June 2024 Astrology Forecast

27 May 2024by Frederick0

When you thought that May 2024 was eventful, the month of June 2024 brings with it a series of astrological events, each carrying unique energies and opportunities for you to take advantage of. This month is marked by significant planetary movements and aspects, that will have profound influence on the various aspects of our lives. The outcome will be determined by the decisions you make this month and the next. Let’s dive into the key astrological events and their potential impacts this month.


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3 June 2024
Jupiter Trine Pluto Retrograde (8:12 AM +8 GMT)

The month begins with a powerful trine between Jupiter and retrograde Pluto. This alignment suggests a favorable time for spiritual growth and transformation. If you’ve been contemplating moving abroad or seeking a deeper spiritual path, now is an excellent time to pursue these aspirations. Past achievements might also come to light, gaining the recognition they deserve.

Mercury Ingresses into Gemini (3:36 PM +8 GMT)

Later in the day, Mercury, the planet of communication, moves into its home sign of Gemini. This transit favors intellectual pursuits, making it a perfect time to dive into books, expand your knowledge, and engage in stimulating conversations. Travel plans and study opportunities are particularly well-aspected, offering a chance to broaden your horizons.


4 June 2024
Mercury Trine Pluto Retrograde (2:12 PM +8 GMT)

This trine enhances your communication skills and mental acuity. It’s a favorable period to tackle demanding projects that require intense focus and effort. Leadership roles might bring recognition, and you may receive significant news that impacts your life profoundly. This is an ideal time for making decisions, signing contracts, and delving into metaphysical studies.

Mercury Conjunct Jupiter (6:23 PM +8 GMT)

A conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter boosts all forms of communication. Good news is likely if you’ve been waiting for it. Influential people may take notice of your positive attitude, potentially leading to promotions. This period is also favorable for real estate transactions, legal contracts, and lawsuits, provided your chart supports these activities. Wisdom and a positive outlook will bring favorable outcomes.

Venus Conjunct Sun (11:33 PM +8 GMT)

As the day ends, Venus aligns with the Sun, highlighting romance and attraction. This is a great time for pleasurable activities and romantic pursuits. Take responsibility for your actions, and enjoy the harmonious energies this aspect brings.


June 2024 Astrology Forecast in Summary 1
June 2024 Astrology Forecast in Summary 1


6 June 2024
New Moon in Gemini (11:19 PM +8 GMT)

The New Moon in Gemini marks a fresh start. Set your intentions and goals, as this new moon supports clear communication and intellectual pursuits. It’s a time for new beginnings and smooth progress toward your objectives.


7 June 2024
Moon Conjunct Venus (12:04 AM +8 GMT)

Emotional contentment and artistic expression are highlighted as the Moon forms a conjunction with Venus. This aspect brings harmony in relationships, particularly with women, and supports creative endeavors.


8 June 2024
Venus Square Saturn (4:24 PM +8 GMT)

This challenging aspect may bring emotional withdrawal and difficulties in romance. Patience is tested in relationships and business partnerships. Avoid financial decisions and trades during this period. If you’re single, take your time to ensure new partners are right for you.


9 June 2024
Mars Ingresses into Taurus (12:34 PM +8 GMT)

Mars entering Taurus encourages exploration, study, and travel. However, Mars also forms a square with retrograde Pluto until June 12, indicating a volatile period. Challenges related to past issues and personal desires may arise. Cooperation and compromise are essential for long-term benefits.

Sun Square Saturn (6:35 PM +8 GMT)

This aspect signifies tough times ahead. Hard work, attention to detail, and perseverance are required. Prioritize your goals and adjust your schedule to focus on what’s important. The effort you put in now will yield rewards later.


June 2024 Astrology Forecast in Summary 2
June 2024 Astrology Forecast in Summary 2

15 June 2024
Mercury Conjunct Sun (12:32 AM +8 GMT)

This conjunction brings clarity of mind and a positive outlook. It’s an ideal time for decision-making and personal projects. Ideas flow smoothly, making it easier to focus and achieve your goals.


17 June 2024
Venus Square Neptune (11:46 AM +8 GMT)

This square may cause confusion or disillusionment in partnerships. Honesty and vulnerability are crucial. Rebuild bonds through shared activities like walks, gallery visits, or meditation.

Venus Ingresses into Cancer (2:20 PM +8 GMT)

Venus moving into Cancer emphasizes connections with your career and significant women in your professional life. Creative ideas flourish, and you find joy in your work.

Mercury Square Neptune (3:40 PM +8 GMT)

Avoid making business decisions during this time. Instead, focus on artistic and creative communications. Spiritual activities are also favorable.

Mercury Ingresses into Cancer (5:06 PM +8 GMT)

This transit favors family communication and wise investment of your time. Seek financial advice if needed and pay attention to joint ventures and investments.

Mercury Conjunct Venus (8:42 PM +8 GMT)

A harmonious time for compromise and agreement. Ideas flow smoothly with associates, and there are opportunities for clear communication and appreciation of beauty.


June 2024 Astrology Forecast in Summary 3
June 2024 Astrology Forecast in Summary 3


21 June 2024
Sun Ingresses into Cancer (4:50 AM +8 GMT)

The focus shifts to home and family as the Sun enters Cancer. Strengthen your bonds with loved ones and create a nurturing environment.


22 June 2024
Full Moon in Capricorn (9:07 AM +8 GMT)

The Full Moon in Capricorn advises relaxation and avoiding conflicts. Ensure you stay hydrated and get sufficient rest to navigate the heightened energies of this period.


June 2024 Astrology Forecast in Summary 4
June 2024 Astrology Forecast in Summary 4


June 2024 is a month filled with dynamic astrological events. Pluto has been and will be forming a trine with Jupiter, the Sun, the Moon, Venus and then Mercury. This signals plenty of opportunities for growth, communication, and personal development. It is a favourable time to make some big decisions that will directly or indirectly impact your life in love and business for the next three to four years. Stay mindful of the challenges and navigate them with patience and wisdom.

That’s all for June’s Astrology Forecast, see you next month!

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