Growing Deeper In Love With Your Partner

Growing Deeper In Love With Your Partner

Understanding Your Love Needs Has Never Been Easier

Many relationships start off with incredible chemistry and fiery sparks, and then lose the passion with time. It can take a lot of work to find alignment of values and grow more in love with each other, while also working out perennial challenges.

Sometimes, having a resilient romantic relationship is hard. Whenever you think you’re making an effort in your relationship, the other person does something that sets the whole thing back.

It’s frustrating but relationship is hard work. As long as you’re committed to the process, your relationship will be stronger than ever. We want you to have a happy and healthy love life, so we offer this Love Astrology consultation for couples who want to grow their own relationship and want their life partner to be enriched by the experience as well.

Book an appointment with us now to start getting in touch with your values, helping each other find alignment, and grow closer in love than ever before!


How many sessions are there for this item?

There will only be a minimum of six sessions in total, depending on the needs you and/or your significant other may have. 

How long will each session take?

Depending on your needs, the duration of every session can be about 1.5 hours or less.

What is included in the consultation?

A substantial amount of time goes into helping you and your partner find common grounds and alignment in your relationship, so there will be greater understanding of each other’s needs in order to get along better or take the relationship to the next level. It’s not a session for you to find fault with each other, but a time to know your partner even deeper, speed up the process of mutual understanding, and find insightful resolutions to work on your issues. We will also highlight your individual flaws and blindspots in situations you’re dealing with so that you can prevent self-sabotaging behaviours in your relationship.

Need to postpone/cancel our appointment, what should I do?

Please contact Frederick via WhatsApp to inform that you would like to postpone (or cancel) the appointment at least 48 hours (2 days) before the appointment date, otherwise it would be considered a no-show. Forfeits may apply.