May 2024 Astrology Forecast

29 April 2024by Frederick0

May Astrology Forecast 2024

The month of May is going to be an eventful one with several key auspicious dates to take advantage of if you are launching your passion projects or simply advance in your career. May is filled with opportunities emphasising on stability, communication and intellectual growth. Let us seize these auspicious moments to advance both personally and professionally.


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2 May 2024, at around 12:30pm to 2:28pm (+8 GMT)

On this day, there’s a powerful concentration of planets in the sign of Taurus, which enhances themes of stability, pleasure, and financial security. With the Sun and Venus here, there’s a spotlight on enjoying the finer things in life, fostering beauty, and possibly financial gain.

Key Planetary Placements:

  • Taurus Influence: Both Venus and the Sun in Taurus highlight a period of potential prosperity and enjoyment in life’s luxuries and comforts. Venus feels at home in Taurus, enhancing affections, sensuality, and attraction to material comforts.
  • Jupiter Conjunct Uranus in Taurus: This rare conjunction brings a mix of expansion (Jupiter) and sudden change or innovation (Uranus). It’s a time when financial or personal breakthroughs can occur, often unexpectedly. This aspect can spark a revolutionary approach to your finances, possessions, or self-worth.
  • Ascendant in Leo with Sun in the 10th House: Leo rising gives a bold, charismatic front to the world, with an emphasis on self-expression and leadership. The Sun in the 10th House further emphasizes career and public status, indicating that this time could be particularly potent for professional endeavors or public recognition.
  • Moon in Aquarius Sextile Chiron in Aries: This aspect suggests an opportunity for emotional healing, particularly from past wounds. The intellectual Moon in Aquarius allows for a detached view of emotions, making it easier to address these issues through therapy or spiritual guidance.
  • Challenges in Business Partnerships: There might be some underlying tension or manipulation in professional partnerships. It’s a time to be vigilant and perhaps re-evaluate trust and boundaries in business relationships.

This is an excellent time to advance in your career or launch projects you’re passionate about, especially those involving creativity or personal expression. Consider engaging in activities that promote healing, whether through counseling, therapy, or spiritual practices.


3 May 2024, at 1:47am (+8 GMT)

When Pluto goes retrograde, it’s a period for deep reflection regarding the themes it governs: transformation, power dynamics, and deep subconscious truths. In Aquarius, this retrograde phase asks us to reconsider our roles within groups, our ideals, and our aspirations for the future.


Mars Sextile Pluto Retrograde later in the day at 5:07pm (+8 GMT)

This aspect provides the determination and energy to make significant changes. Mars, the planet of action, harmoniously interacting with transformative Pluto, even while retrograde, suggests a potent time to actively engage in change and overcome obstacles, especially those that have been repressing progress.

Leverage this energy to initiate changes that not only transform personal lives but also have the potential to impact broader societal structures. Consider areas of life where you may need to regain control or reconsider your approach to handling power and influence within relationships and communities.


8 May 2024, from 5:50am to 6:27am (+8 GMT)

On this morning, there is a remarkable stellium in Taurus in the first house, including the Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus. The New Moon in Taurus marks a potent time for setting intentions and starting new projects.

The conjunction of personal planets (Sun, Moon, Venus) with expansive Jupiter and unpredictable Uranus suggests a powerful time for beginning solo projects, particularly those related to personal interests or financial ventures. Venus in its home sign enhances benefits related to beauty, comfort, and financial gains.

Given Saturn’s challenging position in the chart, it’s advisable to rely on personal judgment and capabilities rather than partnerships during this time.


11 May 2024 at around noon (+8 GMT)

Leo is rising again with the Sun in the 10th House in Taurus, closely associated with Venus. Venus’s sextile to Saturn and the Sun’s conjunction with Uranus indicate a blend of stability and unexpected elements in professional settings. This configuration favors social gatherings and career advancements, providing a dynamic yet stable atmosphere for public and professional engagements.


13 May 2024 at 5:30am (+8 GMT)

The Moon in Cancer in the 3rd House Sextiles Jupiter in the 1st House. The Sun, also in Taurus, forms conjunctions with Venus and Jupiter, suggesting favorable conditions for communication and local travel. This time is excellent for engaging in important conversations, negotiations, or making short trips. The supportive aspects enhance emotional intelligence and persuasive power.


15 May 2024, from 5:23am to 6:17am (+8 GMT)

A Taurus rising chart with Venus in the 1st House, the Sun conjunct Jupiter. The Moon in the 4th House squares Venus, indicating potential domestic or financial tension. This is ideal for personal development activities or launching personal projects. Be mindful of potential household tensions, possibly related to finances; addressing these proactively can prevent bigger issues.


