How and Why I Became An Astrologer?



Before delving into the cosmic realm of astrology, my journey began with tarot cards in 2011. Little did I know, this was just the prelude to a more profound exploration of the universe’s secrets. The real transformation started seven years later, amid life’s trials and later, the solitude of a global pandemic, leading me down the path of astrology—a tool that not only offered insights into my future but also helped me reconcile with my past.


How I Discovered Astrology

My skepticism was my constant companion until astrology proved its worth during one of the most challenging phases of my life. The career transitions and crisis, the separation from my partner and the subsequent search for meaning drove me to explore various mystical arts, but astrology stood out. It was like a beacon in the dark, offering clarity and understanding about my life’s events, personality, and destiny. This newfound tool was not just about predictions; it was a mirror reflecting my deepest self and the intricacies of my life’s tapestry.


My Journey Of How I Adopted Astrology

My astrological journey commenced with self-study, a challenging endeavour given the complexity of the subject. I immersed myself in advanced materials, like The Astrology Podcast, which, despite its complexity, fuelled my curiosity. This relentless pursuit of knowledge led me to Kepler College in Seattle, where I ventured into the realms of Traditional and Business Astrology. The more I learned, the more I realised that astrology was not just a field of study but a calling that resonated with my core.


How I Overcame (& Still Overcoming) Skepticism and Challenges

In Singapore, where skepticism towards astrology is rampant, my journey was met with raised eyebrows and dismissive attitudes. Many failed to see astrology’s practical applications, viewing it through a lens of misconception and prejudice. Yet, my mission was clear: to demystify astrology and reveal its pragmatic and spiritual essence, helping others see beyond their preconceived notions and connect with the universe’s wisdom.


Professional Growth and Application

Transitioning from a student to a practitioner, I began applying my astrological knowledge to real-life scenarios, analysing charts for friends and family. This hands-on experience was pivotal, validating astrology’s reliability and its transformative impact on understanding and navigating life’s complexities. As my confidence grew, so did my professional practice, guiding others toward self-awareness and strategic life decisions through the art of astrology.


My Personal Insights and Life Purpose

Astrology has been a mirror to my soul, unveiling my innate intuitive prowess and my destiny to guide others. It has shown me that my life’s purpose extends beyond mere existence; it is about enlightening others on their vocational paths and aiding entrepreneurs in their strategic endeavors through the celestial language of astrology.


My Advice for Aspiring Astrologers

For those drawn to the stars, remember that astrology demands passion, dedication, and a relentless quest for knowledge. It is not a superficial engagement but a deep, lifelong journey. You need to embrace the complexity, practice diligently, and choose your specialisation wisely. Astrology is a vast ocean of wisdom—dive deep, and you will discover treasures beyond your imagination.


My journey to becoming an astrologer has been transformative, illuminating the interconnectedness of the cosmos and the individual. For those curious about the celestial realm, approach it with an open heart and mind. Astrology is not just about understanding the stars; it’s about understanding ourselves and our place in the universe.


You are the Universe; The Universe is within you. You and the Universe are one.
You are the Universe; The Universe is within you. You and the Universe are one.

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