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Frederick H

Frederick H

Frederick H


Frederick H is an Astrologer who is known for his authentic and no-nonsense approach in helping clients reconnect to their Soul Purpose, unleash their personal power and discover great insights and potential for their success in relationships, career and business.

Prior to his calling into Astrology, Frederick is a trained psychotherapist, clinical hypnotist and research psychologist with over a decade of experience in the field of mental wellness combined. He is also a certified Business NLP and Master Enneagram Executive Coach who had facilitated business coaching programs under the tutelage of a distinguished Master NLP and Enneagram Trainer.

He was an astrology graduate from Selfstrology in Singapore and is the first Asian who made it to Kepler College (Seattle, Washington) to further his professional astrology education. Frederick uses astrology and tarot cards in his consultation with clients from all over the world, from as far as the US, India, and Switzerland.

Frederick’s mission in life is to help a million self-employed professionals and business owners find their soul purpose, love and passion to attain emotional and financial freedom through astrology.