit summons a wave of assertiveness in the expression of your uniqueness and in the pursuit of individual ambitions. There may be an intensified drive to act upon gut instincts, advocating for your convictions, aspirations, and desires with renewed vigour.

The penumbral lunar eclipse accentuates the necessity of balancing communal assets and intimate connections against personal values and resources. It’s a period that calls for open dialogues regarding financial and emotional co-investments, aiming for a harmonious equilibrium between sharing with others and maintaining individual autonomy.


As you navigate this month, bear in mind that astrology offer wisdom and insight, guiding you to a more aligned and authentic version of yourself. The journey may be inward, but the growth and revelations you encounter will shine brightly in all aspects of your life.

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