18 May 2024, 12:34pm (+8 GMT)

The Sun, Venus, and Mercury in the 10th House in Taurus provide a strong foundation for career-related progress. The Moon trines Jupiter and the Sun from Virgo, further enhancing the potential for success. This is a highly auspicious time, the last one for this month, for career moves and public recognition. Efforts are likely to be well-received, and professional endeavors can flourish. Mars approaching the North Node in the 9th House warns of potential conflicts or disappointments in education, publishing, or travel. This is a time to be cautious in these areas, focusing instead on career and local opportunities.


20 May 2024, at 9:00pm (+8 GMT)

The Sun moves into Gemini, signaling a shift from the grounded, stable energy of Taurus to the more dynamic, communicative vibe of Gemini. This transit encourages curiosity, learning, and exchanging ideas. It’s a great time for you to engage in social activities, start learning something new, or take short trips that stimulate the mind. Gemini energy favors adaptability, making this a good period to adjust plans or explore different perspectives.


22 May 2024, at 11:13pm (+8 GMT)

The Sun in Gemini in the 5th House forms an applied trine to Pluto retrograde in the 1st House Aquarius. This aspect facilitates deep personal transformations through creative expression.  Use your creative outlets as a means for personal growth and self-discovery. Activities that are fun and bring joy can also be powerful and transformative during this time. This is an excellent period for engaging in hobbies or entertainment that connect deeply with personal growth.


23 May 2024

Key Times and Planetary Movements:

  • 3:06 PM (+8 GMT): The Moon in Scorpio opposes Venus and Jupiter in the 8th house Taurus.
  • 4:24 PM (+8 GMT): The Moon moves into Sagittarius.
  • 9:53 PM (+8 GMT): A Full Moon in Sagittarius.

The opposition between the Moon and the Venus-Jupiter conjunction may heighten emotions, particularly related to relationships and financial matters. This is a time for you to be aware of potential emotional overflows or conflicts.

This full moon is about expanding horizons, both mentally and spiritually. It encourages seeking out new experiences, possibly through travel, learning, or philosophical exploration.

Full moons are traditionally times for releasing what no longer serves. The Sagittarian influence makes this a perfect moment for letting go of outdated beliefs or long-held fears that limit growth.


24 May 2024, at 4:30am (+8 GMT)

Venus enters Gemini and forms an applied trine to Pluto retrograde. Venus in Gemini enhances communication in relationships, making this a prime time for discussing feelings and ideas with partners. Do engage openly in dialogues that foster mutual understanding. The trine to Pluto suggests that these communications can be deeply transformative, offering a chance for renewal and deeper connection in relationships. This transit also favors creative expression through writing, speaking, and other forms of communication. It’s an excellent time for artistic or intellectual collaborations.


26 May 2024, at7:14am (+8 GMT)

Jupiter also moves into Gemini, forming an applied trine with Pluto retrograde. Jupiter’s ingress into Gemini magnifies the focus on intellectual growth, social interactions, and forming new connections. This is a time to think big, plan big, and network. Jupiter’s trine with Pluto indicates that new knowledge or connections gained during this time can have a profound, transformative effect on your personal growth and understanding of the world. Jupiter in Gemini brings a positive outlook and opportunities through communication. It’s a beneficial period for starting studies, marketing efforts, or writing projects.


31 May 2024, at 1:53pm (+8 GMT)

Mercury’s Conjunction Uranus in Taurus in the 9th house suggests unexpected insights or sudden changes in beliefs, travel plans, or educational pursuits. Mercury in Mutual Reception with Venus enhances the beneficial interactions between areas governed by Mercury such as communication and learning; and Venus such as relationships and values. This particularly influences career and public image. Moon Conjunction Saturn in the 7th House in Pisces can bring a serious tone to emotional connections or partnerships, possibly indicating commitments or responsibilities requiring attention.

Embrace new ideas and innovative thinking, especially related to higher education, travel, or philosophical pursuits. This is a time for breakthroughs in understanding. The Moon’s conjunction with Saturn may necessitate dealing with responsibilities in relationships or clarifying commitments. It’s a good time to address these issues head-on, ensuring stability and security in partnerships. With Mercury in mutual reception to Venus, communications related to career could be particularly effective. Encourage proactive discussions and negotiations in professional settings.


The month of May is a great time filled with golden opportunities to excel in your career or business. Select the best time somewhere in the middle of May to launch important business initiatives and all could go well!

That’s all for May’s Astrology Forecast, see you next month!

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